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Best plants and succulents for dorm rooms

Which plant or succulent is best for a dorm room?

There’s nothing quite like brightening up a dorm room with plants and succulents. The added greenery brings a much-needed freshness and life into any abode, with a single plant’s presence capable of creating a calming and serene environment for work, play or just lounging on lazy weekends. It has even been found that some of the benefits of indoor plants could include lower stress levels and sharpened attention and productivity. 

What to consider before buying a plant or succulent for a dorm room

Plants vs. succulents

The primary difference between plants and succulents is the amount of water necessary to keep the plant healthy and thriving. Succulents are a type of plant that has leaves that can store water for long periods. Typically native to desert areas, succulents can go for up to two weeks without being watered. Most house plants require regular nursing to keep their natural moisture. They are often biologically used to growing in forested or tropical environments, and as such, can live in low light or humid areas.


Depending on where you go to school, it will be essential to pay attention to your plant’s needs. Not all plants are created equally: some need specific ways of watering and certain amounts of sunlight to thrive. If living in a place where the weather is typically hot and there is little rainfall, it might be a better investment to find a succulent that does not need to be watered as often. 


This aspect is two-fold, as it is essential to consider both the size of the plant you would like to get and the size of your dorm room or apartment. If your dorm room is smaller or is one you share with a roommate, looking at smaller plant options that can sit comfortably on a desk or windowsill might be preferable. Conversely, if you have a dorm apartment and wish to decorate your living room or you have a single bedroom to yourself, investing in larger plants and succulents can add vibrancy to your room and fill in some of the space.


A pot is a home for your plant or succulents, and certain plants will be more comfortable growing in certain types of pots. Having a suitable planter can mean the difference between life and death for specific plants. Investing in a planter with a drainage hole is an excellent way to allow excess water to escape so that the plant is not overwatered. 

Best plants for dorm rooms

Braided Money Tree

A braided money tree is a beautiful and elegant choice for any dorm room. It is considered “braided” because its stems wrap into an attractive braid and are often thought of as the equivalent to tropical bonsai. However, unlike the tropical bonsai, money trees are easy to care for and grow well in medium to bright indoor light. Some users have reported that this money tree is smaller than expected, standing a little over 14 inches.

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Sansevieria Laurentii Snake Plant

Snake plants are sturdy and rugged but have a stunning beauty that brings any living room or dorm room to life. This plant is an excellent choice for those looking for a plant to live with throughout their college career, as they make long-living companions thanks to their low light and water requirements. However, it is essential to note that this plant flourishes in warmer climates, and it is not recommended for people in places that experience freezing temperatures.

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Outdoor Green Mound Juniper

This plant is an excellent tree for beginners who want to try their hand at bonsai care. Easier to maintain than traditional bonsais, the green mound juniper requires low light, perfect for early morning sun and late afternoon shade. This beautiful tree is excellent for outdoor balconies and patios, though it should be noted that its mature height stands at roughly 18 inches, taller than other bonsais.

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Boston Fern Hanging Plant Basket

Hanging ferns are an elegant choice to add some variety and elevated decor to any dorm room. These plants are extremely popular thanks to their unique foliage and low maintenance. They will grow to be roughly 4 feet tall and wide by watering them occasionally, creating an incredible tapestry to enhance a room’s aesthetic. Some users did report that a few of the leaves were brown when delivered.

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Indoor Orchid Phalaenopsis Artificial Arrangement in Vase

First and foremost, it is essential to note that this is a fake orchid, but it is designed to replicate a real orchid’s delicate and beautiful features. A major pro of this flower is that a user will never have to worry about watering or providing enough sunlight. An obvious con of this flower is that it is fake.

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Best succulents for dorm rooms

Blue Desert Gems Garden Gloss Ceramic Bowl

Succulents are easy to care for and beautiful for desk setups or nightstands. They need very minimal light and watering only every two weeks or so. Additionally, their bright colors shine through thanks to the drought-resistant flowers that come with the arrangement. One downside of these types of succulents is that they are small.

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Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera is a no-fuss succulent with beautiful, long narrow leaves that can live for a long time with minimal care. They love bright light and can be kept on a windowsill or near a window. Additionally, aloe’s tender insides can help soothe and heal minor wounds and cuts. A few users reported minimal damage to the leaves on arrival.

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Atlantic Blue Ribbed Glazed Succulent Garden Plant

Like the Blue Desert Garden, the Atlantic Blue Ribbed Glazed Garden is a beautiful succulent arrangement that is easy to maintain and requires minimal watering every two weeks. It is important to note that succulents are smaller than most other houseplants and fit nicely on desks or windowsills.

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