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Best fall mantel decor for your home

Fall mantel decor

There’s nothing that feels more like fall than sitting in front of a burning fire snuggled under a thick, warm blanket and sipping hot cider or tea. If you and your household look forward to these nights all year, you can set the mood for your festive fall fireplace nights by curating an autumnal display on your mantel. Get creative and deck it out in fall decor to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing.

There’s a huge variety of fall-themed products to choose from when decorating your mantel. With a little knowledge and creativity, you can perfectly capture the spirit of the season on your mantel.

Tips for autumnal decoration

  • The best way to decorate your mantel for any season is to pick a mix of tall and short design elements and stagger them. This means multiple candles in varying heights, garland, figurines, miniature plants and more. Put your tallest design elements toward the back and layer your smaller elements in front. For a classic look, be sure to mostly select elements for your mantel in fall hues like oranges, reds, earth tones and greens.
  • If you aren’t crazy about lots of colors, try selecting all-white decor items like white mini pumpkins for a modern twist on a classic fall mantel.
  • Try adding a Southern rustic twist to your mantel by incorporating farmhouse elements into your fall mantel decor. Boho hanging beads and distressed vases are popular choices for pulling off this trendy aesthetic combination.
  • To complete the perfect fall atmosphere on your mantel, try incorporating a metal wax warmer with some fall-themed wax melts or even spraying Fall Pumpkin Febreze.

Best fall mantel decor ideas in 2021 

Classic decor

There’s a reason the classics never go out of style. For a nostalgic and timeless fall mantel, stick to classic pieces and antique-inspired elements.

Marlrin LED Vintage Lantern

This LED lantern brings the cozy and warm feelings of a candlelit fall night without a flame, so you can enjoy it without worrying about a fire hazard. It can be used on a surface or hung on a hook and casts a warm glow around your living room.

Sold by Amazon

Artificial Pumpkins with Lifelike Maple Leaves

This autumn mantel piece features 12 miniature foam pumpkins in varying sizes. Leave them in the basket or stagger them about your mantel atop the included maple leaves. These also look great as a centerpiece on a dining or coffee table.

Sold by Amazon

Modern and simple 

Not so into pumpkins and garland? Try these decidedly refined and minimalist fall decor items to get seasonal while keeping your modern aesthetic intact.

Flameless Flickering Battery Operated Candles

Flameless candles in varying sizes are perfect for staggering about your mantel. This energy-saving LED set comes with a remote control and lasts up to 150 hours. Their classic ivory flickering design casts the illusion of a flame on your mantel for a nostalgic autumn ambiance.

Sold by Amazon

Fall Leaf Mantel Garland 

This minimalist garland looks like a cute DIY project and adds a little bit of whimsy to your mantel. Use on its own for a sparse look or combine with holiday lights for a festive touch. Dainty and unique.

Sold on Etsy

Woodsy mantel

As it gets colder outside and there’s less opportunity for getting fresh air, opting for nature-inspired decor can bring a bit of the outdoors inside your home.

Autumn Garland 

This handmade fall garland looks like the abundant foliage of the harvest season and features autumn tones with various crops like wheat, sunflowers, corn and pine cones alongside golden linens, orange burlap and bronze prairie grass. A neutral pumpkin is centered alongside ferns and berries. Looks amazing as a focal point on a mantel or as a centerpiece at a holiday meal.

Sold on Etsy

Yellow Berry Modern Farmhouse Garland

Line your mantel with this artificial berry garland for a farmhouse decor effect. The bright yellow berries are festive and add color to your fireplace, but are also small enough to blend in with other decor items. You can also consider using this garland around your kitchen cabinets or on the banister of a staircase.

Sold on Etsy

Spooky Halloween mantel

There’s no shame in breaking out your Halloween decorations early to curate a spooky and festive space ahead of time, especially if Halloween is your favorite holiday. 

Stretchy Spider Web 

The quintessential Halloween decoration is great for indoor or outdoor use. Break off a section of this cobweb and line your mantel with it for a whimsical Halloween display. Looks especially nice on darker mantels for contrast. Pair it with other spider decorations for a fun yet creepy theme.

Sold by Amazon

Black Felt Coffin Gothic Message Board

A spooky twist on a trendy favorite. Take turns writing spooky messages with other members of your household. Looks great on a mantel with smaller design elements or on its own. Includes 500 white characters and a black wooden stand. Can also be hung.

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