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13 indoor plants to brighten your February

Your home is warm, but wintry days spent inside can feel lifeless. Bring some vibrancy into your environment by buying a few houseplants that can survive and even prosper in the shorter days of February. You can buy a plant just because you like its appearance, but you will want to consider its needs and idiosyncrasies for the best results. A simple stand can attractively display your leafy friend. The good news is that caring for most of these plants is straightforward. 

In this article: Quart Cyclamen Latinia Live Flowering Plant, Flowering Bromeliad Live Indoor Plant Fresh from Our Farm and Hoya Kerrii Sweetheart Plant.

Benefits of indoor plants

As your plant goes about its daily business of photosynthesis, it purifies your air by removing contaminants, which is an activity called phytoremediation. The amount of purification that your house plants can perform is still debated, but all agree that more plants equals better air. Caring for your plants can have a therapeutic effect on your mood, the same as caring for a puppy or llama might. Studies show that heart rate and blood pressure decrease when engaged in re-potting, watering and trimming your plants. Finally, a thriving bit of greenery on your desk can help you stay relaxed and optimistic.

Types of indoor plants: succulents

The most popular indoor plant options for February can be divided into two main categories. Succulents, whose name comes from the Latin word for juice, store water in their thick leaves. Cacti and aloe vera are among the most well-known varieties. These plants love dry conditions and can withstand a few days (or weeks) without water, making them an ideal option for you if you lack a green thumb.

Types of indoor plants: flowering plants

Flowering plants will generally require more care than succulents, but they will reward you with their fragrance and color. In addition to cleaning your air, the scent of a fresh bloom makes any home more inviting. 

Best indoor plants

Sansevieria Zeylanica Live Indoor Snake Plant

In order for this plant to thrive, place it where it will get the most light. This is a popular choice that helps clean your home’s air and is almost as unkillable as Jason from the "Friday the 13th" movies.

Sold by Home Depot

Jade Crassula Succulent in Grower Pot (2-Pack)

This pair of succulents prefers a sunny spot and will grow throughout the year. Make sure to let the soil dry before watering them again.

Sold by Home Depot

Green Money Tree Plant in Ceramic Pot

Encourage the accumulation of wealth and make your home more cozy with this distinctive indoor plant. This money tree features five braided trunks and only requires a couple of ice cubes per week for sustenance.

Sold by Home Depot

Fiddle Leaf Fig in Black Grower Pot

This is another hardy indoor plant that takes its name from its fiddle-shaped leaves. The leaves are photogenically waxy and wrinkled, and this plant will grow up to 5 feet tall. Give it 2 to 3 cups of water each week.

Sold by Home Depot

Aloe Vera Plant (3-Pack)

The gooey, mucilaginous juice of the aloe vera plant is a traditional treatment for minor scrapes and burns. Like most succulents, these plants like a sunny windowsill and require minimal maintenance.

Sold by Home Depot

Cyclamen Latinia Live Flowering Plant

Insert some color into your interior with this plant that produces vivid blooms on thick stems. This flowering plant prefers dry soil and a slightly humid environment. It will bloom from September to April.

Sold by Amazon

Orange Christmas Cactus Plant Zygocactus 

When this plant blooms, it can produce orange, pink, fuchsia and red flowers. Flowers will appear between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Find a sunny spot for this cactus, and simply water it when the soil becomes dry.

Sold by Amazon

3 Mother of Thousands Kalanchoe Daigremontiana

Also known as a Mexican hat plant or alligator plant, the kalanchoe comes to us from far-away Madagascar. It grows to about 3 feet tall, and its leaves grow little bulbiferous spurs, some of which may produce roots.

Sold by Amazon

Flowering Bromeliad Live Indoor Plant Fresh from Our Farm

Bromeliads prefer indirect sunlight and only require about a half a cup of water each week. A single waxy bloom can last for months. These plants are particularly good for purifying the air.

Sold by Amazon

DecoBlooms Living White Premium Double Stem Orchid Plant 

Perhaps the most delicate of the plants listed here, the famous orchid likes its soil to be kept moist and needs watering once every 10 days. Mist the leaves in the mornings with an atomizer. You can enjoy the distinctive color and shape of this unique plant through the winter.

Sold by Amazon

Happy Hearts Anthurium 

The anthurium’s flowers consist of a pink spathe and a yellow spadix, and they can bloom for months at a time. You can replant it in a larger pot as it grows, and it will generate fresh blooms as a gesture of thanks for the upgraded habitation.

Sold by Amazon

Hoya Kerrii Sweetheart Plant

This little, 4-inch tall fellow embodies its name with large heart-shaped leaves, and it grows happily in limited light. Water it only when the soil is dry, and you will see blooms in the summer.

Sold by Amazon

Dracaena Marginata Magenta Madagascar Dragon Tree 

This is a hardy indoor plant that has thin green leaves with pink or red edges. A good choice for purifying your air, this plant will accept whatever light is available without complaint. Water your dragon tree only when its soil feels dry.

Sold by Amazon

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