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Kitchen maintenance projects to add to your spring to-do list

Tackling these projects will improve your kitchen’s value as well as its appearance

Have you been putting off fixing a wiggly fridge handle or replacing a dripping faucet? Spring cleaning is an annual opportunity to refresh and repair your kitchen to restore it to a room you love to spend time in. We talked to BestReviews home improvement and DIY expert Beth Allen about kitchen repairs to make time for this spring. Minor fixes, general maintenance and thorough cleaning will help you move through the year with a more beautiful and more functional kitchen.

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Kitchen projects to tackle this spring

“Spring is the perfect time to give your kitchen some TLC,” Allen said. “With some basic DIY skills, you can do some upgrades on your own over a weekend of two.”

Maintaining and upgrading your kitchen’s features makes the kitchen more pleasant and can improve your home’s resale value. Allen suggests updating fixtures, cabinet hardware and lighting in particular.

Allen also suggests enhancing your kitchen’s storage potential. “Adding more storage to stay organized adds value and reduces stress finding your kitchen essentials,” she said.

If you’re feeling especially motivated, spring is an excellent time to embark on a big remodel. Nicer weather means it’s easier to grill outside or go out to eat, so you won’t have to rely on your kitchen.

Even if you’re not planning a full remodel, now’s the time to address any deferred maintenance in the kitchen. Check any window screens to see if they need to be patched or replaced. If you have a tiled counter or backsplash, check the grout and caulking for areas that need cleaning or patching.

Spring cleaning kitchen tips

You may get short-term satisfaction from cleaning your kitchen, but the benefits actually go further. Cleaning and maintaining appliances and surfaces can help your kitchen last longer.

“Cleaning appliances and protecting countertops prevents wear and avoids repairs,” Allen said. “To really protect the items in your home, grab your manual for large appliances and read up on the maintenance tasks. A little time and effort now will save you money in the long haul.”

Help everything in your kitchen look nicer, perform better and last longer by following a spring cleaning checklist. Be sure not to miss these tasks:

  • Clean out cabinets and drawers, decluttering as you go.
  • Clean appliances, including degreasing your range hood and kitchen exhaust fan filter.
  • To easily clean your microwave, place a small bowl of water inside and microwave it for two minutes. The steam will loosen caked-on food and stains inside so they can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth.
  • Clean out your dishwasher’s filter.
  • Wet and dry mop floors.

Best kitchen upgrades

Westinghouse Lighting Stella Mira Three-light Pendant Fixture

Allen suggests changing up your style with a new kitchen chandelier in a hallway or over a table. This vintage-inspired pendant comes in five colors and finishes, from modern brushed nickel to weathered gray farmhouse style.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Wewe High Arc Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Sprayer

Replacing a kitchen faucet adds style and function, and this model gets Allen’s vote for any sink needing an upgrade. “Although not a household name, this brand knocks it out of the park,” she said. “It’s an impressive buy for less than $70.” Its plastic body is surprisingly sturdy, and it’s easy to install.

Sold by Amazon

InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposer is no longer running smoothly, Allen recommends installing this trusted, long-lasting model. Since it only requires plumbing connections, not electrical work, it’s quick and easy to install.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Brilliant Evolution Stick-on Lights, Six-Pack

“Let there be light this spring with an easy project,” Allen said. Adding these under-cabinet puck lights can improve visibility in your pantry, under cabinets or beneath the sink. Tap to turn them on and off or use the included remote control.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Best kitchen maintenance products

Granite Gold Daily Cleaner Spray

“Daily cleaning of granite with the proper product gives long-lasting durability and beauty,” Allen said. This nonabrasive, pH-balanced formula gives granite, concrete and other stone countertops a streak-free clean without damaging them. It’s also food-safe and can be used on ceramic and porcelain.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Gadjit Vacuum Extension Attachment

Allen recommends vacuuming under the refrigerator and stove to help the appliances last longer without needing repairs. This long, flat vacuum attachment helps you clear dust and debris from your hard-to-reach areas, which can improve appliances’ performance and energy savings.

Sold by Amazon

Craftsman 57-piece Tool Set

Tighten drawer pulls, fix cabinet hinges and more with this comprehensive tool kit. It includes two screwdrivers, a hammer, a tape measure, pliers and more, all made from corrosion-resistant metal with ergonomic, nonslip handles.

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