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Best slipper chair

Which slipper chair is best?

Are you trying to decide what seating to go with for your home? Slipper chairs are accent chairs that are versatile, fun and often convenient for smaller spaces. They're armless, low to the ground and upholstered for comfort. With short legs and a high back, they're typically medium-sized chairs that tend to be less bulky than sofa chairs. For the best of both fashion and comfort, check out the Lark Manor Burchfield Wide Tufted Linen Slipper Chair.

What to know before you buy a slipper chair


Similar to many dining chairs, slipper chairs are high-backed and armless. The most important dimensions are how high they are off the ground and how wide they are. Slipper chairs don't tend to be very big, but these measurements can make the difference between the chair fitting under a table or being big enough to be a stand-alone chair. 


Popular materials for the main body of slipper chairs include:

  • Leather: Upholstered leather is timeless, handsome and classic. It's also durable and more expensive than fabric or linen.
  • Linen: Clean-looking, fresh and simple, linen may be hard to keep clean.
  • Velvet: A velvet finish on a slipper chair gives a glamorous, old Hollywood look to the piece. 
  • Polyester: Synthetic materials, such as polyester, are less expensive and generally easy to clean.

For the frame, wood and metal are top choices, since they're both visually appealing and sturdy.


Slipper chairs are generally comfortable, but added down filling, well-made upholstery and luxurious materials like velvet make for extra snug seating.


Contemporary designs with stark rectangular bodies, metal support and tufted backs are popular choices. Designs with a vintage flair may channel art deco or even Victorian design influences.

What to look for in a quality slipper chair


Since they are accent chairs, it's easy to find slipper chairs not only in neutral colors, such as gray, beige or white, but also in brightly saturated patterns and bold solid shades. You'll almost certainly find the pop of color you're looking for as an option.


Aside from single-tone color options, patterns are common for slipper chairs. Choosing a slipper chair with a fun, unique print can bring a whole visual twist to whatever room you're decorating. Geometrical, floral and cheetah print patterns are popular options for slipper chairs.


Slipper chairs are just the right height and comfort level for sitting down for a cup of coffee, painting your nails or relaxing with a glass of wine. Because of that, you sometimes might make the occasional mess on your chair. Stain-resistant slipper chairs take the worry out of eating, drinking and other such activities while you're sitting.

How much you can expect to spend on a slipper chair

A slipper chair costs $150-$500, depending on the type and quality of the material, the dimensions, the upholstery and the design. Leather, wood and linen cost more than polyester, metal or other options.

Slipper chair FAQ

Where is the best place for a slipper chair?

A. Slipper chairs are remarkably versatile. They can be great stand-alone seating, and historically, you're most likely to find them in a bedroom, changing room or large bathroom. However, feel free to get creative. A comfortable slipper chair can be utilized for dining room table seating, paired with a vanity counter or used as a cozier alternative for an office chair at your desk. Pairing two slipper chairs in the corner of a large room can make for a stylish seating area as well.

Why is it called a slipper chair?

A. The slipper chair as we know it today made its debut in the early 18th century, and its original purpose was seating within bedrooms. Specifically, it was most commonly found in women's bedrooms. Ladies and their maids would use these low chairs to put on their slippers, hence the name. Even though it may sound antiquated, the name stuck.

What’s the best slipper chair to buy?

Top slipper chair

Lark Manor Burchfield Wide Tufted Linen Slipper Chair

What you need to know: Timeless, fresh linen with solid pine wood legs and frame and a curved lower back make for the perfect combination of comfort and a classic visual pop.

What you’ll love: The linen is stain resistant, so you can rest easy eating or drinking while sitting. The high-rolled, tufted back provides lumbar support.

What you should consider: It's only available in ivory or dark gray, so you won't be able to use it as a pop of saturated color in your room.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top slipper chair for the money

Andover Mills Choudhury Wide Linen Slipper Chair

What you need to know: You can get the most bang for your buck with this subtle but handsome linen and wood accent chair.

What you’ll love: You can buy it in green, orange or blue linen, any of which would make for a nice pop of color in your home. Customers love its minimalist design, 100% linen upholstery and foam-filled spring cushion back.

What you should consider: It may not be as wide as some other slipper chairs, and you cannot use strong liquid cleaners to treat the linen.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Worth checking out

OSP Home Furnishings Amity Metallic Finish Tufted Accent Chair

What you need to know: A contemporary style with a metallic flourish, this slipper chair steals the spotlight of any room.

What you’ll love: The frame is made of wood and chrome, guaranteed for sturdy and comfortable seating. The modern design and unique finish give this chair a glamorous look. It has foam filling, which lends it comfortable back support.

What you should consider: There is some assembly required when you purchase this chair.

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl's


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