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Best futon chairs

Which futon chair is best?

The futon has long been a space-saving piece of furniture for college students and studio apartment dwellers, but they aren’t the only option.

Futon chairs are also available to save even more space or simply increase the amount of seating and sleeping options for your guests. Many can also be converted into a lounger as a middle option between bed and chair.

The best futon chair is the Gia Tri-Fold Convertible Sofa Bed Chair With Removable Pillow And Legs. It’s stylish, easy to use and takes up little space.

What to know before you buy a futon chair


For futon chairs, the most important dimension is their width. Few chairs have a width larger than that of a twin mattress — roughly 2.5 feet wide. It’s a size of bed usually reserved for children.

The length of its extended forms is also important. Most are roughly 5.8 feet long but there are some options as long as 6.25 feet long. It’s always best to pick the longest chair you can find in the event you host a tall individual.


Some futon chairs only fold between a chair or lounger and a bed while others can be situated as all three. Some models even have a cushion that can be folded up to act as a pillow or folded down for extra bed length.

What to look for in a quality futon chair


Futon chairs’ materials can be split between their frame and their exterior.

  • Frame: Most frames are made of metal or wood. Metal frames are more affordable but limited in design. Wood is more expensive and durable but much heavier, making it harder to position as needed. It also has more design options based on the type of wood used and whether it has a finish or not.
  • Exterior: The exterior can be made from a much wider variety of materials. Linen, faux leather and velvet are common options. Few materials are hard to keep clean, but the simplest use removable covers that can be tossed into a washing machine.

Weight limit

All pieces of furniture have weight limits, and futon chairs are no different. Most chairs have a weight limit of 200 pounds, which is low for most households. Better models can support 250-350 pounds, but the best are sturdy enough to hold more.


Cushioning affects your comfort and the futon chair’s durability. Many use cotton-polyester padding as it's cheaper but less durable. Better options use some kind of foam which is more durable, but a little tougher to sleep on.

How much you can expect to spend on a futon chair

Futon chairs typically cost $75-$500. The cheapest options rarely exceed $125, but they aren’t very comfortable. Better options cost up to $200, but the best and most comfortable chairs typically cost at least $300.

Futon chair FAQ

Why should I use a futon chair instead of a standard futon?

A. Futon chairs have a few key points that make them better options than futons in some situations.

  • They’re small: Futon chairs take up less than half the space of a futon on average, making them perfect for extra-tight living situations.
  • They’re light: Sometimes you need, or just want, to rearrange your furniture. If you find yourself rearranging often, futon chairs can easily be moved on your own.
  • They’re simple: Sometimes, futons can be complex enough to switch orientations to inspire frustration. Futon chairs are rarely so complex.
  • They’re affordable: A common aspect of pricing is if it’s bigger, it costs more. Futon chairs can save you plenty of money in tightly-budgeted situations.

How long can a futon chair’s bed be slept on comfortably?

A. That depends on the person, but even the least picky and affected people likely won’t be able to sleep on one for longer than a few days before they start developing aches and pains.

What’s the best futon chair to buy?

Top futon chair 

Gia Tri-Fold Convertible Sofa Bed Chair With Removable Pillow And Legs

What you need to know: It’s attractive and easy to use.

What you’ll love: It’s made of polyester with high-density foam padding. It can be used as a chair, a chaise lounger or a 74.8-inch long sleeper futon. It comes in four colors including light and dark gray. The pillow is perfect for back support and for sleeping.

What you should consider: It’s narrow in all of its positions at only 30.7-inches wide, making it uncomfortable for larger people. Some consumers felt it was too hard for comfortable sleeping.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top futon chair for the money

Urban Shop Ultra Suede Convertible Flip Chair

What you need to know: It’s simple, effective and cheap.

What you’ll love: It can be positioned as a chair, chaise lounger or bed with the bed orientation letting you leave the pillow up or fold it down for extra length. The dark blue color fits with most aesthetics and the suede material looks great and feels soft. It comes fully assembled. 

What you should consider: It sits directly on the ground, making it hard for those with bad backs and joints to get in and out of comfortably.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

DHP Emily Chaise Lounger With Chrome Legs

What you need to know: It’s comfortable and can be part of a set.

What you’ll love: It’s available in two colors of linen, two colors of velvet and four colors of faux leather. It can be purchased alone or as a set with a matching standard futon. A matching ottoman can also be purchased. The legs make getting in and out of the bed position easier.

What you should consider: It doesn’t fold up to be used as a standard chair. Some purchasers received damaged loungers and there are rare reports of some being pest-infested.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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