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28 best Hanukkah decorations

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Which Hanukkah decorations are best?

Finding new Hanukkah decorations is not easy. Stores usually only have a shelf or two of items for this Jewish holiday, and as a result that limited décor sells out quickly. We've got you covered with the best indoor and outdoor Hanukkah decorations available online; lights, banners, home décor, yard signs and more for this year's Hanukkah celebration

Shop this article: CBP Design Glass Star of David SuncatcherPixellentGifts Hanukkah Table Runner and Rocinha Hanukkah Decorations Star of David Lights.

Best indoor Hanukkah decorations

Best Hanukkah lights

The Dreidel Company 10 Hanukkah LED Battery-powered 3-inch Mini Round Lantern String Lights

What you need to know: These battery-powered LED string lights reach 9 feet in length and feature 10 blue and white paper lanterns.

What you'll love: The lanterns are very cute with menorah and dreidel patterns, offering a well-themed option for the usually generic string light. Plus, the lanterns look great whether the lights are on or not.

What you should consider: The paper lanterns may get damaged when used outdoors and the lights require AA batteries that are not included.

Sakayo Hanukkah Blue LED Window Lights

What you need to know: These blue window lights feature the classic Star of David and menorah elements framed by "Happy Hanukkah" text. The battery-powered LED light sign measures 8.3 inches in diameter.

What you'll love: The transparent material shows the patterns and words on both sides of the sign. The lights also come with suction cup hooks that make hanging a breeze.

What you should consider: The Hanukkah lights are powered by three AAA batteries (not included).

Best hanging decorations

CBP Design Glass Star of David Suncatcher

What you need to know: This beautiful handmade piece is made from wire-wrapped blue and white glass with a built-in hanging hoop, measuring between 4.5 and 4.75 inches.

What you'll love: It works as both a Hanukkah decoration and a suncatcher, creating a dazzling light effect when the sun's rays touch it.

What you should consider: The design is also available with exclusively blue glass.


The Dreidel Company Hanukkah Swirl Decorations

What you need to know: This set of decorations features 12 hanging blue swirls and blue-and-silver cutouts including "Happy Hanukkah" text, a menorah, dreidels and the Star of David in multiple styles.

What you'll love: These hanging decorations have an immersive effect and will instantly transform a room into one fit for a Hanukkah celebration.

What you should consider: These decorations don't come with anything to hang them, but it's easy to attach them to the ceiling with tape.

Best Hanukkah table décor

PinkLizzyDesigns Hanukkah Tiered Tray Décor

What you need to know:  This handmade Hanukkah décor has a blue, yellow and white color scheme. The set contains an assortment of themed text and Jewish symbols painted on wooden signs, as well as a festive candy dish.

What you'll love:  The variety of ornaments, designed in different shapes and sizes, enhances the display. You can purchase the signs individually to mix and match the décor you already have or order the entire set.

What you should consider: The tier tray is not included, but we found a similar rustic option that would pair well.

PixellentGifts Hanukkah Table Runner

What you need to know:  This handmade Hanukkah table runner is patterned with menorahs, dreidels, snowflakes and botanicals; the imagery is rendered in blue, white and yellow set on a darker blue background. The runner comes in cotton and polyester versions, measuring 90 by 16 inches.

What you'll love:  The vibrant runner will elevate the look of your Hanukkah table.

What you should consider: It's not machine-washable. 


The Dreidel Company Hanukkah Floating Dreidel

What you need to know:  This "floating dreidel" statue features a dreidel suspended in the air through magnets with 180-degree rotation. The plug-in dreidel spins and the whole unit lights up.

What you'll love:  This Hanukkah decoration has a cool, futuristic look and can double as a night light.

What you should consider: The ultra-modern design may clash with traditional Hanukkah décor.

Best Hanukkah mantel décor

AJZmarkinginc Happy Hanukkah Freestanding Wood Sign 

What you need to know:  This hand-carved poplar sign reads "Happy Hanukkah" framed by two menorahs in laser-cut lettering, perfect for decorating a fireplace mantel.

What you'll love:  The display is both elegant and intricate, and the neutral color will complement — rather than take away from — more colorful Hanukkah décor.

What you should consider: It's available in eight colors with two size options; 18.5 by 5 inches or 25 inches by 7 inches.


4allseasons Sparkling Hanukkah Garland

What you need to know:  This sparkly blue and silver garland is handmade, decorated with the Star of David and menorah candles. Crafted from fabric reinforced with wire, the sturdy piece will last for years.

What you'll love: There are many ways you can decorate with this garland; you can drape it over a doorway or fireplace mantel, use it as a table runner, wrap it around a staircase or other Hanukkah decorations.

What you should consider: The garland comes in 11 sizes ranging from 2 to 12 feet.

Best Hanukkah signs

shoppaperandparties Happy Hanukkah Banner

What you need to know: This sparkling banner reads "Happy Hanukkah" in 5-inch all-caps lettering.

What you'll love: There are 13 different glitter colors to choose from for the letters and you have the choice of getting the sign pre-strung or unstrung depending on how you'd like to hang it. The font is festive and easy to read.

What you should consider: It costs more if you want it pre-strung and it doesn't come with any imagery.


Bessmoso Happy Hanukkah Decorations Banner

What you need to know: This pre-strung pack comes with two 6-foot banners and reads "Happy Hanukkah" in lowercase letters.

What you'll love: There are two pieces; one with the words, and another with a blue and silver Star of David and a dreidel pattern. The font is festive and there is a menorah pictured in between the words "Happy" and "Hanukkah".

What you should consider: The lettering only comes in cursive.

Best outdoor Hanukkah decorations

Best Hanukkah lights

Rocinha Hanukkah Decorations Star of David Lights

What you need to know: These battery-powered string lights measure 10 feet and contain 30 LEDs shaped like the Star of David. The rugged waterproof construction makes them safe to use outdoors.

What you'll love: There are eight lighting modes for various effects, and you can hang them up indoors or outdoors.  

What you should consider: The lights require three AA batteries, which are not included. The brand offers other sets of blue string lights with a menorah theme.


Impress Life Hanukkah Dreidel String Lights

What you need to know: These dreidel string lights measure 10 feet with 30 LEDs. They're battery-powered and designed for use indoors or in covered outdoor spaces.

What you'll love: They have eight modes for different lighting effects and come with a convenient remote control.

What you should consider: The lights are powered by three AA batteries that aren't included. The brand has menorah and Star of David designs, as well.

Best Hanukkah porch décor

Glitzhome Hanukkah Wooden Porch Sign

What you need to know: This 42-inch-tall light blue sign reads "Happy Hanukkah" in white letters on a contrasting navy background. Showcasing a rustic aesthetic, it's crafted from durable engineered wood.

What you'll love: The sign is eye-catching with the color contrast and menorah illustration, and it's functional for an outdoor porch or indoor spaces. 

What you should consider: You can either prop it up against the wall or hang it with the loop on the back of the sign.


Party Greeting Happy Hanukkah Banner

What you need to know: This set of porch banners "Light it up" and "Happy Hanukkah" in yellow text on a blue background, decorated with dreidels, the Star of David, a menorah, sacred scroll and other themed imagery.  The banners are made of fade-resistant polyester and measure 70 by 12 inches.

What you'll love: The banners are vibrant and affordable, suitable for hanging both indoors and outdoors.

What you should consider: There is another version of the banners that read "Shalom" and "Happy Hanukkah."


WoodByStu Love and Light Hanukkah Doormat

What you need to know: This heart-warming handmade doormat proclaims "love and light" alongside a menorah, crafted from coconut coir with a non-slip rubber backing. The mat measures 30 by 18 inches.

What you'll love: It'll add a festive touch to your entryway while keeping dirt and debris from getting inside your home. 

What you should consider: This doormat should be placed in a dry, covered area if you want it to last longer.

Best Hanukkah yard signs

Avoin Colorlife Happy Hanukkah Watercolor Garden Flag

What you need to know: This garden flag is rendered in pretty watercolors with a "Happy Hanukkah" greeting, Star of David and Hanukkah candles. It's made from durable, weather-resistant polyester and measures 12 by 18 inches.

What you'll love: The design is double-sided with text and images on both sides.

What you should consider: This flag also comes in another version with slight differences in the text and color scheme. While it has a sleeve hanger for attaching to a garden stand, the latter must be purchased separately.

Bigdotofhappiness Hanukkah Bear Outdoor Lawn Decorations

What you need to know: This eight-piece set is built from weather-resistant, corrugated plastic reinforced by metal stakes. The display includes a Hanukkah bear, menorahs, dreidels, the Star of David and "Happy Hanukkah" text rendered in blue, yellow and beige. Each sign comes with two stakes. The largest sign measures 16.25 by 23 inches and the smallest is 8.75 by 10.5 inches.

What you'll love: These bold and colorful signs will make a statement on your lawn, and their durable construction will last for years.

What you should consider: Though the stakes are included, you'll need to attach them to the signs yourself (duct tape should do the trick).

Best Hanukkah inflatables

Turnmeon 6-foot inflatable Hanukkah Menorah Decoration With LED Lights

What you need to know: This Hanukkah menorah inflatable is 6 feet tall, with a blue and white body and colorful candles topped with 12 LED lights. The plug-in decoration is made of sturdy, waterproof polyester. 

What you’ll love: The decoration has a dramatic effect that's sure to get people's attention, and the lights on the candles brighten the display. A built-in pump automatically inflates the decoration when plugged in. The inflatable can be used indoors or outdoors and folds compactly for storage.

What you should consider: Since the sign is relatively large, it may be difficult to place in smaller yards or indoor spaces. Additionally, it must be plugged into a power outlet, so there's less flexibility for installment compared to battery-powered alternatives.



Turnmeon 4-Foot Hanukkah Inflatable Bear

What you need to know: This adorable inflatable bear hangs out the window, wearing a blue Star of David hat, holding a dreidel in one hand and waving with the other. The plug-in decoration stands 4 feet tall with two built-in LED lights.

What you'll love: Given its size and lighting, this Hanukkah inflatable offers quite the visual effect. It comes with a pump for easy inflation, suction cups for window attachment and folds compactly for storage.

What you should consider: The decoration requires a power outlet, making it less portable than battery-powered options. It's also quite large and won't fit smaller windows.

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