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Best collagen peptide powder

Which collagen peptide powder is best?

Some people always seem to have that youthful glow about them, complete with silky hair, beautiful skin and healthy nails. What you may not realize is their secret just might come from a daily dose of collagen peptide powder that is designed to keep you looking healthy from the inside out. If you are looking for a quality powder, Sunwarrior Collagen Peptides Powder is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a collagen peptide powder

Bone and joint health

Collagen peptides are designed to improve bone density and help reduce joint pain caused by arthritis. With continued regular use, collagen peptides may assist athletes in a faster recovery time while improving joint function and cartilage support.

Hair, skin and nails

If you have dry hair, brittle nails and fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, you may benefit from using a collagen powder supplement. The fast-absorbing powder may improve your skin’s elasticity while helping to repair damaged hair and nails.

What to look for in a quality collagen peptide powder


Whether you are adding it to a smoothie or prefer to drink your collagen peptide powder with just water, find one that has a decent flavor. Some are unflavored so you can add them to your drink without altering the taste. Typical flavorings include vanilla, chocolate and mixed berry.

Dissolves easily

Look for one that dissolves easily. The easier it dissolves, the faster it goes through your system.


Look for one that is hydrolyzed. This means it is easier for the body to digest the collagen that has broken down into small “peptides.” Collagen peptide powder is safe enough to take every day, and you can include it first thing in the morning in your coffee, during the afternoon with a smoothie or after a workout at night.

Amino acid profile

Collagen is broken down into amino acids that help build and repair tissue. Peptides are chains of amino acids, including glycine, proline, arginine and hydroxyproline that are in collagen. They provide the building blocks to keep skin, hair, nails, bones and muscles healthier.

Sustainably sourced

Collagen peptides are derived from animal protein, so look for products sourced from grass-fed animals. For vegetarians, marine collagen peptides come from the collagen-rich ingredients of wild-caught, ethically sourced fish and are designed to improve skin, nails, bones and hair.

How much you can expect to spend on collagen peptide powder

Collagen peptide powder ranges in price from $15-$45. Read the label to see how many servings are included per container to get the most of your money.

Collagen peptide powder FAQ

What is collagen peptide?

A. Collagen peptides are made up of the protein in animal and marine collagen. They can help repair damaged hair, skin and nails by improving elasticity and increasing hydration.

Should you take collagen peptide powder daily?

A. If you want to reduce inflammation or improve the condition of your skin, hair or nails, the recommended daily dosage is 8-12 grams (or one to two scoops) of collagen peptide powder each day.

What’s the best collagen peptide powder to buy?

Top collagen peptide powder

Sunwarrior Collagen Peptides Powder

What you need to know: Thanks to its plant-based formula, vegans and vegetarians can also use this collagen peptide supplement. 

What you’ll love: It comes in six flavors, including vanilla and coffee, plus an unflavored version. It contains all the ingredients to boost the body’s own natural production of collagen. 

What you should consider: It doesn’t taste great, so you may need to experiment to find a palatable way to consume it. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top collagen peptide powder for the money

Further Food Premium Marine Collagen Peptides

What you need to know: This premium-grade powder is made from wild-caught marine animals. 

What you’ll love: It contains 18 amino acids, including eight essential ones, plus collagen types one, two and three. It’s unflavored so that you can mix it with almost anything. 

What you should consider: It doesn’t dissolve all that easily and can clump. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Bronson Marine Collagen Peptide Powder

What you need to know: This collagen peptide powder is made from wild-caught Nordic cod.

What you’ll love: You just need one teaspoon a day of this peptide powder. It’s unflavored so you can mix it with any beverage of your choice. It’s verified as sustainable, non-GMO and gluten-free. 

What you should consider: It has a slightly fishy smell that some find offputting

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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