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Young Living vs. Doterra essential oils

A guide to comparing Young Living and Doterra essential oils

Essential oils can be used as aromatherapy, applied topically to relieve pain and provide refreshing scents. For many, using essential oils is part of their lifestyles because of the benefits when applied topically or atmospherically through a diffuser. From dealing with headaches, muscle aches and stress, there is an essential oil to help bring relief.

Young Living essential oils

Young Living is a multi-level marketing company that claims to be the world leader in essential oils; however, it offers other products, such as skin care and dietary supplements that are naturally based and infused with oils and minerals.


  • Potency: Most users claim the scents are much longer lasting and stronger, taking fewer drops than other brands.
  • Safe: Certain essential oils by Young Living are safe to ingest carefully. The Plus line consists of food-flavoring essential oils that are pure enough to ingest (only in the instructed amounts). Many of the oils are safe to apply topically without diluting. However, for anyone with extremely sensitive skin, it is best to first dilute to test it out.


  • Expensive: For just one 5 milliliter sized bottle, it can cost up to $150.
  • Company reputation: Since Young Living is a multi-level marketing company, many are wary of trying the products because they do not trust the idea of it being a pyramid scheme. Additionally, some sellers of Young Living have made claims about the oils being a cure for cancer and COVID-19. These claims are not factual.

Best Young Living essential oils

Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

Many people love lavender, which explains why this is a best seller. Containing antioxidants, you can take it internally and it reportedly provides support to the immune system with a drop added to a cup of hot tea.

Young Living Thieves Essential Oil

Thieves is a refreshing and spicy blend of cinnamon bark, rosemary, eucalyptus radiata, clove and lemon. Diluting and adding this to household cleaning solutions and air fresheners eliminates odors and provides a rich aroma to the home.

Doterra essential oils

Founded in 2008, Doterra is a much newer company than Young Living. However, the fanbase is huge and growing every day. In creating its Certified Pure Testing Grade protocol, Deterra has raised the bar in the essential oil industry to thoroughly examine and purify all oils to offer consumers premium quality products that provide health and wellness benefits.


  • High quality: These are widely recommended by medical professionals for those seeking pain and stress relief.


  • Expensive: For a set 10, it can get pricey. Even on Amazon some of the sets start out around $140.

Best Doterra essential oils

Doterra Wild Orange Essential Oil

This blast of citrus is sure to give you an energizing pep in your step. It contains cleansing properties that not only purify the air aromatically but also cleans surfaces as a natural solution.

Doterra Peppermint Essential Oil

This classic menthol scent provides a minty fresh sensation that promotes clear breathing and a healthy respiratory system. When diluted, you can take this to relieve nausea and upset stomach.

Should you get Young Living or Doterra?

Although the decision comes down to preference and what scents you enjoy the most, when reviews by users are analyzed concerning quality, purity and health benefits at an affordable rate, Doterra is mostly recommended in many cases.

Currently, the FDA has not approved any essential oil to be therapeutically graded, so it can be difficult to know what brands are truly pure. However, from the amount of years Young Living and Doterra have been distilling and producing essential oils, they both have credibility. Their own certification policies also provide added support to their claims of offering safe and pure essential oils.

Both Young Living and Doterra tend to have the highest prices out of all the essential oil brands. However, Young Living usually is more expensive than Doterra. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best; it simply may be higher priced because it was one of the first and leading companies to produce and market essential oils.

For a beginner in the world of essential oils, if you are unsure of how much use you will get out of the products, start out with Doterra because it is more affordable.

If you are looking for an essential oil specifically designed to relieve pain such as headaches, check out the BestReviews buying guide for more information.


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