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The 9 best heating pads for cramps

Which heating pad is best?

Cramps can sideline any person as they move about their day. Whether you experience sharp pain or a constant ache, cramps in your abdomen or uterus can be disruptive and painful. However, a heating pad can provide comfort and relief.

From electric to battery-powered to microwavable, there are many options for finding the best heating pad for cramps.

Heating pad for cramps considerations


You want to ensure your heating pad is large enough to cover the painful area but not so large that it's bulky or awkward. A good size is 12 inches by 24 inches, and it's best not to go much larger or smaller than that.

A waistband or microwavable pad will be smaller, but make sure they are still large enough to cover the painful area.

Types of pads

Traditional heating pads are flat rectangles placed on the abdomen or wherever you need a little warmth. Some people cannot take time off to recline and prefer a heating pad that they can wear around their waist. These portable pads charge with a USB cable and let you go about your day even as you ease your cramps.

Microwavable heating pads filled with rice, buckwheat or other heat conducting material are another good option. They do not have continuous heating but can provide a quick burst of relief.

Dry vs. moist heat

Some people prefer dry heat to treat cramps and other body aches, while others choose moist heat. 

  • Dry: The temperature is more consistent, as moisture does not affect the heating cycle. This is also good for people who are nervous about combining electricity and water.
  • Moist: Moist heat penetrates more deeply. This encourages the deep release of cramps and increased circulation to the area.

Heating pads for cramps features


You'll use your heating pad frequently if you typically have an achy belly. The best heating pads for cramps come with a warranty that guarantees it will be ready for use when needed.


You want to be able to remove the cover of your heating pad easily for cleaning. If it is not, you'll need to spot clean it frequently to prevent bacteria and dirt from building up.

Two kinds of heat

The most flexible heating pads for cramps can treat with either dry or moist heat. Sometimes this is simply a matter of adding a sponge, but you must ensure that the pad you choose is safe for this application. 


If you prefer to continue your day as you treat cramps, look for waistband heating pads or microwavable pads that you can tuck into the front of your pants. 

Which heating pad is best?

Pure Enrichment PureRelief XXL Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain And Cramps

It is extra large for more coverage across the lower belly and abdomen. Heat ranges from 105 to 140 degrees. It has an automatic shut-off timer after two hours of use. The cover is soft micro plush fabric, and it has a 9-foot power cord to reach wherever you are lounging. It comes with a five-year warranty.

Sold by Amazon

Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pad

It heats up fast and maintains a steady setting for the most comfort. There are options for both moist and dry heat. The cover is soft micro plush fiber. It is generously sized for wrap-around comfort. It has a built-in shut-off feature that protects against excessive energy draw or heat.

Sold by Amazon

Goqotomo Fast-Heating Pad

This heats in 20 seconds. It has overheating protection. The switch is easy to operate, even in the dark. Press any button and hold for three seconds to turn it off. The cover is ultra soft, cozy and machine-washable.

Sold by Amazon

Yeamon Portable Cordless Heating Pad Electric Waist Belt Device

Charge this portable heating pad with a USB cable and wear it on your waist whenever you need warmth. Three different massage modes are also available to improve circulation in the area. This pad shuts off after 30 minutes if no movement is detected. The waistband adjusts up to 50 inches. It is available in seven colors.

Sold by Amazon

Sunbeam Heating Pad

This is a no-frills heating pad with three heat levels. It comes with a sponge to add moist heat. The controller is extra large for easy operation, and the cord is 9 feet long. The cover is washable. It is available in two sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Medical King Store Electric Heating Pad

This plush, soft heating pad provides warmth wherever you need it. It has an automatic shut-off and adjustable settings for dry or moist heat. The cover is machine-washable.

Sold by Amazon

Gamago Avocado Heating Pad

Try this microwavable avocado pillow if you prefer a little lightness and no electric heat. It is filled with buckwheat and lavender. Pop it in the microwave to warm it, and place it anywhere you require pain relief. This product also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. It's also available in nine other designs, including a slice of pizza, a sheep and a sloth.

Sold by Amazon

Voligo Menstrual Heating Pad

This cordless, fast-heating pad has three high-frequency vibration modes and three temperature settings ranging from 104 to 122 degrees. The soft fabric is comfortable on the skin and the elastic waist means it fits most sizes. The rechargeable battery works for two to five hours, and there is an automatic shut-off to prevent overheating.

Sold by Amazon

Snook-Ease Store Love Ease Heart Shaped Microwavable Period Heating Pad

The point of the heart-shaped, microwavable heating pad tucks into the front of your underwear for perfect placement and relief of period cramps. Heat comes from a thermal heat patch inside that is activated for 60 seconds in the microwave. You can wear it under your clothes. It comes in two sizes.

Sold by Amazon


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