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PlayMakar MVP review: How does this massage gun stack up?

While a professional massage may alleviate sore or tense muscles and help you feel like yourself again, at an average cost of $75 per hour plus tip, regular visits to a massage therapist may be out of reach for many. 

PlayMakar claims to deliver affordable relief for muscle pain with their MVP Percussion Massager. According to the brand, this percussion massager offers "deep and relaxing muscle treatment that even the pros trust.” 

The MVP is designed to massage away muscle tension and tightness to increase the user's range of motion and reduce recovery time.

We wanted to know if the MVP Percussion Massager lives up to PlayMakar’s claims, so we tested it to determine if this budget-friendly massage gun provides reliable relief for day-to-day muscle tension and tightness.

Why did we choose the PlayMakar MVP?

Like many others who suffer from neck and back pain, working from home has exacerbated our symptoms. The MVP wasn't the only massage tool we tested for muscle pain relief. Compared to in-seat massagers we tried, the MVP seemed like it would be easier to use and better at targeting specific areas.

First impressions of the PlayMakar MVP

The PlayMakar MVP Percussion Massager is an impressive-looking massage gun. It has six speeds (ranging from 1,200 to 2,700 pulses per minute) and comes with six attachments (large round head, medium round head, fork head, flat head, bullet head, and spade head).

The MVP arrives pre-charged, so you can start using it immediately. While it can be a bit of a handful, it isn’t too unwieldy or too heavy. The massager was intuitive enough that we found reading the directions wasn’t necessary, even for first-time massage gun users. 

To turn it on, we flipped the on/off power switch on the base of the device and then pressed the speed setting adjustment button on the display screen to select the speed level. The display screen was easy to read and included the speed level and how much battery was left. 

How to use the PlayMakar MVP

Although the PlayMakar MVP can be used for post-workout recovery, we were primarily testing to see how it relieves discomfort brought on by a subpar work-from-home setup. We chose to test it out with the medium rounded foam ball on our neck, back, and legs. In our experience, the relief was immediate. We also found this unit was beneficial after walks and exercise, or whenever stiffness or pain became noticeable. It’s a powerful device, and even the lowest setting is pretty strong.

PlayMakar MVP battery

Charging the PlayMakar MVP is a little quirky. This unit doesn’t function well if you try to use it while it’s charging, but it works fine when it’s unplugged. In our experience, a charge can last for about three hours — plenty long enough to get at least one massage session in. 

PlayMakar MVP attachments

The large foam ball was easily our favorite, and we found it to be the least likely to hurt during use. We also found that the flat head attachment worked well on the thighs while the medium round heads provided the most relief when used on the neck and back. PlayMakar also recommends using the bullet head attachment for pain point massages on the neck and upper back. 

PlayMakar MVP cost

The PlayMakar MVP Percussion Massager retails for $249.95 and often goes on sale for as low as $149.95 — making it significantly cheaper than similar massage guns from Theragun and Hyperice. Considering the power, versatility, affordability, and results it delivers, this device is definitely worth the cost for any individual who may be suffering from chronic muscular aches and pains.

Does the PlayMakar MVP work?

In our experience, the relief that the PlayMakar MVP Percussion Massager provided was immediate. In the beginning, it took several sessions each day to provide sustained relief, but as time went on, we found that we only needed to use the MVP a few times each week. We even experienced a noticeable decrease in sciatic nerve pain in the months we used the MVP.

PlayMakar MVP pros

When considering options such as a foam roller or an in-seat massager, PlayMakar's MVP is easier to use and delivers targeted relief. The gun-like design allows you to reach most areas of your body with ease. It’s convenient, cost-effective, and the results are more or less immediate.

PlayMakar MVP cons

We noticed that the interchangeable heads could be a little difficult to attach and remove. We wished there was an audible click or haptic feedback that signals that the head is secure. And although the massager is easy to use, we thought that some sections of the instructions were worded poorly, which added some confusion.

Is the PlayMakar MVP worth it?

If you’re experiencing tightness in your muscles, aches, or chronic discomfort, whether it is just mild soreness or a lifestyle-impacting pain, the PlayMakar MVP is a good option. This device allows you to be in full control of your treatments so you can have relief whenever you need it, not just when it fits into your budget. If used properly, this highly effective massage gun may help keep muscle pain in check.


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