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What you need to know about the drug-resistant Candida auris fungus

The world is facing a new global health threat

On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a press release. The announcement identified Candida auris as "an urgent antimicrobial resistance threat." Unfortunately, like the beginning of the pandemic, scientists do not yet fully understand why C. auris is resistant to antifungal medicines or why it has appeared in many regions of the world at the same time. Here's what is currently known about this new threat.

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What is C. auris?

C. auris is a type of yeast that has been causing severe illnesses around the world. It spreads primarily through contact but may become airborne after vigorous activities such as making a bed. C. auris can live on surfaces for several weeks, and it can get into the bloodstream through catheters and other lines and tubes entering the body. 

How is a fungus different from a virus or bacteria?

There are three types of microorganisms that can cause illnesses: a virus, bacteria and fungus. 

A virus is genetic material encased in protein. On its own, it's incapable of doing anything. Its sole purpose is to hijack living tissue to reproduce.

Bacteria are more complex microorganisms that can live and reproduce on their own. Usually, bacteria live in harmony within our bodily systems. However, harmful bacteria can cause food poisoning, strep throat, urinary tract infections and other illnesses.

Fungus is the most complex of the microorganisms and somewhat resembles animals in its structure. Most fungi are beneficial or harmless. But in people with weakened immune systems, fungi can spread rapidly throughout the body after entering and damage organs.

What is the concern with C. auris?

There are four problems with C. auris:

  1. It's hard to identify. This can make it easy to misdiagnose and incorrectly treat.
  2. It can cause an outbreak in a health care setting, which makes it dangerous to those at greatest risk.
  3. It can be resistant to all known treatments.
  4. It's spreading at an alarming rate.

Who is at risk?

Infections have been found in patients of all ages. However, the people who seem to be at greatest risk are individuals who have spent time in a hospital or a nursing home and have had a breathing tube, a feeding tube or a central venous catheter. Since there is limited data, it is difficult to determine other risk factors. It's believed that recent surgery, diabetes and broad-spectrum antibiotic and antifungal use can also put people at an increased risk.

What are the symptoms?

It's extremely difficult to know if you have C. auris. Most people get invasive Candida infections after they're already sick. The most common symptom is fever and chills that don't go away after antibiotic treatment. Currently, only a laboratory test can determine if you have a C. auris infection.

How can you guard against C. auris?

The best way to combat C. auris is to live a healthy life and keep your immune system strong with a proper diet, exercise and plenty of rest. To reduce the likelihood of spreading, hand hygiene is the primary defense. Additionally, regularly cleaning and sanitizing all common surfaces is also highly recommended.

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