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Best ankle brace for sprained ankle

Which ankle braces for sprained ankle are best?

The goal of recovery after an ankle sprain is to prevent further discomfort while speeding up the healing process. Whether the injury is mild or severe, you can always support and strengthen the weak ankle by wearing an ankle brace.

When checking out your options, you should choose a brace that supports and protects your ankle while enhancing your recovery. One top-rated ankle brace that gives this type of result is the Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace.

What to know before you buy an ankle brace for sprained ankle

Type of injury

Depending on the severity of your ankle injury, there are three types of braces to choose from. First, there’s the brace that gives maximum protection by immobilizing the ankle and providing compression support to reduce the swelling. This type of brace is suitable for severe ankle sprains. If you’re just recovering from an ankle sprain or you’re prone to this type of injury, there are braces designed to give moderate support by providing extra stability to your ankle during your activities. There are also lightweight ankle braces that are ideal for mild or first-degree ankle sprains.  


One of the ways an ankle brace supports the ankle is via compression. This process works in a couple of ways. First, it prevents vibration and muscle oscillation that can make your ankle roll to either side during your athletic activity and cause an injury. If this happens when you’re just recovering from a sprain, it could delay the recovery time. Another way compression works is by improving the circulatory efficiency of blood in your foot, which can alleviate pain and prevent swelling. Medical-grade braces can also help your ankles recover more quickly.


When recovering from a sprained ankle, it is important to wear a brace that protects your ankle and prevents re-injury. Whether it is to prevent a sprain, hyper-extension or twisting, the ideal ankle brace should support the ankle and keep it secure from pressure, strains or overload symptoms that can aggravate the injury. Oftentimes, ankle braces with straps are designed to restrict excessive movement and keep your ankle protected.

For more information about ankle braces, check out this BestReviews Buying Guide.

What to look for in a quality ankle brace for sprained ankle

Type of brace

As you recover from the injury, chances are your initial brace may not be comfortable and you may have to change to a more convenient option. Rigid braces are best for severe injuries, because they reduce joint mobility and speed up recovery. Semi-rigid braces are an excellent choice if you’re treating an acute or mild ankle sprain. A soft or lightweight ankle brace is another option that offers a less bulky support and can help to prevent injuries or protect injured ankles, in some cases.


Braces are made of different types of fabric depending on their function. If you’re looking for a supportive and comfortable brace, products made with hydramesh fabric are a great option, while neoprene-made braces are an excellent choice if you want something soft, breathable and flexible. There are also braces made with lycra, which is stretchy and lightweight and can give you more flexibility.


Some ankle braces are designed to ensure that one size fits most people. This is a great choice if you often have issues selecting the right size of footwear, since this brace typically lace-up or strap options can be easily adjusted to give you a custom fit. Overall, the right brace should fit your ankle snugly, but comfortable enough to provide compression and loose enough to ensure breathability.

How much you can expect to spend on an ankle brace for sprained ankle

Depending on the quality of the material and its function, recovery ankle braces typically range in price from $6-$50, though you can easily spend up to $100 for the rigid or professional-grade selections. 

Ankle brace for sprained ankle FAQ

Can wearing an ankle brace weaken my ankle?

A. While there is currently no evidence that the ankle muscles become weaker after wearing an ankle brace, there are braces that can negatively affect the flexibility and strength of the ankle because they decrease the range of motion of the joints.

Can wearing an ankle brace help speed up recovery?

A. Wearing an ankle brace can provide stability to your ankle by immobilizing it, which can help to decrease the swelling and pain, consequently enhancing the recovery process. However, every ankle brace is different. You need to specifically look for the rigid or semi-rigid types if you want this type of effect.

What are the best ankle braces for sprained ankle to buy?

Top ankle brace for sprained ankle

Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace

What you need to know: An ankle brace that provides customized compression.

What you’ll love: This brace helps improve blood circulation, which can also help decrease pain and swelling while recovering from an injury. It is made with premium quality fabric that helps to absorb sweat, keeping your fit dry and odor-free. It is also designed as a snug fit brace that can fit almost any size of foot.

What you should consider: Some users complained about the limited washing option, as it can only be washed by hand not machine washed.

Where to Buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ankle brace for sprained ankle for the money

ComfiLife Ankle Brace

What you need to know: A compression-fit technology that helps to support and stabilize. 

What you’ll love: The brace material is breathable and elastic, which ensures optimal comfort regardless of how long you wear it. There is also a non-slip silicone embedded inside the fabric to provide a tight grip and give adequate compression where you need it.

What you should consider: It contains latex, so if you are allergic to latex or natural rubber, it may not be your best option.

Where to Buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Aircast AirSport Ankle Support Brace

What you need to know: An excellent option if you’re recovering from an ankle sprain. 

What you’ll love: This brace features foam-filled aircell cushions that stabilize and support your ankle during recovery. It combines the aircell technology with a semi-rigid encased shell to deliver optimal stability and comfort to your foot. There is also an anterior talofibular cross strap and integral forefoot and shin wrap that gives extra stabilization and compression.

What you should consider: Some wearers complained about wrong sizing so you have to be sure of the ideal size for your ankle before purchasing.

Where to Buy: Sold by Amazon


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