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Best VR headset for PlayStation

Which VR headsets for PlayStation are best?

If you’re hoping to buy the best VR headset for PlayStation, you can rest assured knowing that Sony makes one VR headset model for which its VR games work. Rather than sifting through tons of options like many VR headsets require the buyer to do, Sony has just one option, instead of letting the user decide what VR game they want first.

While the best VR headset for PlayStation comes down to individual game preference, the role-playing wonder of a Skyrim VR Headset Bundle for PS4 or PS5 is a great way to try immersing yourself in a virtual world for the first time.

What to know before you buy a VR headset for PlayStation

PlayStation VR headset

Fortunately, Sony makes finding the right VR headset simple by just offering one VR headset that works with a wide number of PS4 and PS5 games. If you aren’t necessarily looking for a PlayStation VR headset, you can also find a number of the best VR headsets outside of Sony’s realm.

PlayStation Move controllers

Sony’s VR system uses PlayStation Move controllers to allow the user to interact with their environment while standing up and being mobile, including similar buttons to those on a regular PlayStation controller. They also use tracking along with your other PlayStation VR hardware to make the environment feel even more precise. In addition, you can buy a PS VR aim controller for shooters, to make aiming feel more accurate and immersive.

PlayStation camera

The third and final essential piece of any VR headset bundle for PlayStation is the PlayStation camera. Sony’s camera helps to track the VR headset and Move Controllers, as well as working with the light bar on a regular PlayStation controller. Many users also like using the camera for its built-in microphone with voice commands, facial recognition, and ease-of-use for streaming while playing VR games.

What to look for in a quality VR headset for PlayStation

Game bundles

Ultimately, new buyers of PlayStation VR equipment are going to find everything they need in a PS4 or PS5 VR bundle, so the choice will come down to what VR game they want to start out with. Game bundles usually include a game, as well as the PlayStation VR headset, camera, and controllers. Common PlayStation VR bundles include classic games like “Skyrim,” “Gran Turismo Sport,” “Doom,” “Iron Man” and “Batman,” among many others still.

Complementary equipment

Depending on what you need in a PlayStation VR headset, you may not necessarily require a bundle. If you already have games for VR you plan to play, you can find cheaper PlayStation VR headset options by just buying the hardware. Still, those simply replacing the camera, controllers, or headset or buying the headset alone to try it out can also save a few bucks by simply buying the PlayStation VR equipment that complements what they already have or need.

Trusted retailer

Like with any product, it’s particularly helpful to buy your hardware from a trusted retailer. Buyers can purchase new PlayStation VR headsets directly from Sony, as well as a range of retailers through their website and others. If you’re looking for a cheap VR headset for PlayStation, you can also find good refurbished or renewed hardware by buying from other trusted retailers.

How much you can expect to spend on a VR headset for PlayStation

Depending on if you buy new systems directly from Sony or buy bundled systems from other retailers and in renewed capacities, the price can vary quite a bit. In general, PlayStation VR bundles with everything included tend to cost $400-$600, while the VR headset alone may cost $250-$300.

VR headset for PlayStation FAQ

Can a PlayStation VR headset work with Xbox One?

A. While Xbox One doesn’t support virtual reality, any PlayStation VR headset can be used as a display for the Xbox One. Doing so results in a less-than-ideal VR experience overall, but it can also help make Xbox games more immersive than playing them on a TV would be.

Is PlayStation VR discontinued?

A. PlayStation VR isn’t necessarily discontinued, and copies of the unit can still be purchased directly from Sony or from other trusted retailers. However, The PSVR 2 has also been confirmed, and while it isn’t clear when it will drop, its updated hardware for improved immersion is likely something PlayStation fans can look forward to.

What’s the best VR headset for PlayStation to buy?

Top VR headset for PlayStation

Sony PlayStation The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Bundle

What you need to know: PlayStation’s flagship VR headset can be found in a variety of bundled packs, but this particular one offers “Skyrim,” as well as Sony’s camera and PlayStation Move controllers.

What you’ll love: This bundle features the standard PlayStation VR hardware necessary for playing all PS4 and PS5 VR games. It includes Sony’s PlayStation camera to be set up in front of the play area, as well as two PlayStation Move controllers designed for PlayStation VR to make virtual interactions more immersive.

What you should consider: While several different PlayStation VR bundles exist, this one is best for those who don’t have any preexisting equipment who also want the game “Skyrim.”

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top VR headset for PlayStation for the money

Sony PlayStation VR Headset

What you need to know: For those who are simply replacing a PlayStation VR headset or looking to get the headset without the controllers and camera, these affordable renewed headsets are simple and arrive quickly for Prime customers.

What you’ll love: While most prefer to buy PlayStation VR systems new and in a bundle, others who only need a PS4 or PS5 VR headset can purchase the headset separately. Others may just want to play regular games with a more immersive display, for which you can also use the headset on its own.

What you should consider: Playing games with just the headset or playing non-VR games on the headset can be a bit underwhelming for some users, so it’s best to go with a bundle unless you’re replacing hardware or are on a serious budget.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Sony PlayStation Gran Turismo Sport VR Bundle

What you need to know: For PlayStation VR buyers hoping to indulge in a racing game rather than a role-playing game, this “Gran Turismo Sport” VR bundle is an excellent place to start.

What you’ll love: Beyond including the necessary PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Move controllers and the PlayStation camera required for getting started, this bundle also includes “Gran Turismo Sport” for an immersive racing experience. In addition, this bundle works on both PS4 and PS5 and costs a bit less than most “Skyrim” bundles.

What you should consider: Similarly to other bundles and game preferences, this bundle is best for fans of “Gran Turismo Sport.”

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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