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12 Amazon gift baskets for tea lovers

Every day in the United States, over 160 million Americans drink at least one cup of tea. Tea is one of the oldest and most popular drinks in the world that not only tastes good but is purported to have therapeutic benefits, too.

Tea lovers enjoy trying new teas. A gift basket is a great way to share a variety of teas along with many of the accessories that enhance the tea-drinking experience. Amazon offers an array of gift baskets for tea lovers that will please the ones on your list.  

In this article: Zelica Perfect Tea Lovers Gift Basket, Ahmad Tea Herbalist Variety Gift Box and Blue Ribbon Holiday Variety Tea Bag Gift Sampler.

What are the different types of tea?

There is a variety of teas that can fill a gift basket with something for everyone.

  • White tea has a light, fresh taste because it has only been partially processed. The tea buds haven't opened, which prevents full oxidation. It is best for beginners and anyone who doesn't want a pungent taste.
  • Green tea is a popular choice because of its many health benefits. It has a light, crisp flavor that goes well with honey and tastes great when infused with fruit pieces.
  • Black tea is a classic blend with a strong flavor that goes with milk or cookies. It is caffeinated and a favorite of anyone wanting an energy boost.
  • Peppermint tea is a beloved decaffeinated herbal tea that tastes minty and is known to aid in digestion.  
  • Oolong tea is a lesser-known Chinese tea similar to green and black tea with links to weight loss and stress reduction.
  • Rooibos tea is a South African variety that is red, aromatic and has a sweet taste for those who don't want anything bitter.

What are common tea gift basket accessories?

  • Honey and cinnamon sticks are excellent as stirrers or a simple plate adornment.
  • Tea spoons are smaller and designed to gently stir tea to keep the flavor strong and consistent.
  • Tea infusers are a fun addition for anyone looking for a new way to use fresh tea leaves.
  • Teapots are a traditional choice and come in many colors and styles. They are often part of a kitchen's decor as much as their practical use.  
  • Tea towels are smaller, decorative towels that make a gift basket look homey and inviting.
  • Hard biscuits, cookies, scones and cakes are excellent sides that can be eaten with a cup of tea or delicately dunked into it for a dessert-like taste.  

How long do tea bags last?

Since most tea gift baskets include an ample supply of individual tea bags, it is important to know that tea bags typically don't expire. Using the tea bags within 12-18 months is best for overall flavor and quality. Tea bags with expiration dates are more for quality than safety, but they still should be followed.

Best Amazon gift baskets for tea lovers

Zelica Perfect Tea Lovers Gift Basket

This gift basket contains 12 premium tea bags, a coffee mug, cinnamon sticks, cookies and a blank card for creating your own message. It also includes a teaspoon, Dutch waffles and honey stick.  

Sold by Amazon

Ahmad Tea Herbalist Variety Gift Box

This gift box features six of Ahmad's favorite blends, with10n sealed tea bags for each type. The blends of black and green tea are sugar-free and include real pieces of fruit. The gift box supports the Ethical Tea Partnership.  

Sold by Amazon

Blue Ribbon Holiday Variety Tea Bag Gift Sampler

This 40-pack gift sampler features single-serve tea bags beautifully presented in a designer bamboo box. The Christmas tea flavors are peppermint, berry, black and winter spice herbal.  

Sold by Amazon

Tea Forte Assorted Tea Gift Set

This variety gift set is elegantly packaged for both holiday and housewarming events. It features 28 popular loose-leaf teas from around the world in single-serving pouches for easy us.  

Sold by Amazon

Tazo Tea Bags Sampler

This gift box features 80 single-serve tea bags with 14 flavors, including passionfruit, green ginger and decaffeinated chai. This popular brand will be a hit with any gift recipient.  

Sold by Amazon

Twinings Tea Bag Sample Assortment Box

This sample gift box features 80 single-serve tea bags from 16 flavors, including Irish breakfast, lemon and ginger, and chai French vanilla. This wide variety is meant to last and entice your gift recipient.  

Sold by Amazon

Wine Country Tea Time Gift Collection

This complete gift kit includes a teapot and breakfast tray for holding assorted food items. It has everything you need to accompany a warm cup of tea, including a gift card for you to fill out.  

Sold by Amazon

Vahdam Assorted Tea Bag Sampler

This holiday gift box comes in a luxury package that contains 40 pyramid-shaped tea bags that are ready in fewer than 5 minutes. These premium teas from India are part of a fair trade practice and come from a carbon-neutral manufacture.  

Sold by Amazon

Wissotzky Tea Magic Tea Chest

With 80 single-serve tea bags to try, there are eight varieties of black, green and herbal teas. The tea chest offers a colorful display in a wooden hinged box that can be passed down.  

Sold by Amazon

Bellina Tea Gift Baskets

Featuring 20 varieties of tea, including Tazo and Stash, there are 20 flavors and 10 honey sticks included in this gift basket. It also comes with a gift bag, tag, envelope, and insulated tea cup.  

Sold by Amazon

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