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Men's pearl necklaces are 2022's newest fashion trend. Here are the 11 best

How to choose the best men's pearl necklaces

Strands of pearls have become an on-trend accessory for men and burst into the mainstream, thanks to celebrity musicians, rappers and "Bachelorettecontestants donning these marine gems. 

Pearl necklaces buck notions of traditional masculinity and add an air of genderless sophistication to any outfit — and we mean any outfit. Men’s pearl necklaces have been spotted peeking out of hoodies and adorning exposed chest hair. If you’re ready to make a statement in pearls, there are men’s pearl necklaces in several styles and for every budget. 

In this article: YorzAhar Baroque Pears Pendant NecklaceRoss-Simons Black Cultured Tahitian Pearl Pendant Necklace with Diamond and Meeran Men Half Chain Pearl Necklace.

Types of pearls used in necklaces

  • Natural pearls occur in nature only, either in freshwater or saltwater. They are a result of an irritant, such as a food particle or parasite, penetrating a mollusk. The mollusk secretes a substance to coat it, and eventually the coated irritant becomes a pearl. 
  • Freshwater pearls are produced in fresh water, meaning nonsalty water, by mussels that live in lakes and rivers. They are largely cultured with human assistance in pearl farms. The resulting pearl typically has an irregular, asymmetrical shape (called “baroque”) and can be ivory-, cream- or rose-toned.
  • Saltwater pearls are also largely created in farms, produced by oysters in the sea with human assistance. Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea pearls are the main saltwater strains, producing symmetrical, round pearls. 
  • Imitation pearls are made of glass or plastic. A quality strand of costume pearls can appear real, especially if tiny weights are added inside them for a more realistic, heavier feel. 

Are all real pearls white?

Real pearls come in a variety of colors, though white and off-white are the most widely available. You can find cultivated pearls in “black,” which is actually a blend of blue, gray and green. Lavender, gold, pink and peach are also pearl colors and make a stronger statement. Popular men’s necklaces feature either white or black pearls. 

What size pearls should I get? 

The pearl size that offers the most versatility in terms of wear is between 7 and 8 millimeters, or 0.27 to 0.31 inches. Freshwater pearls run a little smaller, around 6 millimeters, or 0.23 inches. Costume pearl beads can measure up to 13 millimeters, or just over half an inch.

Men’s pearl necklaces prices

Costume pearl necklaces cost $10-$150. Budget-friendly cultivated pearl necklaces run $55-$475, and midrange offerings cost between $475-$1,000. Luxury pearl necklaces, featuring pearls with a high luster, are priced at up to $2,000. 

What style of men’s pearls should I buy? 

A pendant pearl necklace is a good place to start if you’ve never worn pearls. These often feature a baroque, freshwater pearl pendant on a chain. A single strand of pearls makes a statement, and multistrands of pearls are not for the faint of heart. You can also mix it up with a half-chain pearl necklace that’s a split between a metal chain and pearl strand. 

Best men's pearl necklaces of 2022

Effy Men’s Cultured Freshwater Pearl & Curb Link 22-Inch Necklace 

This half chain features both a rugged sterling-silver chain and freshwater pearls for an on-trend look that blends the masculine and feminine. At 22 inches, the necklace is a longer style. 

Sold by Macy’s

Macy’s White Akoya Cultured Pearl 18-Inch Collar Necklace

For a classic necklace, this collar style adorns your clavicle with perfect Akoya pearls. The strand features lustrous ivory and rose overtones and makes for an heirloom piece of jewelry. 

Sold by Macy’s

Belle de Mer Cultured Freshwater Pearl Collar 19-Inch Necklace 

These large freshwater pearls are stunners. The high-end strand comes in classic white or in a multicolored strand of pink, lavender and peach pearls.  

Sold by Macy’s 

Best budget-friendly men’s pearl necklaces

Sterling Silver Baroque Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace 

This strand of baroque pearls features nonspherical pearls for a subtler look. The pearls have a more raw and off-white appearance. 

Sold by Kohl’s 

PearLustre by Imperial Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

These timeless pearls won’t break the bank. They are uniform in color and size and have a nice weight. 

Sold by Kohl’s 

Best pendant men’s pearl necklaces

YorzAhar Baroque Pears Pendant Necklace

This fashionable paperclip chain features a beautiful, real baroque pearl as its centerpiece. It is classy, and you can wear it with anything. Plus, it’s reasonably priced. 

Sold by Amazon

Ross-Simons Black Cultured Tahitian Pearl Pendant Necklace with Diamond

Studded with diamonds, this gorgeous Tahitian pearl pendant has tastefully added bling. The baroque pearl has a teardrop shape and green overtones and is a conversation starter. 

Sold by Amazon

Best men’s black pearl necklaces

Macy’s Cultured Baroque Black Tahitian Pearl 17-18-Inch Collar Necklace

If you want a more masculine look, a strand of these baroque black pearls has a rugged appeal. The Tahitian pearls are nonspherical and have an exotic look. 

Sold by Macy’s  

Maralux Sterling Silver Tahitian Cultured Black Pearl Necklace

Wear this single black pearl around your neck for a unique statement. The Tahitian pearl is large at 12 millimeters, or .47 inches. The sterling silver chain can be adjusted for length. 

Sold by Kohl’s

Best men’s imitation pearl necklaces

Meeran Men Half Chain Pearl Necklace 

Popular with teenage boys, this half chain design is an edgy twist on your grandmother’s pearls. The quality is excellent for the price, and the pearls are perfectly round and white. 

Sold by Amazon 

Charter Club Imitation Pearl Collar Necklace 

This imitation strand comes in two color choices: white and black. The large beads — 14 millimeters, or 0.55 inches — are sturdy and weighty, and they look real to the outside admirer. 

Sold by Macy’s


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