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Best sterling silver earrings

Which sterling silver earrings are best

Earrings constructed of sterling silver are a good bet if you want high-quality jewelry but have a limited budget. This metal is affordable and, with the proper care, will remain lovely for many years. Sterling silver earrings are also widely available due to their popularity. As a result, you have a robust selection of styles and sizes at your fingertips. 

The pear-shaped gemstones in the Macy's Gemstone and Diamond Accent Birthstone Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver are enhanced to amplify their beauty and designed in a standout pear shape. Diamond accents boost the sparkle factor further. You can choose from five birthstone options, but these earrings are a pretty pick even if none of the options correspond to your birthstone.  

What to know before buying sterling silver earrings

Caring for your earrings 

Sterling silver requires regular care to keep it in good condition and prevent tarnishing. Your best bet to keep your sterling silver earrings beautiful is to clean them regularly with silver cleaners. It’s imperative to polish your sterling silver pieces using a cloth designed for jewelry or a soft microfiber cloth. Never resort to using toilet paper or paper towels, as they can damage the silver. 

Take comfort seriously

It’s easy to discount how uncomfortable heavy or tightly fitting earrings can be on your earlobes. Comfort isn’t generally something that crosses most people’s minds when it comes to earrings. However, it’s a legitimate concern. If you plan to wear your sterling silver earrings for an extended period, make sure they’re not too heavy and don’t pinch your earlobes. Chrysmela backs are superior when it comes to security. Screw backs are another secure type of backing. 

Consider whether you’re prone to losing earrings 

If you find yourself consistently losing earrings, you should be mindful of backing and closure while shopping for a new pair. Certain types of backings and closures are more secure than others. 

What to look for in quality sterling silver earrings

Design details 

Shopping for sterling silver earrings can be a fun venture because they have many design details. You can choose from design details that include images etched into the metal, gemstones, beads, fabric and feathers. 

Embellished vs. plain

You can find everything from pared-down, simple sterling silver earrings to pairs that sparkle with embellishments. Depending on your budget, these embellishments can include cubic zirconia, crystals, diamonds and colored gemstones. Remember that decorations will dress up earrings, so if you prefer a casual look, you might want to avoid the sparkle. 


Some people prefer earrings that are dainty, delicate and minuscule. Others favor aptly nicknamed “door knocker” earrings that are large in scale. And others prefer a size in between these two extremes. Fortunately, sterling silver earrings that satisfy each of these tastes are available on the market. 

Smooth vs. textured 

If you’d like a bit of a design but prefer to keep it understated, earrings with a textured surface might be perfect for you. The textured effect adds interest without going overboard. There are many different types of textures used in sterling silver earrings. 

How much you can expect to spend on sterling silver earrings

In general, sterling silver earrings are going to improve in quality as they increase in price. That said, sterling silver jewelry is relatively affordable, especially compared to its gold and platinum counterparts. High-quality sterling silver earrings start around $60 and top out at around $200 for non-designer pairs. 

Sterling silver earrings FAQ

What are the benefits of sterling silver earrings?

A. Sterling silver jewelry may require a certain level of regular care, but the benefits make it worth the effort. Given proper care, silver emits a lovely shine. In addition, this metal is hypoallergenic, which is critical if you’re allergic to nickel. Sterling silver also allows you to get a high-quality pair of earrings without paying a fortune. 

How do you identify sterling silver earrings? 

A. Aside from purchasing sterling silver earrings from a reputable retailer, there’s one sure indication of their authenticity. Genuine sterling silver jewelry is stamped with .950 or .925. Make sure that any earrings you’re considering purchasing has one of these numbers stamped on them. 

What are the best sterling silver earrings to buy?

Top sterling silver earrings

Macy's Gemstone and Diamond Accent Birthstone Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver

What you need to know: The gemstones in these diamond-accented birthstone earrings are pear-shaped, giving them a special and unique look. 

What you’ll love: Set in sterling silver, these drop earrings feature an enhanced gemstone as the centerpiece. The gemstones are three-carat total weight. You can choose from amethyst, citrine, mystic topaz, blue topaz and garnet. Diamond accents add a hint of sparkle to the leverback and base. These earrings are a nice pick for fancy occasions, regardless of whether your birth month corresponds to any of the available options. 

What you should consider: Damage upon arrival and a smaller size than expected were among the issues cited by the few dissatisfied buyers. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top sterling silver earrings for the money

Giani Bernini Double-Knot Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

What you need to know: An enduring classic, the double-knot design of these sterling silver earrings is also sophisticated. 

What you’ll love: The double-knot is one of the most popular designs for jewelry, and for a good reason. It looks good with both casual and dressy attire, and it has an elegant aesthetic. These sterling silver stud earrings feature an intricate double-knot design that reflects the fine craftsmanship that created it. Each earring is 8 millimeters in size, making this pair dainty yet striking. 

What you should consider: A handful of buyers reported quality control issues that included posts that bent or broke and rust on the posts. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Worth checking out

Giani Bernini Chandelier Earrings in Sterling Silver

What you need to know: You’ll make a statement in these sterling silver chandelier earrings, which feature a diamond-shaped design. 

What you’ll love: Constructed of sterling silver polished to a high shine, these substantial earrings catch and reflect light nicely. The diamond-shaped accents are linked and have a 2 1/4-inch drop. These chandelier earrings are the perfect finishing touch to a dressy ensemble and look particularly good with an updo. Since the earrings are lightweight, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them. 

What you should consider: At least a couple of buyers reported functional problems like the jump ring snagging on clothing and the pointed edges of the diamonds irritating their skin. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy's


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