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The best men’s earrings

Which men’s earrings are best?

If you’ve ever thought about piercing your ears, then now is the perfect time to take the plunge. In the past decade, men’s earrings have reached new heights of popularity. Stylish and versatile, these accessories are a great way to personalize your look and make you appear confident and edgy. 

The Gemsme 18K White Gold Stud Earrings are the top pick because the pack comes with five pairs of high-quality cubic zirconia earrings for the price of one. 

What to know before you buy men’s earrings


There are many different types of men’s earrings out there, so spend some time researching the following list to determine which style will work best with your existing wardrobe. Whether you decide to go with a simple stud or a dramatic dangly piece, there’s no shortage of high-quality earrings to choose from. 

  • Stud: The most common style of earrings for men, the stud, is relatively nondescript and usually boasts a simple yet versatile design. The stud is backed by a straight post that goes through the front of the ear lobe and is secured by a clasp at the back. 
  • Hoop: Another popular and versatile style of earrings for men, the hoop can be a large statement piece or a subtle circle that rests comfortably against your neck. While shopping for hoop earrings, you may come across a subcategory called “huggies.” These hoop earrings are particularly subtle and so named for the way that they “hug” the earlobe. 
  • Dangly: This style of men’s earrings is great if you want to make a dramatic statement with your piercings. These earrings are often worn for special occasions and can hold anything from a simple cross to a colorful assortment of feathers. 
  • Clip-on: While not technically earrings in the truest sense of the word, clip-on earrings are good choices for men who may want to see what an earring would look like before committing to a piercing. 


The thickness of an earring is measured in gauges. This metric also refers to the size of the resulting hole in the earlobe. Most standard piercings will be 16 gauge or 14 gauge, with the number of the gauge increasing as the hole gets smaller. Many people choose to thicken their gauge size over time, resulting in a distinctly large and stretched out piercing. These piercings give you a unique, alternative look, but proceed with caution: any gauges larger than 2 could result in permanent earlobe stretching. For best results, increase the gauge size slowly and never skip sizes. 

What to look for in quality men’s earrings


Men’s earrings can be constructed from a wide array of different materials. Stainless steel is common because it’s affordable, durable and great at maintaining a consistent shape. Be careful with metals like copper and bronze because these can temporarily turn your skin green if they come in contact with water. If you have sensitive skin or a nickel allergy, look for earrings constructed from titanium or medical-grade plastic. Titanium is a great metal because it’s lightweight, durable and will never rust or tarnish. Platinum and 14-karat gold are other safe materials for sensitive ears.

Cubic zirconia

Many earrings will use cubic zirconia in place of real diamonds in their earrings. This synthetic crystalline substance is durable and bears a close likeness to diamond, but is much more affordable and eco-friendly. 

How much you can expect to spend on men’s earrings

The cost of men’s earrings can vary widely depending on the style and materials used. Most consumers can expect to pay around $10-$100 for a pair of men’s earrings.

Men’s earrings FAQ

How should I care for a new piercing?

A. After you get your piercing, leave the earrings in your ears for at least six weeks, regularly washing the area with soap and water. You can also dab the piercing with rubbing alcohol a few times a day to kill germs and prevent scabbing.

How long will it take for my piercing to close up?

A. If your piercing is less than a year old, it could close up after a few days without earrings. After the first year, you could go several weeks without wearing earrings before the holes begin to close. 

What are the best men’s earrings to buy?

Top men’s earrings

Gemsme 18K White Gold Stud Earrings

What you need to know: These versatile stud earrings are constructed with white gold plating and high-quality cubic zirconia stones. 

What you’ll love: Each purchase comes with five pairs of earrings, and the crystal clear cubic zirconia paired with a 14-karat white gold plating produces an impressive sparkle. The earrings also come in a decorative pouch. 

What you should consider: Some users reported tarnishing and green skin after long-term wear. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top men’s earrings for the money

ONESING Stainless Steel Black Earrings Set

What you need to know: This budget-friendly earring set comes with 15 pairs of earrings in a variety of styles. 

What you’ll love: Perfect for newly pierced individuals looking to jumpstart their collection, this earring set comes with three different dangle styles, nine different studs and three different huggie hoop earrings. The earrings are constructed from high-quality stainless steel and are completely nickel-free and rust resistant.

What you should consider: Some users did not receive all 15 pairs of earrings. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

FIBO STEEL Stainless Steel Stud Earrings (4 Pack)

What you need to know: These popular stainless steel earrings come in four different colors.

What you’ll love: The stainless steel construction is safe for sensitive ears, and users note how much the cubic zirconia stones shine. Four different colors are included in the pack: silver, black, rose gold and gold. 

What you should consider: There were a few users who said the construction of these earrings was rather flimsy. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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