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Eastsport backpack vs. JanSport backpack

Is the Eastsport or JanSport backpack better?

Both Eastsport and JanSport are common names when it comes to back-to-school shopping and backpacks. Both of these brands are trusted and familiar, but which is best? 

Backpacks, especially for kids, need to be able to stand the test of time. It’s never fun having to buy a replacement backpack halfway through the school year. Both Eastsport and JanSport offer stylish backpacks that are meant to last, though there are some key differences to consider between the two brands. 

Eastsport is known for offering quality bags at bargain prices, while JanSport is more known for its stylish backpacks that have been the envy of the classroom since the brand got its start in 1967.  

Eastsport backpacks 

Eastsport backpack pros 

Eastsport backpacks come in an array of styles to suit everyone’s needs. From backpacks made with skaters in mind to backpacks that are sure to delight any fashionista, Eastsport will have a backpack for you or your student. Check out the full BestReviews best school backpacks buying guide to see which Eastsport bag made the list.


Eastsport backpacks are durable enough to make it through the school year. Eastsport’s mesh and clear backpacks aren’t just for looks. More and more local school districts are requiring students to have transparent backpacks as a security measure and these backpacks pass the test. 

Eastsport offers a limited lifetime warranty on all products that have a paid value of $16.94 and over. Be aware, however, that this warranty does not cover wear and tear. It is only to guarantee that each Eastsport bag is made without defects. 

Eastsport backpack cons 

  • While Eastsport bags are functional and stylish, they will wear down with time, especially if they are overloaded. A lot of people report problems with the zippers on Eastsport bags. 
  • Many Eastsport backpacks, especially the cheaper models, will lack pockets that are the norm on comparable models from JanSport. Notably, many Eastsport backpacks come without a laptop compartment. 

Best Eastsport backpacks 

Eastsport Tech Backpack 

A popular choice for students, this bag comes with a spacious interior compartment with an interior padded laptop sleeve, a phone pocket and mesh pockets for a water bottle. It’s made out of water-resistant polyester, which makes this bag perfect for a day on campus.

Sold by Amazon 

Eastsport Multi Pocket School Backpack

This backpack is a great choice for students heading back to school thanks to its durability and options when it comes to design and color.

Sold by Amazon

Eastsport Skater Backpack

This Eastsport bag is great for skaters, thanks to its high-density padded shoulder straps and built-in board straps. It has enough room to hold books for school and skate gear.

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JanSport backpacks 

JanSport backpack pros 

  • JanSport is an immediately recognizable brand that is known for their quality and stylish backpacks. 
  • Even the most simple JanSport backpacks, like the JanSport SuperBreak, are designed to be practical and durable. 
  • Most JanSport backpacks are laptop-friendly, which is a huge plus for both students and professionals. 
  • JanSport backpacks come in many different colors and signature prints. There’s a JanSport backpack to suit everyone’s personal tastes and style. If you want to check out a variety of JanSport backpack styles, look at the full BestReviews JanSport backpack buying guide. 

JanSport backpack cons 

  • Some JanSport bags will wear around the shoulder straps over time, especially if they are often overloaded. Bear in mind, if you know that you’ll be carrying around a lot of heavy objects, like books, it’s probably best to buy a larger model. 
  • JanSport backpacks, while still relatively cheap, are typically a bit more expensive than Eastsport backpacks. 

Best JanSport backpacks 

JanSport Right Pack Backpack

This super durable and comfortable backpack is great for students, professionals and travelers. It comes with a laptop compartment that is large enough to fit up to a 15-inch laptop. One of the key features of this backpack is that it is designed to sit upright when sat down, which is something no Eastsport model offers.

Sold by Amazon 

JanSport SuperBreak Plus Backpack

The SuperBreak is JanSport’s most classic backpack and has remained popular for a reason. It is durable, stylish and perfect for any occasion. The SuperBreak is also known for its comfort, thanks to its straight-cut padded straps.

Sold by Amazon

JanSport Half Pint Mini Backpack

This mini backpack from JanSport is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable day-to-day bag.

Sold by Amazon 

Should you get an Eastsport backpack or a JanSport backpack? 

Consider your own personal needs before opting for an Eastsport or JanSport backpack, as there are situations in which either would work great. 

Eastsport’s array of different styles and options does a good job of having all the bases covered. For example, if your student is a skater, the Eastsport Skater Backpack is sure to delight. If your student is going to have to carry around a lot of tech during the school year, an Eastsport Tech Backpack would be a good fit. If your local school district requires transparent backpacks, a clear backpack from Eastsport is a perfect choice. Eastsport backpacks are durable enough to last the school year, but if used too heavily, you may need to replace it come next back-to-school season. 

JanSport backpacks are known for their durability and enduring stylishness. They are a popular choice among both students and professionals. JanSport even makes backpacks made with travelers in mind, such as the JanSport Hatchet Travel Backpack. Even though JanSport backpacks may be a bit pricier than their Eastsport counterparts, you can rest assured knowing that the extra money spent will be reflected in the overall durability and quality of the backpack. 


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