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Movado smartwatch vs. Michael Kors smartwatch

Are Movado or Michael Kors smartwatches better? 

If you are looking for a way to track your fitness levels, improve your fashion or simply expand the capabilities of your smartphone, smartwatches are a great way to do so. Smartwatches are sold by some fashion and technology companies, including Movado and Michael Kors. Both companies offer high-quality devices in many unique styles to fit your needs and tastes. 

Movado smartwatches come in unique designs and are built for fashion, while Michael Kors watches have more products and more modern options.

Movado smartwatch

Movado has two generations of smartwatches, though the line has recently been discontinued. The company has several fashionable choices and designs built for any occasion. 

Movado smartwatch pros

The most significant advantage that Movado has is the style options. The company primarily focuses on traditional watches, so all smart products come with unique designs that fit formal attire. So, if you buy a Movado watch, you’ll be able to wear it with any style of outfit. Movado smartwatches are also designed with different strap materials, including leather, metal and fabric.

While not quite up to the same level of technological advancement as many other companies, Movado does run on Wear OS by Google. The product can measure basic health data, including activity levels and heart rate. These fitness metrics can also be connected to different health apps on a smartphone to take full advantage.

Additionally, you can connect the device to your smartphone to receive all basic notifications to the smartwatch, including texts, phone calls, emails and social media. Movado also works directly with several Google apps to stream music, pay with a tap of the screen and speak with the Google voice assistant. 

Movado smartwatch cons

The biggest disadvantage with a Movado device is that the company discontinued its line of smartwatches. As a result, the company does not provide any software updates or new products. This also means that whatever product you buy from the company will be used or refurbished. So, if you are looking for a brand new smartwatch, Movado will not be the right company for you. 

Additionally, the currently available models can be more expensive than many of its competitors. Movado could be less accessible than other brands if you are on a tight budget. 

Movado also lacks some of the features that other companies can provide. While the smartwatches offer basic data and notifications, they lack more advanced fitness trackers such as programmed workouts or sleep tracking. 

Best Movado smartwatch

The only available Movado smartwatch currently sold on Amazon is the Movado Connect Digital Smart Module. This smartwatch comes in stainless steel and has a 2-year warranty on the product.

Michael Kors smartwatch

Michael Kors is a well-known fashion brand that has created its own line of smartwatches in several designs and with the latest technology. 

Michael Kors smartwatch pros

Michael Kors comes in many styles designed for both men and women. The company sells watches with several band materials and colors, including rose gold stainless steel, leather, fabric and much more. Regardless of your taste, you will be able to find a watch that fits your style.

Michael Kors has also designed its products to have a wider selection of fitness and health tracking features. These features include measuring blood oxygen levels and tracking sleep quality. You can also set specific exercise and activity goals that the watch will track. 

The company runs all of its products on Wear OS by Google and comes with a similar added features to Movado. You will be able to connect the smartwatch to both Android and iOS devices and use several different Google apps to stream music, pay for your products from your wrist and receive all basic notifications you need. The smartwatch can connect directly to the Spotify app and has an internal speaker built in. 

Furthermore, Michael Kors smartwatches come at affordable prices, with many of the devices costing less than $200. If you are on a tighter budget, products from Michael Kors will be more affordable than Movado models. 

Michael Kors smartwatch cons

The biggest downside for Michael Kors smartwatches is battery life. Both Movado and Michael Kors devices only have about one day of battery life, which may not be enough for more active users. This also poses a problem for the sleep tracking features, meaning you may have to take off the watch to charge before going to bed.

Michaels Kors also has a consistent design line that mainly focuses on brighter colors and stainless steel designs. So, while the company offers a lot of different designs, some darker colors and styles are not available, which may keep you away from buying them. 

Some users also report that the cardiogram feature is inconsistent, which may be a significant issue if you prioritize health features. 

Best Michael Kors smartwatches

A very popular smartwatch from Michael Kors is the Michael Kors Gen 6 Touchscreen Smartwatch. This smartwatch has several unique features, including an enhanced Bluetooth range four times wider than its predecessor. 

Another popular model from the company is the Michael Kors Women's MKGO Gen 5E 43mm Touchscreen Smartwatch. This device comes with an extended battery mode that enables you to continue using it and saves power by reducing certain functions. 

Should you get a Movado or Michael Kors smartwatch?

Both Movado and Micheal Kors offer quality smartwatches designed with fashion being a major priority. Movado sells watches in many different designs and is more than capable of handling all basic functions of a smartwatch. Michaels Kors smartwatches are very similar; however, many of the devices have higher quality fitness trackers.

The bottom line is that Michael Kors watches have a more modern line of devices, more affordable prices and better health data trackers. As a result, the company has better smartwatch products for you. 

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