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Best 4K TV for gaming

What is the best 4K TV for gaming?

With over 33 million pixels, 4K TVs provide incredible detail for immersive home entertainment viewing. Also known as ultra high definition TVs, they are made in all sizes and are typically accompanied by a smart platform to allow access to apps as well as high dynamic range technology to make all those pixels as bright and vibrant as possible.

Most content today is made in 4K, and that includes video games. The best 4K TVs for gaming feature a high refresh rate so that there is no lag during action-heavy sequences or online gaming. They should also have a high-speed HDMI port for connecting a console and faithful color recreation to enjoy the most creative of virtual worlds. 

Best 4K gaming TVs

Samsung 55-inch Neo QLED

The latest innovation from Samsung is the Neo QLED TV, which takes the color brightness of quantum-dot screens and boosts the contrast and fidelity. This makes imagery sharper when the screen is dark — great for horror and adventure games. Motion rate is enhanced up to 120Hz to prevent lag. Users can also access Game Bar, an on-screen management system that allows for game-specific settings, including aspect ratio, to be altered and saved.

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LG C1 Series 55-inch OLED TV

LG leads the way with OLED TVs, which provide the best contrast among darker colors and deep blacks than other screens. OLED TVs feature pixels that are lit, or unlit, individually, allowing for superior shading and dimming. This quality model is ideal for all kinds of entertainment and includes a Filmmaker Mode for major movies and a Game Optimizer so that every world you explore renders fast and runs seamlessly.

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Vizio 65-Inch P Series QLED TV

This sizable Vizio 4K TV was made for gaming with a variable refresh rate and AMD FreeSync to keep your games running smoothly. The integrated gaming engine welcomes the largest and newest titles, while an enhanced refresh rate of 240Hz can be achieved without losing clarity. As a quantum-dot TV, it also features some dazzling, bright colors.

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Sony A80J 77-Inch 4K TV

This new model from Sony features a fast core, speedy HDMI 2.1 ports and 120Hz refresh rate. Game Mode optimizes settings for your console, reducing lag while the OLED screen enhances contrast so no detail, hint or secret treasure is missed. A bright, broad color spectrum and a wide-angle view also provide immense value to gamers.

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Samsung 85-inch QLED Q80A Series

Though not in the ‘Neo’ class, this massive QLED TV still provides a stunning display for all forms of content. The colors are bright and vivid, and paired with an 75-inch screen, lush virtual worlds will feel immersive and realistic. A lightning-fast processor and 120Hz refresh rate will keep this action rolling without any blips.

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TCL 50-inch 5 Series 4K TV

This best budget 4K TV for gaming doesn’t sacrifice power or performance. This mid-size option by TCL provides great value for a QLED TV. Four HDMI slots, including one eARC for fast connection, and Game Mode optimizes playtime. At 50 inches, it makes a worthy entertainment hub whether you’re playing solo or split screen.

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LG 77-inch Gallery Design OLED TV

Another LG OLED TV on the list, this option is a bit more stylish, ideal for gamers looking to add some aesthetics to their setup. It still includes the unmatchable contrast you expect from OLED TVs as well as an intuitive smart platform. What’s more, this model boasts a high frame rate, rapid connection and NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility for faithful, fast rendering of the virtual world.

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TCL 65-inch 6 Series 4K TV

This model from the newest series by TCL still falls at a reasonable price relative to luxury brand TVs of similar sizes. Mini-LED technology provides some of the best contrast and local dimming that QLED can offer while both clarity and brightness are superb. Four HDMI ports and intuitive Game Mode make gameplay smoother, but it’s the enhanced refresh rate of a staggering 480Hz that’s most impressive. It might be so rapid though that you can’t tell the difference from a 240Hz rate.

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Sony X90J 65-inch 4K TV

Sony is noted for some of the fastest and most powerful TVs, with intuitive interfaces and seamless video. This model is no exception, and it's packed with an AI cognitive processor to immediately adjust the picture and sound based on the content. It also features a gaming mode to reduce lag and boost refresh rate.

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LG NanoCell 90 Series 65-inch 4K TV

This more reasonably priced LG model lacks the OLED screen, but comes with a Game Optimizer to reduce tearing and lags while enhancing the refresh rate for seamless play. The settings can be saved and easily toggled based on what you’re playing, and the fast processor allows for a bright, smooth display however chaotic the action.

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Hisense ULED Premium 55-Inch Quantum Series TV

This 2021 TV from the bargain brand Hisense features a 120Hz native refresh rate that allows for smooth gameplay, eliminating shadowing or blurring when playing in competitive online battlefields or simply watching live sports. It also boasts a Game Mode Pro to further reduce lag and a potent Wi-Fi signal to stay connected.

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