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Best tablet accessory for toddlers

Which tablet accessories for toddlers are best? 

Tablets can be useful tools for education and entertainment. They are a versatile tool that many parents rely on to get through long afternoons. While it can be a task to find the best tablets, it can be even more challenging to find great accessories suitable for toddlers. However, whether you are looking for educational tools or protection for the tablet, there are many options to choose from.

Best tablet accessories for toddlers

Top for teaching handwriting

 Ciscle Youth Series Kids Stylus Pen

Many parents relish the use of tablets because they can be used for educational entertainment. Apps designed to teach kids how to write and read are important in a parent’s toolbox. Traditional stylus pens can be difficult for small hands to hold, but this stylus is a great alternative. It is designed like a chunky crayon and comes with a round and replaceable plastic tip to prevent damage to the tablet screen, even with extended use.

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Top headphones

Sesame Street Kids Headphones by CozyPhones

CozyPhones introduces a set of headband headphones that comfortably slide over a toddler’s ears in fun Sesame Street designs. As a bonus, these headphones are also washable so they can last for the long haul. These headphones also have a volume limit so you can protect your toddler’s hearing.

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Top wireless headphones

iClever BTH02 Kids Headphones

If you are tired of dealing with tangled cords, you may want to consider getting some Bluetooth headphones. This pair from iClever even has a built-in microphone so your child can interact with their tablet or answer calls. You can also protect the toddler’s ears with a 94-decibel volume limit. The durable headband can be twisted, turned and even completely bent without breaking.

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 Top travel tray

Lusso Gear Kids Travel Tray

Tablets can be particularly useful for toddlers on a road trip. With this travel tray, they can keep all of their toys and entertainment items organized in one place. It features a stand for a tablet, a dry erase surface for arts and crafts and several pockets on the side for art supplies or snacks. The tablet stand holds technology in place, so parents don’t have to fret about the tablet falling to the floor during a sharp turn. It is also designed with rigid materials that can stand up to any toddler.

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Top over-the-seat travel organizer

Reserwa Car Backseat Organizer

If a travel tray doesn’t suit your little one, then you may want to consider a backseat organizer. This option from Reserwa attaches to the headrest of the front seats. It comes with a tablet holder, allowing your toddler to play games while the tablet rests. The organizer also has eight additional pockets for storing snacks, favorite toys and art supplies.

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Top case for protection

OtterBox Trusty Case

 The OtterBox Trusty Case is specifically designed for kids with its heavy-duty construction. This case even contains a silver-based additive that helps prevent microbial growth. While it may not protect from everything, it is a great feature to have when kids are prone to developing illnesses. This case is only compatible with the iPad Mini 5th generation.

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Top tablet pillow

Gogo Pillow

Whether your toddler wants to watch their favorite programs on the couch or while lounging in bed, this pillow is the perfect accessory. The Gogo pillow securely holds tablets in place with a durable polyester pillow. It also comes with a neck pillow and a separate travel pillow your child can use. The pillow also offers some protection from accidents with built-in cushioning. It is available in five different colors for your toddler to customize their experience.

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Top blue light glasses

Okany Blue Light Glasses for Kids

 Blue light can be detrimental to young eyes, particularly when viewed before bedtime. It can interfere with circadian rhythms, making it more difficult for your toddler to fall asleep. Protect their eyes with these Okany Blue Light Glasses, which are available in a three-pack. These glasses are designed to be lightweight so that your child feels like they aren’t even wearing them, and there is no color distortion from the lenses. They are also flexible and durable with shock-resistant properties.

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 Top headrest mount holder

iKross Tablet Mount Holder Universal Backseat Headrest

 If your child has an iPad Pro 10.5, an iPad Air, iPad Mini or a Samsung Galaxy Tab, you will want to invest in this headrest mount holder from iKross. This is great if you have many children in the backseat who want to watch a show while you travel. It allows for 360 degrees of rotation so everyone can comfortably view the show. The only downside to this sturdy headrest mount is that it can take some time to install and uninstall it in your vehicle.

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 Top tablet carrying case

MoKo 8-10.1 Inch Kids Tablet Sleeve Case

 Taking their tablet out on the town is important, but you need to ensure your toddler is protecting their device. The MoKo 8-10.1 Inch Kids Tablet Sleeve Case offers the protection you need for their Fire tablet. It comes in four colors so your child is sure to get their favorite design. This case is made of high-quality neoprene material and is spill-proof for messy toddlers. Store important cords, cables and stylus pens in the outside pocket.

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Top screen protector

Supershieldz Designed for Fire HD 10 Tablet

Protect your investment in a new tablet with a screen protector to minimize the effects of wear and tear. The high-definition transparency film ensures that your toddler will be able to watch all of their favorite shows without interruptions due to resolution. It is made from quality Japanese PET film, so there will be no residue left behind when the screen protector is removed. Supershieldz has touch sensitivity, as well, which can ensure that your toddler gets perfect accuracy when touching the screen.

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