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Best iPad accessory

Which iPad accessories are best?

If you really want to get the most out of your iPad, you need to accessorize. We talked to our electronics expert to find out what he recommends for the optimum iPad experience, then we searched the web for the best deals available right now, so you can get all the gear you want without spending your whole paycheck. 

Plus, this is the perfect time to gather all the coolest gadgets while Apple’s new iPad model is on presale.

If you’re as excited as we are for the new iPad, check out these peripherals that are sure to provide the best possible user experience.


Whether you’re a digital artist or just someone who uses your iPad to take a lot of notes, a stylus can take the functionality of your tablet to the next level.  

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

If your iPad supports the Apple Pencil, it’s the best tool for precise writing and design on your tablet; plus, the second generation offers some noteworthy upgrades, like wireless charging.

Sold by Amazon

Evach Active Stylus Digital Pen 

If you’re not looking to invest in Apple’s top-of-the-line stylus, you can still get a satisfactory model at a lower price point. Evach’s Digital Pen can pair with a wide range of touchscreen products without the need to enable Bluetooth, and it’s a precise and affordable tool.

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An iPad is a significant investment, so it’s important to protect it. Some of our favorite cases are currently discounted, so this is a no-brainer.

ZUGU CASE for iPad

This leather case is made from high-quality materials, and we love its compact and clever design. There are seven angle options for viewing with the magnetic lock-in feature.

Sold by Amazon

Rantice iPad 6th Generation Case

If you already own a 5th or 6th generation iPad, this rugged case is affordable and durable. It’s a 2-for-1 deal because the case includes its own built-in stand.

Sold by Amazon


If you don’t want to use both hands to hold your iPad, a stand is the perfect solution. This gives you the flexibility to use your iPad however is most convenient for you.

MoKo Phone/Tablet Stand

Confession: This stand isn’t technically on sale, but at a retail price of just $4.99, it feels like it is. It’s a steal at that price point, as it can fit iPads of all sizes, and it’s lightweight, foldable, and it features rubber pads to hold your tablet firmly in place. 

Sold by Amazon

Ideas in Life iPad Tablet Stand Pillow Holder

This unique iPad holder is unique, with its plush microfiber exterior. This isn’t the ideal stand for you if you’re hoping to be able to adjust the angle, but it is great for watching shows in bed.

Sold by Amazon


Your tablet can double as a laptop with the simple addition of a keyboard, making it a lightweight, take-anywhere computer. 

Belkin B2B130 Apple MFi Certified Wired Tablet Keyboard with Stand

Although this isn’t a wireless keyboard, we love that it includes its own stand and that it feels just like a desktop keyboard. The wire plugs right into the charging port, and it requires no batteries or additional charging — it’s powered by your iPad itself.

Sold by Amazon

Logitech iPad Slim Folio: Case with Wireless Keyboard

Logitech is a top brand for desktop accessories, and we love that you get 2-for-1 with this iPad case and keyboard combo. The sleek design is attractive and even includes an Apple Pencil holder.

Sold by Amazon

Screen protector

There’s nothing worse than ruining the crystal-clear quality of your iPad with a scratch or crack. Screen protectors are a must for maintaining your tablet’s visuals. 

MQZF Screen Protectors

These are made from scratch-resistant tempered glass, and we love that the multipack gives us backup in case of an accident.

Sold by Amazon

Homagical Paperlike Screen Protector for iPad Pro 11"

This paper-like screen protector is perfect for those who want to use a stylus to write or draw on their iPad. Its matte coating also reduces fingerprints, skin oils, and smudges to maintain a cleaner screen.

Sold by Amazon

Flash drive

Your tablet can only hold so much data. If you don’t want to pay monthly for a cloud storage service, an iPad-compatible flash drive is the answer.

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 128GB for iPhone and iPad

This flash drive has a flexible connector that fits through most iPad cases, and it even supports video, so you can back up everything in your camera roll. It also connects with an app that allows you to send content.

Sold by Amazon

Other tablets

If you’re interested in a tablet but you want to look beyond the iPad, here are our top picks. 

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

This tablet is much more affordable than the new iPad model, and it’s ideal for those who already own other Amazon home devices. The audio quality is noteworthy for a tablet, and the high-definition screen can display up to 1080p content.

Sold by Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5”

Samsung’s Galaxy tablet is top-of-the-line and is one of the few that can compete with a laptop in sound and video quality. A stylus is included, and the tablet even has voice recognition.

Sold by Amazon


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