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Bose TV sound bar vs. LG sound bar

What’s better, a Bose TV sound bar or an LG sound bar?

Nothing completes a home theater setup like a sound bar. A sound bar is excellent for watching movies and listening to loud music, as it creates an immersive experience you wouldn’t get with your TV’s built-in speakers.

Bose and LG are two industry-leading electronics brands, and both make high-quality home theater equipment, but who makes the better sound bars? There are several excellent models to choose from, so consider your needs and which features appeal most to you.  

Bose TV sound bar

Bose has been around since 1964 and is widely recognized as a top sound brand. Its cheapest sound bars cost $300-$500; more high-end models can cost up to $1,000.

Bose TV sound bar pros

Bose sound bars are known for their versatility and easy setup process, usually requiring a simple HDMI or optical cable connection to your TV. Audio quality is excellent across all models, and some of them support Dolby Atmos, which delivers multidimensional sound with rich clarity.

Some Bose sound bars have an intuitive Adaptiq feature that analyzes their surroundings to optimize audio quality. The proximity of furniture, walls and other objects is measured, and the sound bar automatically calibrates sound for the best possible listening experience.

Also, Voice4Video technology lets you control the sound bar and perform other TV commands with their voice. You can change channels, adjust settings and control music playback hands-free.

Bose TV sound bar cons

Bose doesn’t offer as many sound bars as LG, and although customers have praised them for their dialogue clarity, others have complained about the bass on some models not being as pronounced as with other sound bars.

Best Bose TV sound bars

Bose TV Speaker

This compact sound bar enhances dialogue and uses spatial audio for an immersive listening experience. It has LED lights indicating when certain features are enabled and supports Bluetooth so you can wirelessly stream music. Also, the setup is simple, requiring a sole HDMI or optical cable connected directly to a TV.

Sold by Amazon

Bose Smart Sound Bar 300 with Bass Module 500

This sound bar delivers spatial sound, clear dialogue audio and rich bass with a sleek acoustic build. It has exclusive Bose Voice4Video technology to access Alexa for hands-free controls and Bose SimpleSync technology for pairing with other compatible Bose speakers and devices. Also, it supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect for wireless streaming.

Sold by Amazon

Bose Smart Sound Bar 900

This sound bar has a streamlined design and delivers outstanding sound quality, featuring two custom-engineered upward-firing speakers. It has a noise-rejection microphone that can hear voice commands over loud music, and you can set up and access voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

Sold by Amazon

LG sound bar

LG has been around since the 1950s, and although it’s known for its household appliances, it’s no slouch when it comes to electronics. LG sound bars aren’t as ubiquitous as those offered by other brands, but nonetheless, there are many terrific ones. LG sound bars can cost as little as $100-$300, but the most expensive ones often cost $500-$1,000.

LG sound bar pros

LG sound bars have a sturdier build and look than sound bars by other brands. Instead of a mesh fabric covering the speakers, LG sound bars have a metal cover or textured plastic finish. Many also have wireless playback options such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and multiple connectivity choices, including HDMI eARC and optical. Also, they offer many calibration settings, letting users tweak them according to their preference.

LG sound bar cons

LG sound bars sound great and reproduce decent bass and clear dialogue, but they don’t offer as much volume as comparable sound bars. Also, there aren’t any sound bars with seven channels, so a wireless rear speaker kit sold separately is required to achieve a 7.1 surround sound experience.

Best LG sound bars

LG SN6Y 3.1 Channel High Res Audio Sound Bar

This sound bar delivers up to 24-bit high-resolution audio and has an intuitive DTS Virtual:X feature that delivers an immersive listening experience. The AI Sound Pro feature automatically tunes bass and treble levels based on what you’re watching, and connectivity is versatile, supporting Bluetooth, HDMI ARC and optical cable.

Sold by Amazon

LG SP8YA 3.1.2 Channel Sound Bar

This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an awesome-sounding sound bar with a stylish design. It has Dolby Atmos, upward-firing height channels and a wide soundstage for powerful bass and clear voice output. It supports Dolby Vision, and the outer mesh is made from recycled materials.

Sold by Amazon

LG GX 3.1 Channel Sound Bar

This is perfect for OLED TV owners as it has a minimalist aesthetic that matches their design. It can be paired wirelessly with additional surround sound speakers, and adaptive sound control optimizes audio levels to enhance bass or dialogue clarity. Also, it supports Bluetooth and HDMI eARC connectivity.

Sold by Amazon

Should you get a Bose TV sound bar or an LG TV sound bar?

Most Bose sound bars offer a broader soundstage than LG sound bars. They have just as many wireless connectivity options and a few additional premium features, such as Adaptiq, which is excellent for those who plan on using their sound bar in a cluttered area.

If models in the same price range and tier are compared, LG has the edge in build and aesthetic design, but Bose offers a more immersive listening experience with more pronounced bass and dialogue clarity. Plus, they can seamlessly integrate with other Bose speakers and devices.

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