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Best laptop for school

Which laptops are best for school?

Laptops are perfect for getting work done everywhere, from coffee shops to libraries to the comfort of your own home. However, depending on the type of work students need to do, some laptops may be more suitable than others. 

With so many different kinds of computers from which to choose, it’s important to know the difference between each type, helping you find the perfect laptop for balancing studying and leisure.  

Types of laptop computers for school


PCs, or personal computers, refer to the most traditional laptop, a multi-purpose computer whose price makes it perfect for individual use. They are the most common type of laptop computer, capable of accomplishing most tasks, from document editing to streaming shows. 


2-in-1 laptops work as both a traditional computer and a tablet, combining the best features of both models. Most of these styles can be flipped over completely, while some can detach from their keyboards to function as a traditional tablet, which can be used for drawing or taking notes. 2-in-1 laptops are generally much lighter than standard PC laptops, and though they do not have as much power as PCs, they are more portable and convenient. 


Originally, Chromebooks were introduced into the laptop market as a platform built for Google Chrome, Google’s default search engine. Since then, they have become one of the top laptops for education because of their durability and lower price point. They are optimized to work with all Google apps, and they have a cloud-based storage system. 


The MacBook is a brand of laptop designed and marketed by Apple and made specifically to work with the Apple ecosystem of products, including the iPhone series. The Apple ecosystem is MacBook’s most significant advantage, making it easier than ever to sync calls, messages, documents and files without the hassle of data transferring. 

Best laptop for school students at every age

Best laptops for elementary schoolers 

Lenovo Chromebook C330 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop

Our take: The Lenovo Chromebook is an affordable, 2-in-1 laptop perfect for kids with its easy-to-use interface and touch tablet. With a flippable keyboard, this laptop can stand on its own to provide any kind of entertainment to little ones. 

What we like: This laptop delivers great durability. According to many reviews, it withstands being dropped and meets the needs of most children. 

What we dislike: It does not have the best screen resolution and some pixelation on things like games and streaming. 

Where to buy: Available at Amazon

ASUS VivoBook 15 15.6" FHD Touchscreen Laptop Computer 

Our take: This computer comes complete with a full touchscreen monitor and stylus, which is perfect for use in tandem with school lessons. Additionally, it has a 720p HD webcam that is great for Google classroom and Zoom for cyber school students. 

What we like: It comes with several capacity options for complete customization of ram and storage. 

What we dislike: This laptop has a lower battery life than competitors.

Where to buy: Available at Amazon

Best laptops for middle schoolers

2020 Apple MacBook Air

Our take: This laptop is excellent for everyone, but it is especially great for kids and students. The MacBook Air provides outstanding performance and wonderful battery life. It is thin and lightweight, making it portable and easy to take to class.

What we like: The 8-core CPU for a higher performance rate and up to 8 GPU cores for a more intense and faster graphics gaming experience. 

What we dislike: Though reliable, the MacBook is one of the more expensive choices for laptops. 

Where to buy: Available at Amazon

OMEN Laptop 17t-cb100

Our take: Built with the power of a gaming laptop, the OMEN laptop by HP is also great for work, making it perfect for those who want to work hard and play hard. 

What we like: Built-in NVIDIA graphics make it a solid choice for gaming on the go, and its desktop-grade power makes it perfect for editing all kinds of work. 

What we dislike: Some users reported poor audio quality. 

Where to buy: Available at HP

Best laptops for high schoolers

2020 Apple MacBook Pro

Our take: Great for high school and college students alike, the MacBook Pro is a solid choice for an all-in-one laptop experience. 

What we like: Its Apple-designed M1 chip improves CPU and GPU performance from previous models, all while using the best of Apple’s extensive app ecosystem. 

What we dislike: The laptop’s screen can crack if not handled with care. 

Where to buy: Available at Amazon

Acer Spin 5 Convertible Laptop

Our take: The Acer Spin 5 is one of Acer’s most versatile computers. It has a complete 360-degree rotation, allowing it to transition to several modes, including a notebook mode, a display mode and tablet mode. 

What we like: The sheer portability of the Acer Spin 5 makes it perfect for the student looking to work whenever and wherever they want, especially with its long-lasting battery life.

What we dislike: It’s on the larger and heavier side for 2-in-1 laptops. 

Where to buy: Available at Amazon 

Best laptops for college students 

Alienware Area 51M Gaming Laptop

Our take: Alienware is one of the best brands for students looking for a powerful PC that is perfect for playing high-resolution, AAA games while working for video editing and normal school work. 

What we like: Alienware’s shop allows you to customize the kind of processor, the size of RAM, hard drive, and graphics card before buying for ultimate customization. 

What we dislike: It has a shorter battery life to make up for performance.

Where to buy: Available at Amazon 

2019 Apple MacBook Pro

Our take: Still one of Apple’s most popular products, this MacBook Pro comes with 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage, making it one of Apple’s most powerful laptops. 

What we like: It is built with design and elegance in mind, and it is one of the best-looking laptops out there. 

What we dislike: It has an extremely high price tag. 

Where to buy: Available at Amazon

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 12.3" Touch-Screen 

Our take: A great all-purpose laptop for working, writing and drawing. It has all the abilities of a high-performing laptop with a fully detachable tablet. 

What we like: Beautifully designed, the Surface Pro looks good in any space and has the adaptability to match, operating in three modes: laptop, studio and tablet.

What we dislike: Some users reported overheating with extended use.

Where to buy: Available at Amazon


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