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Best cheap gaming headset

What is the best cheap gaming headset?

Unless you have an expensive surround sound setup and can play it loud without disturbing your neighbors or other people in the home, your TV or gaming computer audio system probably isn’t doing your games justice. Gaming headsets solve this problem and are specifically developed with the needs of gamers in mind. 

Though you can easily spend a couple of hundred dollars on a premium gaming headset, there are also many budget-friendly options to choose from that offer impressive directional surround sound and clear voice pickup. 

What makes a good gaming headset?

Sound quality

When it comes to gaming headsets, sound quality stands out as the most important feature. And it doesn’t just need to have good audio, it also needs to offer directional surround sound so you can hear where the noise is coming from. This allows you to tell when someone is sneaking up behind you or there is a sound coming from far off to the right or left side that you need to hunt down and investigate.

Active noise cancellation

For the most immersive gaming experience, choose a headset that features active noise cancellation. Using this technology, headsets can play an opposite frequency to those of ambient noises that essentially negates the outside sound. This not only makes for a better listening experience, but also helps ensure you aren’t distracted by things going on around you when playing in noisy environments.

Microphone quality

One thing you’ll immediately notice when comparing gaming headsets versus traditional over-ear headphones is the addition of a boom microphone. This allows gaming headsets to offer better sound pickup than standard headphones to ensure your teammates can clearly hear your voice, rather than it being garbled by static and background noises.  


Most people use gaming headsets for several hours at a time, so they need to be comfortable. How comfortable they will be is determined by the weight, dimensions of the earcups and the amount and type of padding. 


If you only play games on a single system, compatibility won’t matter too much. However, if you like to switch between your gaming laptop and your PS5 or Xbox, then it makes sense to buy a headset that is compatible with all of them.

13 best cheap gaming headsets

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless

Lightweight and well-padded, this wireless gaming headset is comfortable to wear for long periods of time, yet is also durable enough to stand up to plenty of regular use. It features convenient on-ear controls and a swivel-to-mute mic, and the 7.1 surround sound far surpasses that of others in its price range. 

Sold by Amazon

Razer BlackShark V2 X

Large 50 mm drivers that are individually tuned for highs, mids and lows allow the Blackshark V2 X to offer better sound than you would expect for its price. The memory foam ear cushions are infused with gel for cool comfort, and the noise-isolating microphone ensures teammates can clearly hear your voice. 

Sold by Amazon

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

Compatible with nearly every gaming console, as well as computers and phones that have a USB-C port, you should be able to get a lot of use out of this wireless gaming headset. It also features a removal microphone. It comes from a well-respected brand and has a flexible, steel-reinforced headband for durability. 

Sold by Amazon

Logitech G332

From a company known for making audio equipment that offers both longevity and good sound, you can’t go wrong with the Logitech G332 SE. The swiveling earcups and adjustable headband provide most users with a good fit, and the mesh cushions are nice and breathable. 

Sold by Amazon, Dell and Staples

Corsair HS35

Thanks to effective active noise cancellation, the Corsair HS35 allows you to completely block out ambient sounds so nothing distracts you from your gaming. The microphone is detachable, so you can use it like regular headphones if desired, and the on-ear controls let you quickly make adjustments on the fly. 

Sold by Amazon and Dell

Turtle Beach Recon 70

Available in a wide variety of stylish color schemes, you can easily find a Turtle Beach Recon 70 that matches your personality. While the low-end frequencies could be a bit deeper, it’s hard to complain about it with the low price, and the highs and mids are nice and clear. 

Sold by Amazon and Dell

Razer Kraken Ultimate RGB

This headset is capable of THX 7.1 surround sound, so it offers impressively accurate spatial sound, and you can easily toggle this on and off right on the earcup. The customizable RGB lighting gives it an edgy look, and there is even a matching RGB stand available for purchase.

Sold by Amazon

Corsair Void RGB Elite

The Corsair Void RGB Elite is a bit pricier than some other budget models, but it has a cool, aggressive style and premium sound that makes it worth every penny. It offers low-latency wireless connectivity, a helpful LED microphone mute indicator and breathable mesh fabric on the earcups. 

Sold by Amazon

MSI Immerse GH50

This headset features a sleek and tough metal build, yet doesn’t feel overly heavy so you won’t mind using them for marathon gaming sessions. It has a detachable microphone, allowing you to use it as a regular pair of headphones when desired, eye-catching RGB lighting and a folding design that makes it suitable for travel. 

Sold by Amazon

Astro Gaming A10

The uni-directional microphone on the Astro A10 helps reduce the chance of picking up ambient sounds that could interfere with vocal clarity, and the in-line controls make it easy to adjust the volume without having to pause your game. The headset is a bit heavy, but the plush padding counteracts that so they are still comfortable. 

Sold by Amazon, Staples and Dell

VersionTech G2000

The most affordable headset that still offers decent audio quality, the G2000 is ideal for anyone on a seriously tight budget. The gel-infused ear cushions offer good sound isolation and the lighting is a nice touch, but the overall build can feel a bit bulky. 

Sold by Amazon

Sony Pulse 3D

The Pulse 3D is optimized for use with Playstation systems and matches the aesthetics of the PS5 console. It produces immersive 3D audio, has two hidden microphones and can be used wired or wirelessly. The 12-hour battery life will last through extended gaming sessions too.

Sold by Amazon

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2

The wireless Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 is pushing the bounds of what could be considered a cheap gaming headset, but if you can spare the cash, you’ll be rewarded with premium sound and tons of useful features. It has four signature audio presets, a microphone that flips up into the earcups when not in use, glasses relief channels and a 15-hour battery life. 

Sold by Amazon and Dell


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