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Best Logitech racing wheel

Which Logitech racing wheel is the best?

As video game immersion becomes more popular, the best way to play a racing game is with a Logitech racing wheel. Combining incredible quality with a true-to-life feel, nothing renders your gaming experience better than getting behind these wheels.

To best ensure top-of-the-line gaming, the Logitech G923 is the best Logitech racing wheel currently on the market, pushing the boundaries of real and simulation.

What to know before you buy a Logitech racing wheel


It’s important to remember the dimensions of your gaming station when you are on the market for a racing wheel. While the racing wheels themselves are approximately a cubic foot, many of the best products available from Logitech come paired with separate gear shifts and pedal systems. With all these pieces of equipment, you could find your gaming station becoming cramped.


While Logitech makes a wide range of racing wheels, it makes them for a wide range of gaming systems. So while some of their wheels may work with a PC or an Xbox, that same device may be incompatible with a PlayStation. Moreover, with at least three generations of gaming systems in circulation, you’ll need to make sure the devices will sync properly; just because you have a PlayStation does not mean a product meant for the PS5 will work on your PS3.


If you’re in the market for a racing wheel, you’re most likely on the hunt for an immersive gaming experience. If that’s the case, ensuring the highest-quality grip on your wheel is an important thing to keep in mind, as an uncomfortable device could distract you from the game. Logitech offers a high-quality gaming experience, with most products being made of steel and wrapped in nice leather.

What to look for in a quality Logitech racing wheel

900-degree rotation

The most recent iterations of Logitech racing wheels are designed for 900-degree lock-to-lock rotation, meaning that this isn’t your arcade racing wheel. These products are designed to provide a realistic driving experience for gamers.

Pedal set

As with expansive rotation, the most recent iterations of racing wheels come alongside pedal sets. With an acceleration, braking and clutch pedal, the dynamic experience of driving is easily translated into the digital environment. While the newest models have the nicest finish, all of Logitech’s pedal sets are packaged in with the racing wheel, allowing both products to easily sync and launch into a new game as soon as possible.

Force feedback

A major highlight of the newest model of the racing wheel is the Trueforce feedback, a redeveloped response system that allows for a direct and tactile experience during gameplay. Although older models are equipped with comparable technology, they still are running older iterations, which may produce a less life-like experience.

How much you can expect to spend on Logitech racing wheel

Racing wheels from Logitech are some of the best on the market, but such high performance comes at a high cost. The cost ranges from $250 to upward of $400.

Logitech racing wheel FAQ

Is it difficult to connect a Logitech racing wheel to your device?

A. Connecting a Logitech racing wheel to your gaming rig is very easy. As long as you have one open electrical outlet, your racing wheel can run off that. Otherwise, an included USB connector is all that is necessary to integrate your gaming setup with a Logitech racing wheel.

Do Logitech racing wheels work with every game?

A. Not every game is compatible with Logitech racing wheels. The racing wheel is primarily designed for a wide variety of racing games but it is not compatible with all games, even if it is compatible with your device. Double-check on either the Logitech site or with the video game developer if you are concerned that your favorite games may not be compatible.

What’s the best Logitech racing wheel to buy?

Top Logitech racing wheel

Logitech G923

What you need to know: With top-of-the-line gadgets and innovation that far exceeds its predecessors, this racing wheel is the ultimate tool for any gamer.

What you’ll love: Realistic controls, a bevy of customizable options, an ergonomic design, easy-to-access buttons and a whole host of other high-quality goodies will put your racing wheel experience into overdrive.

What you should consider: This wheel and accouterments cost just as much as some entire gaming consoles.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Logitech racing wheel for Playstation

Logitech G29

What you need to know: This is a fantastic device for racing gamers whose gaming rig is focused on a PlayStation.

What you’ll love: With a sleek design, tough but comfortable exterior and easy-to-access on-wheel controls, this racing wheel offers a dynamic experience for any PlayStation console after the PS3. This device also works on a PC.

What you should consider: This racing wheel does not have the same updated feedback systems and other innovative perks associated with the newer generations.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Logitech racing wheel for Xbox

Logitech G920

What you need to know: This racing wheel is designed for those gamers who do most of their gaming on an Xbox.

What you’ll love: This premium-designed product is equipped with high-quality leather, reactive feedback provided by dual motors and an on-wheel button layout. This wheel, designed with an Xbox interface, also works great with a PC gaming rig.

What you should consider: This racing wheel does show its age a little when compared to the more recently updated Logitech G923.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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