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Best L-shaped gaming computer desk

Which L-shaped gaming computer desk is best? 

For many gaming set-ups, real estate is everything. That means that the more space available on the desk, the more room there is for all the best peripherals like keyboards and gaming mats, ensuring the perfect gaming aesthetic. 

L-shaped gaming computer desks offer ample amounts of space while also having the versatility of fitting into the corners of any room to create the ideal gaming environment, making them a great idea when you’re on the hunt for your next gaming desk. 

Features of L-shaped gaming computer desks

Multi-monitor support and size

Many gaming set-ups now require more than one monitor to separate work and play on different screens or even keep chat tabs open on one while the game plays on another. Thanks to the ample space that L-shaped desks provide, having more than one monitor is easier than ever. Additionally, certain gaming desks have specific mounts or places specifically for monitors. Others simply allow users to place their monitors wherever they like. 


The prices of gaming desks vary greatly. Due to the endless varieties of gaming set-ups out there, desks reflect those various ways through design and functionality. The most inexpensive gaming desks cost around $80-$100, allowing for at least one gaming monitor and space for your peripherals. More expensive gaming desks will generally cost $100-$200 and are typically more spacious. Most L-shaped gaming desks will fall into this category as they usually offer far more space than cheaper models, such as specific placement for your monitors. Finally, the most expensive gaming desks will generally cost more than $200 and have more features added onto them, such as height adjustments and drawer space. 


Ergonomics refers to studying people’s efficiency in their working environments, and many contemporary desks are now implementing ergonomic designs into their products. Some ergonomic features can include extra leg space under the desk for stretching or an adjustable height feature to improve posture and work efficiency. The result is more comfortable designs to aid in sitting for long periods, whether for gaming, working or streaming. 

The best L-shaped gaming computer desks

Best of the best L-shaped gaming computer desk

Walker Edison Ellis Modern Glass Top L Shaped Corner Gaming Desk

The Walker Edison gaming desk provides ultimate customizability in various styles, letting it be a straight desk, an L-shaped desk and a U-shaped desk all in one. Each surface supports up to 50 pounds each, with the corner pieces can support up to 20 pounds and the keyboard tray supporting up to 10 pounds.

It is easy to assemble and reassemble, making it convenient to conform to any type of gaming setup. The one downside is that the desk cannot support a full gaming tower, so you must place them on the floor. 

Sold by Amazon

Best bang for your buck L-shaped gaming computer desk

L-Shape Corner Desk Computer Gaming Desk Table

For an affordable price, this L-shaped gaming desk has a tempered glass surface while being a fraction of the cost of its competitors. Despite being smaller, the desk can still support up to two monitors and its peripherals. The assembly is easy to follow and quick to set up.

It comes with a wood top finish option as well. It is important to note that some users experienced cracking on the top surface with rough handling and intense use. 

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Other L-shaped gaming computer desks to consider

Eureka Ergonomic 61 inch L Shaped Desk

The Eureka Ergonomic desk offers a large amount of real estate space for up to three monitors. Its ergonomic design provides increased legroom and extra space for storage, allowing more free space to stretch.

Additionally, it includes a specially-designed mouse pad with the purchase. A few users reported that after extended use, the desk legs might begin to wobble. 

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Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Computer Office Desk, Corner Gaming Desk

Cubiker’s Modern L-shaped desk offers 59 inches of space and comes equipped with a moveable shelf, side storage bag and iron hook for holding either a headset or backpack. Its durable and sturdy metal frame and MDF boards ensure stability and peak performance.

Additionally, the desk is available in six colors, including black, white, rustic brown, walnut and natural finishes. Though quite long, the Cubiker desk is a bit shallower than other L-shaped desk options. 

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Bestier L Shaped Desk with Shelves 95.2 Inch Reversible Corner Computer Desk

This adjustable two-person desk can reach an impressive 95.5 inches in length, enough to hold up to four monitors if necessary. It comes equipped with a ladder shelf which can be installed at either the right, middle or left sections of the desk, providing even more storage space underneath.

Additionally, you can set the desk up in either an L-shape or straight in a row, with enough room for two people to do work without intruding on the other. Due to its sheer size, some users reported difficulty assembling the desk. 

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Little Tree L-Shaped Rotating Corner Desk & Modern Office Study Workstation

For those looking for a more natural L-shaped desk, the Little Tree L-shaped desk is perfect for providing a quality workspace with a circular L-shaped design. Constructed with sturdy steel legs and high-quality artificial boards, the desk can support up to two monitors.

Its magic installation design makes the desk reversible, meaning it can create an L-shape on either the left or right side of the table based on the user’s preference. However, it is essential to note that the desk will not sit flush against walls because of its rounded designs and will leave some space on its sides. 

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