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The best battle drone

What is the best battle drone?

Battle drones bring the fantasy and excitement of spaceship combat to life. Unlike photography or surveillance drones, people use these drones for close-quarter aerial fights with other battle drones. Battle drones may have weapons, infrared lights or even armor. These drones feature designs from popular films and video games.

If you’re new to the battle drone scene or want to find the best battle drone on the market, be sure to check out the Holy Stone Mini Drone HS210. These drones come with infrared emitters, which “shoot” at the enemy drone. After four successful shots, the other drone will slowly land on the ground. This makes for intense yet safe fights with your battle drone. 

What to know before you buy a battle drone

What is a battle drone?

A battle drone is similar to other aerial drones. They are unmanned aircrafts controlled by a pilot on the ground. Battle drones are a little less intimidating than the military versions. They’re smaller, more colorful and have safer weapons, like infrared lasers or plastic melee weapons. 

How does a battle work?

You can pit two or three battle drones against each other, and the last drone in the air wins. You and your friends can fight your drones in several ways, with features like infrared lasers, foam darts or by physically attacking the drone until it hits the ground. 

Are there any laws regarding battle drones?

Similar to using any other drones in the United States, you must register your drone with the Federal Aviation Administration. This is required regardless of whether you plan to use the drone for a hobby or for commercial purposes. Registration is valid for up to three years.

What to look for in a battle drone

Build quality

Battle drones are designed to be rammed, smashed and crashed against each other. So, it only makes sense to find a battle drone made of robust materials. While stronger materials may drive up the cost of the drone, it will also have a longer lifespan. 

Consider how sturdy the different parts of your drone are, specifically the propellers and prop guards. The propellers are the most brittle parts of the drone because they rotate and can come apart. The prop guards act as a protective shell for the propellers. It’s important to find a balance between lightweight movement and durability in your drone’s build. 


Flying a drone can be tricky, especially for newcomers and young pilots. You have to think about the drone’s direction, speed, response time and altitude. You’ll have plenty of other variable conditions to consider too, such as environmental obstacles and wind speed. 

When choosing a drone, it helps to look out for special features that make controlling the drone a little easier. This may include altitude hold, which automatically maintains the drone’s height and adjusts the direction based on the direction the pilot is facing. 

Weapons and attacks

Battle drones need to be strong in defense and heavy on offense, especially if you want to win fights against other drones. A drone may use projectile weapons, such as a foam bullet or infrared laser. They may also use a melee weapon such as a spike or hook. 

Drones may also have specially programmed moves to aid in combat, such as a button to flip the drone or a setting that makes it fly twice as fast. There are plenty of other features and programs your battle drone can perform, depending on your battle strategy.

How much you can expect to spend on a battle drone

Most people consider battle drones as toys, so a drone with basic functionality and build starts for as little as $40. The branded drones and more durable builds cost closer to $150.

Battle Drone FAQ

Are battle drones safe?

A. Most manufacturers design battle drones for children, so they do not have any harmful features. Many drones use infrared lasers, the same technology used for television remotes, to “attack” another drone. That said, it is still possible to receive minor injuries from the propellers or a crashing drone, so be mindful. 

How long does a battle drone’s battery last?

A. Drone battery life varies from model to model. Expect to get anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour of battery life, depending on your use. You can charge most drones with a USB cord or with replaceable batteries. 

Do battle drones come equipped with a camera?

A. Although some manufacturers include a camera in their drones, most battle drones do not have a camera due to their cost. Cameras are more common in non-battle drones. 

What’s the best battle drone to buy?

Top battle drone

Holy Stone Mini Drone HS210

What you need to know: The Holy Stone Mini Drone HS210 is the ideal battle drone for those looking to get into the hobby. It has plenty of great features adjustable speed, motor protection, propeller guards, altitude hold, 3D flips and toss to launch

What you’ll love: This drone is easy and fun to use, especially with its three-speed modes, toss to launch, altitude hold and headless mode functions. 

What you should consider: The drone’s battery life only lasts 21 minutes despite using three batteries. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top battle drone for the money

Propel Star Wars High Performance Battling Quadcopter

What you need to know: This battle drone is inspired by the beloved Star Wars franchise. It’s sure to make some of your Star Wars fantasy a reality. 

What you’ll love: Detailed, hand-painted craftsmanship and speeds of up to 35 mph make this a great value for the relatively low price point. 

What you should consider: Replacement parts for this model are hard to come by, making this a difficult long-term investment.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Potensic P7 Mini Drones

What you need to know: If you want to fight drones and take pictures and videos at the same time, the Potensic P7 Mini Drone is a worthwhile pick.

What you’ll love: A built-in 720p HD Wi-Fi camera stores pictures and videos straight to your smartphone. You can even use hand gestures to signal the drone to take a picture or a video. 

What you should consider: While flying with the remote control is a breeze, the app has been known to have connectivity issues.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

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