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Best charging station for multiple devices

Which charging station for multiple devices is best?

Keeping your devices charged is critically important today, and most users have more than just a smartphone that needs charging. From phones and tablets to game controllers and Bluetooth speakers, having a charging station for multiple devices can change your home’s organization.

The SooPii Quick Charge 3.0 Charging Station For Up To 6 Devices offers one of the best balances of affordability, design and convenient charging for six devices at once.

What to know before you buy a charging station for multiple devices

Your charging needs

The best charging stations tend to have a few things in common, but it’s important to consider your particular needs. If you have a specific number of devices, for example, you need a charging station with enough ports to accommodate all of them. And if you need something other than typical USB ports, make sure your station has the charging technology you need.

Charging-station location

Consider where you plan to put your charging station, as this may affect which will best suit your needs. While many prefer charging stations that can fit tablets and some larger devices, others simply have a variety of phones in one household or office, which could let you buy a smaller station.

Qi charging vs. USB charging

Qi charging, largely called wireless charging, is common for some devices, especially newer models of things including the iPhone and Apple Watch. While some of these also can charge using a cable, it’s worth considering if any of your devices work with wireless charging, since you can also find charging stations that will do both.

What to look for in a quality charging station for multiple devices

Multi-port device charging

How many devices do you plan to charge? Depending on how many ports, slots or other charging features you need, you could simply look for charging stations with the most spaces possible, or you may only need a station with two or three ports.

Does it hold devices safely?

Nobody wants their iPad falling on the ground after being precariously stacked, so another major feature to consider is how the charging station holds your devices. Get a charging station that will safely accommodate your variously sized devices.

Is it well-designed?

As with any product you plan to keep on a shelf, desk or counter, make sure your charging station has a design you like, and that matches with your other decor. This is highly subjective, but could significantly affect which model you end up with.

How much you can expect to spend on charging stations for multiple devices

Cheap charging stations for multiple devices tend to cost $15-$40, while high-end charging stations land near the $40-$60 range.

Charging station for multiple devices FAQ

Can charging stations charge multiple device types simultaneously?

A. Most charging stations can charge multiple different device types at once. For instance, some charging stations will come with both Qi charging and USB charging, letting the user charge multiple devices with different methods.

Are charging stations the same as USB hubs?

A. While charging stations are responsible for helping to keep your devices charged, or for organizing your devices around a power strip, USB hubs have a primary purpose of transferring data. Not every USB hub includes charging capabilities, but with a charging station, you can expect to be able to charge at least a few devices.

What’s the best charging station for multiple devices to buy?

Top charging station for multiple devices

SooPii Quick Charge 3.0 USB Charging Station For Up To 6 Devices with Cables

What you need to know: This minimal take on a multi-port charging station offers an aesthetically pleasing option for up to six devices at once.

What you’ll love: It features six USB ports, one of them a fast-charging port, and eight short cables. Its simple white-and-clear design fits in well with just about any space.

What you should consider: Some buyers used this unit in their bedrooms and said the blue charging indicator was a bit too bright when they were trying to sleep.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top charging station for multiple devices for the money

Slitinto USB Charging Station For Up To 8 Devices With Cables And LCD Display

What you need to know: Along with a reasonable price point, this USB charging station features eight ports and an LCD display that shows info about charge levels.

What you’ll love: There are seven USB-A ports and a USB-C port. This station plugs into wall outlets and features 60 watts and 12 amps of power. It’s available in black or white, making it easy to match with your other electronics.

What you should consider: This model doesn’t come with cables like some other charging stations.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Prosumer’s Choice Natural Bamboo Charging Station Rack With Five Device Slots

What you need to know: If you don’t need the charging hardware, this five-slot bamboo rack is perfect for a simple approach to device-charging organization.

What you’ll love: Featuring five slots with built-in holes for charging cables, this model makes it easy to set charging devices side-by-side and organize cable routing for a clean look. It easily conceals a power strip beneath, with a minimal, bamboo aesthetic.

What you should consider: This model isn’t suitable for those who need more than a device stand.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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