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10 best clip-on phone cases

Which clip-on phone cases are best? 

There are many ways to protect your mobile phone from damage, with a rugged case and a screen protector being the most common. However, some users want the same level of protection but need to keep their phones within quick reach. 

A clip-on case is the best for that, as the two-piece system sits on your belt or pocket and retains the protective properties when removed. Clip-on phone cases are not as popular as traditional cases, as the added mechanics make them slightly bulkier.

Three different clip-on systems

There are two designs when deciding on a clip-on case. Most will be familiar with the system where the clip is attached to the case. When you remove your phone from your hip, the clip snaps off and remains on the case.

The second system is a two-piece design, where the notched base is threaded through your belt. On the case is a clip or a type of hook, and it slots into the base. To remove your phone, you must tug at the base to unclip it.

The third kind of clip is gaining more traction. This system protects the phone inside a rugged case like usual. However, the solid back plate attaches to your belt or waistband, and the phone clips into the backing with the display toward your body.  This clip-on method keeps your device protected while eliminating the bulkiness of the physical clip.

Protection levels

A clip-on system is a delicate balance between practicality and protection. As with anything that requires some force to release it, there is a possibility of dropping your phone when unclipping it.

That aside, consider what level of protection you require from your clip-on case. Some cases provide no additional protection and only serve as a hip carrier, while other specialty cases feature rugged all-encompassing protection.

Remember that the thicker the case, the bulkier and more cumbersome it will be. Most clip-on cases that offer higher than usual protection are designed for a specific target market, such as law enforcement, park rangers or construction workers. 

Best clip-on phone cases

OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 13 With Belt Clip

OtterBox is known for its rugged phone protection, and this clip-on case is no different. The phone is secured in a durable three-piece cover that pops into the solid backing on your waistband. The case is relatively thick, so it isn’t compatible with Apple’s MagSafe wireless charger.

Sold by Amazon

Rome Tech Belt Clip Holster Case for Samsung Galaxy A13

The phone is protected through a dual-layer cover on the back, exposing the display. A back plate clips onto your waistband, and the phone cover pops into it with the display toward your body. The cover has a built-in kickstand.

Sold by Amazon

Vena vArmor Rugged Case Compatible with Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

This phone protection comprises a rugged case with a sturdy clip on the back. The swivel function lets you change the orientation of your phone, making it more comfortable to sit down. The clip also doubles as a kickstand. The case is relatively thick, making it incompatible with MagSafe chargers.

Sold by Amazon

Encased 2-in-1 Belt Pouch with Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

This two-in-one system is the Encased Falcon Series case and a nylon pouch that either loop through your belt or clip onto your waistband. The flap is secured through a Velcro patch with additional credit cards or identification slots. 

Sold by Amazon

Fito Holster Belt Clip for iPhone 12 Pro Max

This scratch-proof case inserts into the belt clip holster. The clip on the base can rotate 360 degrees, so you can change the orientation to suit your comfort. The phone cover has a built-in screen protector, a hard plastic backing, and a shockproof shell.

Sold by Amazon

Encased iPhone 11 Pro Belt Clip Case (Thin Armor)

This clip-on system is an excellent option if you require minimalist protection and a comfortable case. The soft and flexible case easily fits over the phone, then clips into the belt holster, which also has a kickstand. It doesn’t come with a screen protector, so it’s best to carry the phone with the display toward you.

Sold by Amazon

Takfox Phone Holster for Samsung Galaxy S22 

This clip-on phone holster protects your device and bank cards from unauthorized radio frequency identification when shopping. It is made from black nylon, and the top flap is secured through a patch of Velcro. There is a pen holder on the side and a carabiner above the belt clip on the back.

Sold by Amazon

De-Bin Mobile Phone Clip-on Holster

You don’t have to worry about phone compatibility with this clip-on, as it is large enough to protect various models as it measures 6.4 inches long and 3.2 inches high. Made for landscape orientation, you can run your belt through the fabric loops or secure it with the metal clip. Inside is a soft lining for scratch protection.

Sold by Amazon

Meilib Clip-On Phone Holster Designed for iPhone 13 Pro

This synthetic leather case is a multi-orientated phone holder and a flip-down wallet for bank cards or notes. The inside of the holder is lined with microfiber, and the flap is secured through a magnet. The flip-down card holder is closed through a press-stud. The metal clip at the back can rotate 360 degrees.

Sold by Amazon

United Time Belt-Clip Holster for iPhone 13 Pro Compatible with MagSafe

This multi-layered system is a great option for protecting your device. A hard plastic bumper fits over the display, securing the phone onto a soft plastic backing. Then, the covered phone clips into a hard plastic cover that attaches to the belt clip holster. An additional magnet is in the case, making the entire system compatible with Apple’s MagSafe chargers.

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