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Best pet camera

Which pet camera is best?

Pets of all kinds are more than just an animal. Unfortunately, our pet family members can't call us on the phone or video chat with us if we are far away. Pet cameras can be the best method to watch over pets or just check on them while away from home.

If you need a solid pet camera that lets users watch out for any kind of animal, the top choice is the Petcube Cam. It allows for continuous indoor surveillance and gives users the ability to consult professional vets conveniently in the companion app on a mobile device.

What to know before you buy a pet camera

Do you have children and pets?

If you do not have kids, a pet camera may be all you are looking to find. However, cameras designed to watch over children could help with pets, too.

What kind of pet do you have?

Depending on the animal, different features may be crucial or unnecessary. Motion detection, for example, is a valuable camera feature that will only be helpful for physically active and mobile pets. If your pet is not very active or cannot move fast enough to activate a motion sensor, that sort of feature will not be very helpful. Consider what you need a pet camera to do before you buy.

Do you have smart home devices?

Some pet cameras integrate with existing smart home technology. This can allow you to connect the camera to other devices in your home, issue voice commands and more. If you own smart home devices, check that a pet camera is compatible with the smart assistant software you already use.

What to look for in a quality pet camera


The best options have good audio in addition to the video footage. Two-way audio features also allow for communication with a pet even while users are away from home. If you have pets that get nervous or have trouble when you are away, a pet camera with audio communication abilities can help you stay in contact and calm them down.


Beyond decent video resolution, a pet camera needs to capture clear footage at any time. If it is dark in the room or night falls and you want to check in on your pet, a camera with night vision is the best solution. Not all indoor security cameras have the same capabilities, so check that a pet camera will still be able to see your pet in the dark.


A good pet camera easily connects to the internet and stays connected. It is also vital that companion applications and software are easy to use. Check out the features of a mobile app before you buy a pet camera. Some cameras have simple security feeds accessible through an app, but some pet cameras have applications with more extensive features.

How much you can expect to spend on a pet camera

For a simple camera with the features needed to keep an eye on your pets, you can find a pet cam or security camera for $20-$50. More advanced cameras with additional features and smart compatibility can sometimes cost more, depending on the size and quality.

Pet camera FAQ

Can other cameras serve as a pet cam?

A. Yes. You do not necessarily need a dedicated pet cam. If you want to use indoor smart cameras or security cameras, that will work well for monitoring pets. Baby monitors and nanny cameras can also help watch pets. While cameras specifically designed to use with animals are good options, they are not the only options out there for pet lovers.

Do you need two-way communication features?

A. You do not necessarily need two-way audio unless you know that talking to your pets would be helpful. Not all pets will respond to audible commands or just talking, so consider your pets. Setting up your webcam or a cheap camera feed may be all you need to watch your pets. If your animals are soothed or relaxed by hearing your voice, though, two-way audio can be an invaluable feature.

What’s the best pet camera to buy?

Top pet camera

Petcube Cam

What you need to know: This camera is excellent for around-the-clock home surveillance and watching high-quality footage of your pets while away from home.

What you’ll love: The video feed is full HD resolution and features the ability to zoom. It has night vision and automatically alerts to sound and motion. The camera has two-way audio that lets users talk to their pets through the camera. It can connect with Alexa smart devices to add voice control compatibility. Using the companion app, you can chat with professional vets easily if you think that your pet may need to visit a clinic. 

What you should consider: The camera will only work with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signals and does not support 5GHz, which made some users have difficulty with setup.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top pet camera for the money

Ebitcam Pet Camera

What you need to know: This affordable camera detects sound and motion for internal home security or watching pets.

What you’ll love: It has night-vision capabilities, two-way audio and automatically detects anything going on to alert you while away from home. You can view the live-streamed video via the companion app in full HD resolution. It automatically stores up to a year worth of security footage on a cloud server and can record to a micro SD card.

What you should consider: Some users had issues with the instructions and could not get the device to connect to Wi-Fi.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Furbo Dog Camera

What you need to know: This treat tossing Wi-Fi pet camera has smart device functionality and lets pet lovers interact with their furry friends while away from home.

What you’ll love: It has a Wi-Fi camera that features night vision and two-way audio so users can talk to their pets day or night while away from home to calm them down. The built-in treat dispenser allows users to toss a treat out for pets via the companion app. It is compatible with Alexa devices for adding voice controls. It allows for 160-degree-wide video monitoring that you can access via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

What you should consider: You could use it for animals other than dogs, but it is not designed for that, so users have had trouble getting it to respond and record anything other than dog activity or barking. It is pretty expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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