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Best real estate for dummies book

Which real estate for dummies books are best?

Becoming a real estate agent requires plenty of effort and time and takes money to finish the training program. Real estate for dummies books are condensed study guides that are meant to help you get a better and more thorough understanding of real estate practices and principles. The Barron’s Real Estate Licensing Exams (11th Edition) is a stellar real estate for dummies book in that it comprehensively reviews what you need to know, including vocabulary.

What to know before you buy a real estate for dummies book

Professional requirements

First, think about the professional requirements for getting a real estate license and keep in mind that these requirements differ from one state to another. You need to take accredited pre-licensing educational courses in some states before you’re allowed to take the real estate exam. You might need to take these educational courses within a certain amount of time after taking and passing the real estate exam in other states.

These state laws can change from time to time, so you should figure out the current requirements in the state in which you want to practice real estate by contacting the Real Estate License Commission for that particular state. 


In order to become a real estate broker or agent, you need to go through a lot of administrative data, which means you must have some incredible organizational skills. You also need to create and maintain a comprehensive electronic filing system, list and market your real estate properties, inspect the properties available for rent or sale and update the real estate listings for homes that have been sold or are new to the market. 


Your time is valuable when studying for the real estate exam, so you should choose a real estate exam book that gives you all the materials you need in a format that works well for you. Make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of both state and federal rules and regulations about everything from elements of real estate practice and financial analysis to transfer of property and real estate contracts and more.

What to look for in a quality real estate for dummies book

Mock exam questions

The best real estate study guides offer a wide range of questions about all parts of real estate practice. These mock exam questions are similar to the questions seen on the actual real estate exam.

Online study component

Find a book with an online study component, including mock tests, supplemental worksheets, electronic flash cards and lectures.


Many real estate books come with accessories like quick vocabulary guides, business dictionaries and flash cards.

How much you can expect to spend on a real estate for dummies book

Real estate for dummies books range in price from about $5-$500. Inexpensive real estate for dummies books cost about $5-$10, while mid-range books go for about $10-$30 and high-end real estate for dummies books vary in price from $140-$500.

Real estate for dummies book FAQ

Is there a national real estate license that works in all 50 states?

A. No, there are no national real estate licenses available. Instead, you need to pass the real estate test in the state where you’ll be performing real estate transactions, for most states. You should make sure to choose a state-specific real estate study guide, since the experience and education requirements differ from one state to another.

It’s important to note that some U.S. states have reciprocal licensing agreements, which means you’re allowed to get a real estate license in one state and use it in a different state without needing to take an extra test.

What do you have to take with you to a real estate exam?

A. For everywhere in the United States, you need two of three forms of ID, including a United States passport, a state ID or a valid driver’s license. Your second form of ID needs to have your pre-printed signature and legal name.

What’s the best real estate for dummies book to buy?

Top real estate for dummies book

Barron’s Real Estate Licensing Exams (11th Edition)

What you need to know: This comprehensive and updated 11th edition comes with answer explanations, nine full-length practice tests and online digital flash cards.

What you’ll love: This exam guide features mock exams and flash cards, as well as detailed examples of contracts, finance and real estate law. It also explains the vocabulary fairly well, so you’ll have an excellent understanding for the exam.

What you should consider: This book is made of fairly thin paper that makes it difficult to highlight it without bleeding through.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top real estate for dummies book for the money

Real Estate Math Express: Rapid Review and Practice with Essential License Exam Calculations

What you need to know: This study guide is condensed and only focuses on the difficult math parts of the real estate test.

What you’ll love: This guide doesn’t include any fluff and instead comes with information on the most important concepts. You can work through the practice questions fairly quickly, and it’s perfect for people who need a mathematical refresher.

What you should consider: This book only includes 110 sample test questions, which might not be comprehensive enough.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Real Estate License Exams for Dummies (4th Edition)

What you need to know: This real estate exam book includes an excellent overview, as well as all the latest info you need to know for test prep.

What you’ll love: This book includes plenty of online practice tests, four extensive and realistic practice exams and information that’s relevant to the real estate tests administered in every single state. It also comes with helpful and thorough discussions of several real estate ideas and concepts.

What you should consider: This real estate book doesn’t offer enough detail for many people, particularly when addressing real estate in specific states.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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