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Best parenting book for teens

Which parenting books for teens are best?

Parenting books for teens cover various methods and philosophies when it comes to mindfulness, discipline and communication. These parenting books are written by fellow parents, educators and psychologists. "The Conscious Parent" by Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D. is a first-class parenting book for teens. It focuses on a collaborative partnership between kids and their parents and gives parents awareness of their unintentional negative behaviors. 

What to know before you buy a parenting book for teens


Consider what you truly need from a parenting book for teens. Some parents simply need support for acute problems, while other parents want to find new ways to strengthen their relationships with their teens. 

Parenting books for teens can give you a way to cope with the challenges of parenting. A parenting book can offer the chance for connection and private reflection through text, which many parents find encouraging and comforting.


Some books discuss parenting based on the age of your child. For instance, one book might cover the difficulties of parenting a teenager who is going through puberty, while another book might focus on the challenges of parenting a toddler and the tantrums that come with toddlerhood. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that the parenting book you select is actually targeted toward parenting teens.

Many parenting books for teens explain how to adapt parenting methods or transition your parenting style based on the age of your child. For instance, a book might teach you how to establish new ways to connect about important life moments such as asking for consent, boundaries, social media use and more.

Different books for different teens

Many parents read different parenting books for each of their teens and kids. It’s crucial to explore a multitude of parenting perspectives with variations in communication skills, personality and age.

What to look for in a quality parenting book for teens

Critical issues

The best parenting books for teens discuss critical parenting issues and help you realize that you’re not alone in dealing with these problems. These parenting books usually explain how to parent during particular episodes or phases in a teenager’s life, such as mental health challenges or substance abuse.


There are multiple themes and areas of focus in parenting books for teens. 

  • Communication-driven parenting books address issues, such as handling outbursts, discussing trauma and digital over-engagement. 
  • International parenting books offer advice on how to raise teens in different countries and teach you social norms around the world. 
  • Mindfulness parenting books discuss earnest conversation, positive reinforcement and fostering deep connections with your teen through reflection. 
  • Health-conscious parenting books focus on wellness and teach you how to reinforce positive relationships with food at home. There are also some books that focus on parenting teens with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and Crohn’s. 
  • Special needs parenting books give insight on parenting methods that are more effective for special needs teens. 
  • Parenting through trauma books provide parenting approaches for teens who have been through trauma, such as the sudden loss of a parent or witnessing a crime.

New perspectives

When possible, try to read parenting books with a new perspective. For example, find ones that are at the opposite side of your style of the parenting spectrum. You will learn the pros and cons of a particular parenting method, which will improve your understanding of the parenting methods that resonate with you the most.

How much you can expect to spend on a parenting book for teens

Parenting books for teens cost between $1-$35. The most inexpensive parenting books for teens cost about $1-$10, midrange books go for $10-$20 and high-end books vary in price from about $20-$35.

Parenting book for teens FAQ

Who typically writes parenting books?

A. There are all kinds of parenting book authors, including psychologists, spiritual leaders, philosophers, medical doctors, educators and fellow parents. There are also some celebrities who have written parenting books, such as Mayim Bialik and Jessica Alba.

If you disagree with recommendations in a parenting book, does that mean you missed something?

A. No, but it may not be the right parenting book for you. But even if you don’t like or agree with a specific parenting book, reading the book still gives you a reflective, analytical experience. Sometimes, the most important takeaway is finding out what you don’t want to do when parenting your teens.

Are older parenting books too outdated for parenting in the 21st century?

A. This depends on the book. Some classic books stay popular for decades. Other books might have inappropriate or dated advice. Either way, they can provide valuable insight that allows you to analyze the evolution of parenting teens.

What’s the best parenting book for teens to buy?

Top parenting book for teens

"The Conscious Parent" by Shefali Tsabary, PhD

What you need to know: This parenting book is highly rated and recommended for mindful parents or those who want to be mindful.

What you’ll love: Recommended by Oprah with a preface by the Dalai Lama, this life-changing book focuses on parents facing their own issues and reactions as a method for changing their teens’ behavior.

What you should consider: This book is a bit wordy and might be off-putting to parents who aren’t spiritual.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top parenting book for teens for the money

"Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids" by Dr. Laura Markham

What you need to know: This practical, science-based parenting book can help you transform a difficult relationship with a teen or child.

What you’ll love: Many parents see dramatic changes in their teen’s misbehavior after applying the loving and gentle techniques from this science-based parenting book. Most report a calm, peaceful household that is nearly free of yelling.

What you should consider: The author’s strategies may not work as well for parents of strong-willed teens.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

"Parent Effectiveness Training" by Dr. Thomas Gordon

What you need to know: Based on a proven parenting program, this progressive parenting book offers communication skills that actually work with teens.

What you’ll love: The parenting strategies for teens in this book are based on an underlying relationship of mutual respect and love. The book also helps you practice communication skills in general.

What you should consider: This book can sometimes feel like it over promotes its own method.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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