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Best computer mouse for gaming

Which computer mouse for gaming is best?

As computer gaming continues to gain in popularity, finding the correct hardware is imperative. Elements like the processor, CPU, and graphics card are important at determining the types of games you can play, but the input devices -- the keyboard and mouse -- ultimately control the features and specifications of a game. A quality mouse is necessary for an optimal gaming experience that will maximize a player’s competitive ability and enjoyment of the game. 

What to know before you buy a computer mouse for gaming

There are numerous types of gaming mice from which gamers can choose, and the distinctive features will greatly change the experience that gamers have while playing.

Some of the mice are categorized based on the type of games for which they are made. These mice have various customizable buttons that can be mapped to certain actions in each game, allowing the player to use them as short-cuts, activate an ability, or change their weapons quickly. Some of these mice include mice for RPGs, first-person shooter games, third-person shooter games, and MMOs. 

Player comfort

Today, gaming mice are created for both right-handed and left-handed individuals as well as an ambidextrous model that lets players switch the hand they use without having to relearn the layout. Additionally, there are ergonomic gaming mice that are designed with player comfort in mind, allowing people to play for hours on end. These are perfect for games requiring longer sessions like Minecraft and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Wired vs. wireless

Mice can be wired and wireless, giving players more freedom as they play. This can increase the range of motion for a player and make more games accessible. There are also hybrid gaming mice that can function as either a wired or wireless mouse. 

What are the best computer mice for gaming to buy?

Top computer mouse for gaming

SteelSeries Rival 3

Our take: The Rival 3 is a versatile mouse that is equipped to handle a variety of different games. With a budget-friendly price, this ergonomic and ambidextrous lightweight model is ideal for gaming. 

What we like: The price point is attractive for many gamers on a budget. It provides accurate movement and adjustable DPI, which is ideal for gaming. It is versatile enough to play any genre of game, and it is light enough to ensure gamers can play for longer. 

What we dislike: This is only a wired mouse, so you cannot travel or move around with this model. 

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Top budget mouse for FPS games

Razer Deathadder v2

Our take: The Deathadder is speedy and comfortable with an ergonomic design and a unique fast-tracking feature that allows the mouse to work on both hard and soft surfaces.

What we like: With a 20,000 DPI, the Deathadder is suited for the fast-paced action of FPS games. The comfortable design and small form make it accessible to every gamer. It comes with two customizable buttons that are perfect for this type of game.

What we dislike: The range of the device is limited because it is not wireless. The device is also not ambidextrous, which means that left-handed players will need to find a different device.

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Top budget mouse for MMO games

Redragon M908

Our take: The Redragon M908 gives MMO gamers various customizable options. The ergonomic design lets gamers play for longer periods, and the size makes it ideal for larger hands.

What we like: The M908 has 12 customizable side buttons and a customizable DPI setting that ranges from 200 to 12,400 DPI. It comes with weights that help improve usability, and the design helps gamers play for longer periods. 

What we dislike: The weight of the mouse limits its portability. It is not suitable for gamers with smaller hands, and the lack of a wireless option limits the range.

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Top wireless gaming mouse

Logitech G604 Lightspeed

Our take: The G604 has a battery life of nearly 240 hours and multiple customizable buttons that help the mouse adapt to many gaming genres. 

What we like: The G604 has great battery life. There are 15 customizable buttons, so players can ensure their settings are correct on each game they play. The addition of a Bluetooth adaptor makes the mouse compatible with every laptop. 

What we dislike: The mouse runs on batteries, which require a bit more planning than a USB charge.

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Top ambidextrous gaming mouse

SteelSeries Sensei Ten

Our take: The ambidextrous and ergonomic design of the Sensei Ten makes it a versatile choice for both right-handed and left-handed players. 

What we like: The ambidextrous design ensures that both left-handed and right-handed users can comfortably use this device. The device features a grip that helps maintain comfort, and the mouse offers 50-18,000 DPI, making it ideal for various types of gaming. The two customizable buttons on each side help with certain games.

What we dislike: While the design and usability are good, the price is a bit too high for the features offered. The non-detachable cable makes the range limited.

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Top gaming mouse for small hands

Razer Viper Mini

Our take: The small Viper Mini is made for gamers with smaller hands. The comfortable design ensures that gamers can play longer sessions.

What we like: The customizable buttons let users customize the mouse for the games they play, and the smaller size keeps players comfortable throughout gameplay. 

What we dislike: Even with the ambidextrous design, the buttons are only on the right side of the mouse, meaning this is not truly comfortable for left-handed users.

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Top ergonomic gaming mouse

Razer Basilisk V2

Our take: The Basilisk V2 is comfortable, and it has 12 customizable buttons on the device. The sensors offer precise and accurate movement for a variety of playing styles.

What we like: The 12 customizable buttons make the Basilisk V2 a versatile device. The device is comfortable enough for long sessions of play, and the unique scroll wheel resistance slider at the back helps eliminate accidental scrolls. 

What we dislike: The device is not ambidextrous, so left-handed players will not be able to use the mouse.

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Top hybrid gaming mouse

Logitech G703 Lightspeed

Our take: The hybrid nature of this mouse allows players to use the G703 Lightspeed as a wired or a wireless mouse. 

What we like: The hybrid feature makes the G703 an ideal travel gaming mouse, and the USB charging port means that gamers won’t need to have batteries on hand. The design lets users play for hours, and the look allows the device to be used in a professional setting as well. 

What we dislike: Though the mouse is rechargeable, it dies in only 34 hours. The mouse is not ambidextrous, so only right-handed users can use it.

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