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Best CamelBak for music festivals

The best CamelBak for music festivals

Any avid music festival attendee will tell you about the importance of partying smart and staying hydrated. With many festivals occurring in desert climates throughout the day, attendees are partaking in lots of intense dancing and walking. It is imperative to drink enough water if you want to keep the festivities safe and in full swing. This is where a sturdy and reliable CamelBak comes in. 

CamelBaks are water backpacks that allow the wearer to access a water reservoir without using their hands. Attached to the water supply is a plastic tube with a bite valve on the end, which sends water from the water pack straight to the user. 

What to consider before buying a CamelBak

CamelBak sizes

Depending on the kind of CamelBak you want, one of the primary considerations will be the capacity of the water pack within it. Many CamelBak water capacities will range from 2-3 liters of hydration. However, some will have capacities even larger than that. The size of the water pack will be an essential feature to consider, especially when determining how much water you will think you need throughout the day at a festival and whether or not you will be able to refill it at some point. 

CamelBak weight

Another important consideration when determining which CamelBak to purchase is how much it will weigh when filled with water. For example, a filled 2-liter camelback will weigh approximately 5 pounds. This weight jumps to roughly 7 pounds in a 3-liter CamelBak. This will be important to note when you intend on carrying said weight on your back for long periods while dancing and walking around a festival setting. 

A CamelBak with pockets

Most if not all CamelBaks function as traditional backpacks as well as hydration packs. With this in mind, it is important to acknowledge where the essential pockets of the CamelBak are for peak efficiency and convenience. Some CamelBaks will have several pockets to make carrying all of your miscellaneous belongings easy. In contrast, others will have a few strategic pockets for easy access to your most essential things like a wallet or car keys. 

The best CamelBak for music festivals

Best of the best CamelBak

CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack

The MULE hydration pack is the quintessential hydration pack designed by CamelBak. With a hydration capacity of 100 ounces, this pack will be capable of hydrating you throughout an entire day without needing to be refilled.

This, paired with its lightweight and air director back panel design, makes carrying the pack simple and comfortable for long periods. Additionally, a convenient phone pocket helps keep personal belongings safe and secure. However, some users have reported the tube placement on the pack being difficult to reach.

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Best bang for your buck CamelBak

CamelBak Hydrobak Light Bike Hydration Pack

For roughly half the MULE price, the Light Bike hydration pack can carry 50 ounces of water for lightweight and efficient use, perfect for a few hours of festival use. This design maintains comfort and ventilation without weighing you down.

It comes with one zippered pocket for your essentials and is available in seven distinct colors to match many festival outfits. Some users report washing inner water lining first to remove the plastic taste from water.

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Honorable mentions

CamelBak Thermobak 3 Liter Hydration Pack

The Thermobak’s most noticeable feature is its ability to keep water cold for extended periods. By adding ice to the inner water bladder at the beginning of the day, its ergonomic and thermal design allows for water to stay cold all day, even in hot conditions, such as being outside in the heat of any music festival.

This, paired with its 3-liter bladder, ensures that you will stay cool all day. Some users have reported that the mouth nozzle can be challenging to adjust and use while in motion.

Sold by Amazon

CamelBak Rogue Hydration Pack, 85oz

The CamelBak Rogue has a hydration pack capacity of 85 ounces, making this a great in-between candidate for those looking for something between 2 and 3 liters of hydration.

It features a magnetic tube trap to keep the water tube secure and accessible during active use, and the water nozzle can deliver up to 20% more water per sip. Some users have reported that closing the water bladder lid can be troublesome and result in occasional leaking.

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CamelBak ThermoBak Hydration Pack with 100oz

This 100 ounces ThermoBak Hydration Pack has an external fill that allows for easy access to the water bladder for easy filling and cleaning. Its two-zipper design also makes it easy to get water from either end while still comfortable wearing and using for long, extended periods. Like other CamelBaks, it is recommended to wash the inner bladder a few times before the plastic taste of the water goes away.

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CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. Kids Hydration Backpack

Though the Mini MULE claims it is for children, it is also an excellent option for adults. With CamelBak’s lightweight and breathable design, this pack is ideal for those who want all of the benefits of the MULE without paying the price of the full-sized pack.

Capable of carrying 50 ounces or approximately 1.5-liters of water, this pack can still deliver for all of your music festival needs at a more affordable price. It is important to note that some users had difficulty ensuring the bladder cap would not leak during extended use. 

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