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10 hunting tents and stands worth checking out this fall

It can be challenging to stalk through the woods, listening for the telltale signs of nearby animals without scaring them off. You must be perfectly quiet since the smallest movements or sounds can cause them to take off.

But moving slowly requires a lot of patience, and if that is in short supply on a long hunting trip, you probably won’t have much success. The best way to conserve your energy, minimize the chance of making noise and remain hidden from animals is by using a hunting tent or tree stand.

In this article: Tangkula Three-Person Pop-Up Tent, Thunderbay Spur Collector Two-Person Hunting Blind and Rhino Blinds R150 Three-Person Hunting Tent.

How a hunting tent works

An effective way to hide from animals is to put up a hunting blind or tent. They're made from the same materials as a camping tent, but there are a few differences.

A hunting tent is only a few feet wide, so it has no compartments to break it up into different rooms. It’s not meant to be slept in; its primary purpose is to hide you and your gear through camouflaged outer walls and windows. If the animals can’t see you, it's easier to line up your rifle for a clean shot. While some hunting tents have windows that can open or roll down, others use one-way mesh.

How a tree stand works

A tree stand is very different from a hunting tent. There are two kinds.

A tree stand with a built-in ladder is the easier of the two to use. The hunting seat is at the top, and you simply place the stand next to a tree. Some are fastened to the tree through hooks or spikes, while others use ropes. There is a platform for your feet.

The other kind requires more work since it’s designed to get you as high as possible. The seating area is still there, but the platform moves and has spikes on the back. You start by placing the seating area as high as you can reach, then move the platform up until it grips the tree. By repeating this motion, you shimmy up your chosen location. 

Best hunting tents

Tangkula Three-Person Pop-Up Tent 

This is the perfect size for three adults to use comfortably. It is weatherproof and has a large opening with a sturdy zipper and three windows. The fabric is painted with real tree patterns, making it difficult for animals to see you inside.

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Thunderbay Spur Collector Two-Person Hunting Blind 

This square hunting tent is 69 inches on all sides and is 66 inches high, so it's large enough to accommodate two adults. It has three half-windows with a 270-degree view, and the entry portal is triangular to reduce noise. There are camouflage mesh covers over the windows and door.

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Rhino Blinds R150 Three-Person Hunting Tent 

Decorated with a pattern to resemble real leaves, this is large enough for three adults to stand upright. It takes up 58 inches of ground space, has windows on three sides that can be partially closed with fabric and has a built-in ground cover.

Sold by Amazon

Tidewe Hunting Blind See-Through with Carrying Bag 

This 75-inch hunting tent has three full panels of one-way see-through mesh, giving you a 270-degree view of your surroundings. The windows are designed to be rolled down without creating noise. Metal hubs and reinforced corners support the structure.

Sold by Amazon

Barronett Blinds Road Runner Hub Hunting Blind 

If stealth is important, this hunting tent is an excellent choice. It has detachable blaze orange safety panels and zipperless windows for noise-free adjustment, and Bloodtrail Woodland camouflage makes it challenging for animals to see. It comes with a carry bag, ground stakes and tie-down ropes.

Sold by Amazon

Best tree stands

Muddy Skybox Deluxe 20-Foot Tree Stand 

This is a great choice if you want to get some height in a tree. It comes with a 20-foot ladder, so you stay out of sight, but it's easy to get up or down quickly. The seat is 22 inches wide and 17 inches deep and includes an adjustable padded shooting rail. There is also a camouflaged hunting blind to reduce your visibility further.

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Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand 

Made from robust yet lightweight aluminum, this tree stand is easy to operate and can go as high as you want. The suspended foam-padded seat is 22 inches wide and 37 inches deep, surrounded by padded armrests and a cushioned backrest.

Sold by Amazon

Guide Gear Deluxe Hang-On Tree Stand 

This suspension-style tree stand is incredibly comfortable owing to a solid seating area with a thick cushion, padded armrests and an oversized foot platform. It supports up to 300 pounds, and the platform measures 24 inches wide and 29 inches deep.

Sold by Amazon

Hawk Combat Hang-On Tree Stand 

If you prefer a tree stand that's lightweight and compact, this is a great option. It has a black powder-coated finish and a small camouflaged seat with angle adjustments. The foot platform measures 21 inches wide and 27 inches deep and is welded at all contact points to create a solid tree support.

Sold by Amazon

Big Game Hunter HD 1.5 Ladder Hunting Outdoors Flex-Tek Seat 

To keep you out of sight from most animals, this tree stand is 18.6 inches tall and has a foot platform 23.5 inches wide and 29 inches deep. The suspended fabric seat is 23 inches wide and 18 inches deep and has a padded flip-up gun rail for easy aiming. It weighs 61 pounds and can carry up to 350 pounds.

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