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How to decorate your car for a music festival

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Decorating a car for a music festival

Although it's by no means mandatory, decorating your car for a music festival can help you get into the spirit of the event before you leave. It also lets other festival-goers spot you while you're on the road, fostering a spirit of camaraderie before you even arrive at the festival site.  

But, how do you decorate your car for a music festival? And what else might you need to bring with you? Making sure you're prepared before the event takes place will help you have a smooth trip.

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How to decorate your car for a music festival

There’s a range of ways you can decorate your car for a music festival. Whichever method or combination of methods you choose, make sure you don't obscure your view and that your decorations are secure enough that they won't fly off and litter the road or cause a hazard to other drivers.

Window paint

Crafty Dab Window Writers Paint

Use window paint — such as Crafty Dab Window Writers Paint — or other chalk markers to decorate your car windows. If the festival you're heading to has a distinctive logo or color palette, you might want to use this to decorate your windows, but your choices are endless. Depending on your artistic skills, you might decorate with floral patterns, guitars, musical notes or messages to other festival-goers who you may pass on the way. Just be careful to decorate in moderation, so the decorations don't block your view of the road.

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Pennant flags

Fabric pennant flags

You can string pennant flags across the grille of your car or the side roof rails if your car has them. It is recommended to use fabric pennant flags rather than those made from plastic — not only are they more environmentally friendly than plastic offerings, they're less likely to fly off your car when traveling at speed. They're easy to attach to your car as you can simply tie the string part where the flags are attached to any suitable parts of your car.

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Natural latex balloons

Balloons are a cheerful decoration for your car and instantly give off party vibes. You can tie a bunch together and attach them to the grille of your car or put them on the roof attached to roof rails or even your car's radio antenna. You could also tie one or two balloons to your side mirrors. They usually aren't the most eco-friendly option, but you can buy natural latex balloons that are biodegradable and will break down in a matter of months when exposed to the elements.

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Ribbons or streamers

Thick ribbon

Consider attaching thick ribbon to the front of your grille at one end and to the side mirrors at the other end, similar to how cars are often decorated for weddings. You can also use thinner ribbons or paper streamers dangling off the side mirrors or affixed to the side of the car with masking tape. Paper streamers aren't the best option for long journeys, however, as they're liable to break and fly off to litter the highways.

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Other ways to prepare for a music festival

Working out how to decorate your car for a music festival is a fun way to get excited for an upcoming event, but there's more you can do to prepare. From picking clothes and making playlists to gathering the essentials you'll need, there's plenty to do before you head to your next festival.

Festival playlists

If you want to get in the mood for your upcoming music festival, try making a playlist of your favorite bands that will be performing or artists that you aren't as familiar with but want to check out while you're there. Not only can you listen to it in the days or weeks leading up to the festival, you can also blast it in your newly decorated car on your way there to really get those music festival vibes flowing. You can use Spotify to make shared playlists, so if you're going with friends, you can all add tracks to the playlist to contribute to the fun.

Music festival outfits


You might want to show off your personality and fashion sense, but music festival outfits should always be a combination of style and practicality. You might have some cool Doc Martens that you're still breaking in or a favorite pair of heels, but you'll be on your feet all day and will probably be more comfortable in walking shoes, sneakers or something like a pair of slip-on Vans. Clothing-wise, choose outfits that are weather appropriate and comfortable for all-day wear but that you still feel great wearing. If it's a hot day out, make sure to bring a light sweater or hoodie as the temperature will drop when the sun sets.

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Music festival essentials

EO Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray

It's natural that you don't want to saddle yourself with too much luggage when heading to a music festival, but there are some items that you should definitely bring with you. Hand-washing facilities aren't often readily available at music festivals and while there will likely be sanitizer in portable toilets, it's best to bring your own. EO Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray smells great and comes in handy travel-sized bottles. You'll also thank yourself for bringing a small packet of flushable wipes to use when there's no TP. 

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Takeya Actives Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Masks might not be mandatory, but there may be times when you feel more comfortable wearing one or some indoor areas may recommend them. Always remember to bring sunscreen for an outdoor music festival to avoid burning and bring an empty water bottle that you can fill up once you enter the performance area (you usually won't be allowed to bring liquids in). 

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Instant tents

If you're camping, check that your tent is in good condition by pitching it or at least checking it thoroughly before you leave. Instant tents are the best option for festivals if you're in need of a new tent.

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