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Best sand-proof beach towel

Which sand-proof beach towel is best?

Have you ever accidentally annoyed neighboring beachgoers with flying sand while snapping your towel clean? Or maybe you washed off the sand in the ocean only to lie back down on a gritty towel. There’s another option: the microfiber sand-proof towel. Microfiber towels have a flat surface rather than a terry towel’s looped surface, which traps beach particles. Our shopping guide helps you decide which sand-proof towel leaves the sand at the beach and not in your bag, car, or home. Our favorite pick is the Dock & Bay Microfiber Sand-Free Towel, which is extra light and extra long, perfect for lounge chairs.

What to know before you buy a sand-proof beach towel


A microfiber towel feels different from the terry type we’re accustomed to taking to the beach. It’s a matter of becoming used to the difference. Some microfiber towels are soft and silky, while others are more suede-like. Still, others have a quilted or waffle-weave texture. If it feels too scratchy or too thin, there are other microfiber options to try. Regardless of the texture, the sand won’t stick to a microfiber towel.


Will you lie on a lounge chair or right on the sand? Will you need a larger towel for two or do you prefer sunning solo? Just like any other beach towel, a sand-proof towel comes in different sizes for your needs. Longer versions are best for lounge chairs, but wider towels are best for doubling up and stretching out. A towel that is 78 inches long by 35 inches wide is almost as large as a twin bed sheet and perfect for a lounge chair. Some other towels are round with a 66-inch diameter.

What to look for in a quality sand-proof beach towel

Anchor pockets

Because sand-proof microfiber towels are generally lightweight, you’ll need to weigh them down on the beach. Sand-proof towels may have little corner pockets in which you can put sand or rocks to keep the towel from dislodging and blowing away. Pockets can be easily cleaned out because it’s sand-proof. They won’t hold onto the tiny particles once the pockets are emptied. You may find a towel with a zippered pocket where you can store weights or other necessities.

Hanging loop

A loop is an extra insurance the towel won’t blow away. Attach it to your beach umbrella or chair, so it doesn’t travel far while you’re in the water. The loop also lets you securely hang it out to dry.

Storage pouch

Because you’re likely traveling (most likely to the beach) with a sand-proof towel, you might prefer the convenience of a dry-storage pouch. Microfiber beach towels are compact enough to fit into a tiny drawstring bag, so you can pop them in your beach bag or luggage.

How much you can expect to spend on a sand-proof beach towel

Lower-priced sand-proof towels, which run from $12 to $22, come in limited colors and without a travel pouch. They range in sizes from small to large. From $22 to $30, you’ll find two packs of smaller-sized towels, oversized towels, and towels in many more colors, patterns, and reversible styles. In this price range, more towels have corner pockets, loops, and travel bags.

Sand-proof beach towel FAQ

How much does a large microfiber towel weigh?

A. They’re super lightweight, which is why they are great for traveling. An extra-large towel will weigh less than one pound, or just about one pound, even when it’s in its travel pouch.

Will a sand-proof beach towel keep me warm on the beach?

A. Though a microfiber sand-proof towel is ultra-soft and keeps you dry, it doesn’t have the insulating properties than a terry towel will have. Microfiber beach towels are much thinner, so they may not be as warm. They also aren’t as thick and padded as terry towels, so it may take some time to become used to resting comfortably on top of one.

What are the best sand-proof beach towels to buy?

Top sand-proof beach towel

Dock & Bay Microfiber Sand-Free Towel

Our take: This lightweight towel repels sand, and as a bonus, it dries super fast.

What we like: An extra-long 78 inches easily fits on lounge chairs. Soft and smooth texture, and absorbent. When traveling, it takes much less space than a traditional terry towel.

What we dislike: It’s a little too thin for some users, and the travel bag could be a bit larger.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top sand-proof beach towel for the money

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel

Our take: For beach, gym, travel and dorm, you can store small items in a zippered corner pocket.

What we like: Never smells because it dries fast. Absorbent and doubles as a body wrap. Has an antibacterial finish.

What we dislike: Limited color palette.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

SportLite Microfiber XL Beach Blanket 

Our take: A perfect-sized sand-free towel that doubles as a comfortable beach blanket for two.

What we like: Corner anchor pockets can be filled with rocks or sand to weigh them down. Soft and comfy. Folds up nice and small for toting.

What we dislike: Some users say it’s too lightweight for beach breezes, and color bleeds after the first few washes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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