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Best envelope pillow case

Which envelope pillowcase is best?

There is nothing quite like getting an enjoyable night’s sleep on a soft, comfy pillow. And a reliable pillowcase can make your sleep even better, adding an extra level of comfort, even helping take care of your hair and skin and reduce acne. The Bedsure Bamboo Pillowcases Set Of 2 is an excellent pillowcase thanks to its soft texture and durable fabric. 

What you need to know before you buy an envelope pillowcase

What an envelope pillowcase is

Envelope pillowcases end the needless hassle of stuffing pillows back into their sleeves. In contrast to traditional pillowcases that have an open end on one side, envelope pillowcases have a closure at the end so that the pillow is secured in place, tucked tight to keep it from sliding out. They have become popular in recent years due to that convenience. 

Benefits of an envelope pillowcase

  • Pillows won’t peek out: With oversized pillows, a common grievance is that the pillow will peek out of the pillowcase, distracting and unappealing when creating a bedroom aesthetic. Envelope pillowcases get rid of this possibility.
  • No more sliding: The biggest issue with traditional pillowcases is the possibility that pillows will slip out of their pillowcases during the night. This is especially true for those who toss in their sleep, leaving a bare pillow and lonely pillowcase separated and in need of reuniting in the morning. Envelope pillowcases solve this problem. 
  • Wrinkle-free: Another benefit of envelope pillowcases is that they are more wrinkle-resistant than traditional pillowcases, because they are more form-fitting to the pillow. 

Other types of pillowcases

There are several types of pillowcase closures beyond traditional pillowcases and envelope pillowcases. They include:

  • Zipper closures: These are simple, with the closure usually hiding along one side of the pillow, the zipper sewn into the seam. Because the zippers are generally made of metal, they can be painful if you mistakenly lay your head on them. 
  • Permanent closures: Some pillows come permanently closed, so you would not purchase a pillowcase but rather the pillow and pillowcase together. They are easy to handle and often can be thrown straight into the wash, but the pillow cannot be replaced if it flattens or is otherwise damaged, because the case is permanently closed. 

What to look for in a quality envelope pillowcase


Like other bed linens, envelope pillowcases come in numerous fabrics. These include:

  • Silk. This is luxurious, soft and breathable, excellent for people whose temperature fluctuates while sleeping. It tends to be expensive.
  • Cotton. This is smooth, breathable and doesn’t trap heat. It wicks away sweat and moisture, but often needs multiple washings to reach full softness.
  • Flannel. This is lightweight and comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about sweating while you sleep. It’s a favorite for winter because it traps heat to keep the body warm
  • Microfiber. This is wrinkle resistant, stain-resistant, available in a wide variety of colors, and won’t lose its shape over time. It tends to be affordable.
  • Eucalyptus. This is soft yet durable, and because it comes from a plant it’s Earth-friendly. It’s cool to the touch and moisture-wicking.
  • Bamboo. This is durable, soft and sustainable, and can help keep you cool. 

Special fabric

Some envelope pillowcases are made with silver-infused cotton to fight acne. The silver threads are undetectable, and the pillowcases are also hypoallergenic.

Design, color, pattern

Envelope pillowcases come in a variety of patterns, designs and colors. Choose them to match or complement your sheets, and to fit in with your general aesthetic. 

How much you can expect to spend on an envelope pillowcase

On average, an envelope pillowcase will cost $10-$20, depending on the fabric quality and the number of pillowcases in the set. 

Envelope pillowcase FAQ

How often should you wash your pillowcases?

A. Change your pillowcases every one to two weeks. This is to clean off any oil or dirt that may linger on your pillow from sleeping. 

What are the best kinds of pillowcases for staying cool?

A. Pillows made of silk or bamboo are some of the best options for keeping you cool throughout the night. 

What are the best envelope pillowcases to buy?

Top envelope pillowcase

Bedsure Bamboo Pillowcases Set Of 2

What you need to know: These are made from bamboo-derived rayon, resulting in an ultra-soft fabric that will help you get a great night’s sleep. 

What you’ll love: Thanks to their bamboo construction, these pillowcases are temperature regulating, keeping you cool throughout the night. They also will help prevent hair frizz. 

What you should consider: A few users say they can wrinkle easily. 

Where to buy: Available at Amazon

Top envelope pillowcase for the money

DreamHome Set Of 2 Wrinkle-Resistant Ultra Soft Pillowcases 

What you need to know: This is an excellent, affordable option for those looking to try out envelope closure pillowcases for the first time. 

What you’ll love: They are made of polyester, available in 10 colors and machine washable. You can choose from standard and king sizes.

What you should consider: Users report that they are good if you enjoy the feeling of microfiber but are not as soft as other pillowcases. 

Where to buy: Available at Amazon

Worth checking out

NTBay 500-Thread-Count Cotton Queen Pillowcases

What you need to know: These are super soft and made of premium quality cotton, making them an excellent sleep companion. 

What you’ll love: They are available in over 17 colors and grow softer and more comfortable after every wash. 

What you should consider: Users have mentioned that it takes a few washes before these pillowcases reach the desired softness. 

Where to buy: Available at Amazon


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