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Best deep-pocket flannel sheets

Which deep-pocket flannel sheets are best?

If you’re looking for soft bed sheets that are both breathable and warm, flannel sheets might be your best bet. They're perfect for cool sleepers who want to remain warmer during the cold of winter. 

If you have a deep mattress, it often makes it difficult to buy bed sheets. However, there are some quality options available if you're looking for deep-pocket flannel sheets. The best are Azores Home Brentwood Plaid Flannel Deep-Pocket Sheets.

What to know before you buy deep-pocket flannel sheets


Flannel gets its soft, fluffy texture from a technique called napping in which the loosely woven fibers are brushed on both sides.

Wool may be used to make flannel clothing, but most flannel sheets are made from cotton, so you get the benefit of the breathable fabric. However, cotton flannel sheets pill and shrink with age and after extended use. If this is a concern, consider a cotton-polyester blend — it's less likely to pill or shrink. 

Size and depth

Your bed sheets need to fit your mattress size. It’s also important to consider the depth of the mattress because ordinary sheets won’t fit a deep mattress and can come loose during the night.

If your mattress is between 13 and 17 inches thick, you need deep-pocket sheets. And if it's between 18 and 25 inches, you need extra-deep-pocket sheets. Since sheet sizing can differ between brands, it’s always good to double-check if the sheets you’re purchasing will fit your mattress.  

What to look for in quality deep-pocket flannel sheets 

Color and patterns

When people think of flannel, they often think of plaid. Plaid flannel sheets are popular, but flannel is available in multiple solid colors and patterns. You should have no problem finding flannel sheets to match your style and bedroom design scheme. 

Flannel sheet sets

You can purchase a bottom deep-pocket flannel sheet separately, but they are most commonly sold as part of a set. Two-piece sets come with a top and bottom sheet, while four-piece sets come with two matching pillowcases.  

If you want to cut down on wear and tear, consider purchasing an additional set of flannel sheets that you can alternate. 

Grams per square meter 

While the quality and softness of cotton sheets is gauged by the thread count, flannel sheets rely on grams per square meter. Look for sheets with a GSM of 170 or higher. 

How much you can expect to spend on deep-pocket flannel sheets

Deep-pocket flannel bed sheets can range in price based on fabric, brand, size and whether you’re purchasing a set with other items. Quality options range from $20-$40.

Deep-pocket flannel sheets FAQ

Can I still use flannel sheets in the summer?

A.  Flannel sheets are great for cold weather, but some people keep them on their bed year-round. It might not be the best choice for warm sleepers, but flannel is a breathable fabric. 

How do I launder my flannel sheets?

A. You should always follow the care instructions. However, as with most cotton bed sheets, it’s best to wash flannel sheets in warm or cold water and tumble dry. Avoid using fabric softener because it can stiffen the fabric. If you want to avoid pilling, hang flannel sheets out to dry if possible. Additionally, you can add a half cup of vinegar to the load when you first wash the sheets to help set the colors and prevent pilling down the road. 

What are the best deep-pocket flannel sheets to buy?

Top deep-pocket flannel sheets

Azores Home Brentwood Plaid Flannel Deep-Pocket Sheets

What you need to know: These ultra-cozy, soft 170 GSM cotton sheets are ideal for cold weather.

What you’ll love: They're brushed and napped to create the soft texture and limit pilling. You can wash them in cold water to increase their softness and make them more comfortable.

What you should consider: These sheets will fit a mattress up to 20 inches deep.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top deep-pocket flannel sheets for the money

Ruvanti Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

What you need to know: These sheets are soft, lightweight and breathable.

What you’ll love: This four-piece set is made with a unique process that increases the softness with every wash while maintaining the same quality and performance. They are made in an OEKO-TEX factory to ensure they are constructed with the highest of standards while following proper procedures.

What you should consider: They're best used with mattresses that are 16 inches deep and under.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Tribeca Living Heritage Flannel Extra-Deep-Pocket Sheet Set

What you need to know: These all-season flannel sheets are made with a soft hand and lustrous sateen weave.

What you’ll love: Constructed from cotton and brushed on both sides, this set includes a fitted and flat sheet and two pillowcases. They're perfect for the deepest mattress, and the extra elastic should keep these sheets perfectly in place all night long.

What you should consider: Made for the deepest mattresses at 24 inches, these sheets may be too large for smaller mattresses.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Macy’s


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