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Best American Standard toilet

American Standard toilets

Many modern inventions morph over time as technology improves or new construction materials are developed. One vital invention for the household, however, has changed very little since companies such as American Standard started producing it over a century ago: the flush toilet. American Standard perfected the use of enamel-coated porcelain as a durable and sanitary material for modern toilets and other essential plumbing fixtures.

At one time, the toilet was primarily considered a purely utilitarian fixture, with interior designers essentially working around it. Today, toilets are often considered a vital part of overall bathroom design, with companies like American Standard putting more emphasis on design elements and color options. Homeowners and contractors now have a wide array of models to choose from.

If you are in search of a new toilet from American Standard, consider our helpful consumer guide. We have compared dozens of American Standard toilets currently on the market and have compiled a short list of worthy contenders. Topping our picks is the American Standard 2548A100.020 Studio S, a feature-packed model we recommend as a stylish upgrade from an existing standard toilet.

Considerations when choosing an American Standard toilet

Ease of installation

One important consideration is something many homeowners are not always aware of: “rough-in distance.” Essentially, home builders create a dedicated space for the toilet based on a bathroom’s overall dimensions. The distance from a back wall to the installation bolts for a toilet can be 10, 12 or 14 inches, which means the stated “rough-in distance” of the commode and tank should match.

Flow rate

In an effort to conserve water, most toilet manufacturers (including American Standard) agreed to limit flushing capacity to 1.6 gallons per minute (GPM) or less. Critics have argued that such a low flow rate requires additional flushes, which negates any water savings from the original 1.6 GPM standard. Some American Standard toilets are promoted as ultra-low flow, with a rating of 1.28 gallons per minute. A more efficient design and some pressure assistance usually help to clear the bowl in one flush.

Ease of use

The overall height of a toilet seat may not seem like an important consideration, but for many homeowners, it’s very important indeed. An adult user usually has a preferred seat height that promotes comfort and security. Family toilets, on the other hand, often require a lower height to accommodate users of all ages. American Standard offers toilets in a wide range of heights. There is also a choice between a standard round bowl and an elongated version.

Sanitation is also a vital concern, and American Standard has addressed that issue as well. Very few modern toilets are actually constructed from porcelain, but they are made from vitreous china. This material can be coated with a proprietary glaze called EverClean, which incorporates silver into the mix. Silver discourages mildew, mold and bacterial growth through a natural chemical process. EverClean is not available on every American Standard toilet, especially their entry-level models, but it is a feature worthy of consideration.

Additional features

In an effort to conserve even more water per flush, some American Standard toilets offer a dual-flush option. Instead of a single flush handle, these models have two buttons designated for liquid waste only or a combination of liquid and solid waste. The GPM rating for a liquid waste only flush can be as low as .8, while a solid/liquid flush can use up to 1.6 gallons per flush.

Some American Standard models also include a series of openings in the rim that create a power flush, rinsing away material that often collects under the rim over time. This is not the same as a self-cleaning toilet, which holds a supply of cleaning fluids the user can release on demand.

Toilet seats designed for American Standard models can also have some useful features, such as a slow-close function that protects the bowl from damage. Cushioned and heated seats are also options to consider. There are even “night lights” available for users who do not want to turn on overhead lights in the middle of the night.

How much you can expect to spend on an American Standard toilet

The most basic American Standard toilets on the market can cost as little as $130, but they are definitely on the smaller side and seats may need to be purchased separately. The standard-size toilets found in most homes generally run between $180 and $400, and most do offer features such as EverClean and a variety of seat options.

High-end toilets packed with numerous features, color options and design elements can start at $470 and reach a four-digit price point if custom ordered.

American Standard toilets FAQ

Q. How do American Standard toilets reduce mold, mildew and bacteria growth?

A. Many models use a special double coating of EverClean, a proprietary silver-infused  product that inhibits the growth of contaminants such as mold and mildew.

Q. What is a dual-flush system?

A. Some American Standard toilets offer two flushing options: one for solid waste and another for liquids only. The solid-waste option provides a full flush, typically 1.6 gallons. The liquids-only option uses a more economical .8 gallon per flush.

American Standard toilets we recommend

Best of the best

American Standard 2548A100.020 Studio S

Our take: This higher-end model incorporates virtually every feature homeowners seek in an upgrade.

What we like: Ultra low-flow design saves water. Coating resists mold, mildew and bacteria. Elongated bowl and tall seat for maximum adult comfort. Includes installation tools.

What we dislike: Long recovery time after flushing

Where to buy: Sold  by Amazon

Best bang for your buck

American Standard 2403128.020 Compact Toilet with Seat

Our take: This budget-friendly toilet provides low-flow economy and is the perfect height for family and guest bathrooms.

What we like: Easy to install and maintain. Appealing price point. Height and seat size suitable for adults and children. Uses only 1.28 gallons per flush.

What we dislike: Dimensions are smaller than expected.

Where to buy: Sold  by Amazon

Worth checking out

American Standard 2535128.02 2535128.020 Elongated Toilet

Our take: This one-piece toilet is definitely worth consideration as part of a coordinated upscale bathroom renovation.

What we like: One-piece tank and bowl design. Sleek modern appearance. Power washes rim during every flush. Comfortable elongated seat.

What we dislike: On the expensive side. 

Where to buy: Sold  by Amazon


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