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Best vanity mirror

Which vanity mirror is best?

From applying makeup to shaving or styling your hair, a vanity mirror is a great addition to your bathroom or bedroom. Since they come in different types and sizes, they can easily complement your home’s aesthetic. The best one is the Fenchilin Vanity Mirror because it fits nearly anywhere and comes with cool features, such as adjustable lights and a Bluetooth speaker.

What to know before you buy a vanity mirror


When it comes to vanity mirrors, there are three main types:

  • Countertop: Also called makeup or tabletop mirrors, these usually have a base and a stand that lets them sit on a countertop or dresser. They usually go near a sink since a vanity refers to a sink built into a cabinet. However, most are also lightweight and small enough to be placed on any flat surface. This type is also the most portable.
  • Wall-mounted: You can install these on the wall behind a vanity. They come in any size, ranging from ones large enough to reflect your face to those that can give you a full frontal view. They’re best for people who don’t want to move them about or don’t have a lot of counter space.
  • Hybrid: Some wall-mounted vanity mirrors are similar to their portable counterparts. These have a long adjustable arm attached to a base that fits onto a wall.


Some vanity mirrors come with built-in lighting, which can help improve visibility while adding to the overall decor of the space. Some lighting is minimalistic and hidden in the frame. Other mirrors have noticeable bulbs that give them a more classic appearance. The lights can be one color or multicolored.

Many mirrors have LED strips or bulbs, but some use fluorescent lighting. The lighting can be either automatic or require you to touch a screen, press a button or flip a switch to turn it on. Certain mirrors have settings that let you adjust the brightness of the lighting.


The most common frame materials are metal (aluminum and stainless steel) and thick plastic. The frame’s finish determines its overall look. For example, chrome is modern-looking, while gold can look more elegant and add a splash of color.

What to look for in a quality vanity mirror


The size depends on the type of vanity mirror. For example, wall-mounted ones are usually between 20 and 36 inches wide. Countertop ones are often closer to around 5 inches wide, though they can be double that in size.

There are also double vanities, which are large enough to cover the space above two sinks. You can either get one of these or two separate ones.


Vanity mirrors were traditionally rectangular. However, now you can also find ones in the following shapes:

  • Square
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Hexagon

Some mirrors have rounded or curved edges or come in another irregular shape. Others consist of several smaller mirrors connected to form a larger one.

Additional features

These days, vanity mirrors often come with extra features, such as:

  • Touch screen so you can adjust settings, such as how dim or bright the lights are.
  • Built-in defogger makes it easier to use the mirror immediately after showering without having to wipe down the surface first.
  • Different degrees of magnification, between two and 10 times, possibly with a reversible side with more or less magnification.
  • Foldable or smaller mirrors that let you see several angles at once.
  • Adjustable arm stands to position the reflective surface for a better viewing angle.

How much you can expect to spend on a vanity mirror

The cost depends on the type, size and additional features, such as touch screen or magnification. Traditional wall-mounted ones usually cost $50-$150. Countertop versions are typically under $100.

Vanity mirror FAQ

Does the mirror have to be the same size as the vanity?

A. No, but most wall-mounted mirrors are a few inches smaller in width than the vanity so that they can fit perfectly over it. It’s possible to find a mirror that’s larger than the available counter space, but this isn’t common.

How high should I place the mirror?

A. Typically, these mirrors should go about 5 to 10 inches above the highest point of the faucet. That way, you can see yourself while standing up straight.

What do I need to hang a wall-mounted mirror?

A. Some of these mirrors can be attached using a strong adhesive, while others require hardware, such as a wall anchor or mounting brackets. Depending on the size and weight of the mirror, you might need to locate the stud before installing it.

What’s the best vanity mirror to buy?

Top vanity mirror

Fenchilin Vanity Mirror

What you need to know: This rectangular wall-mounted model comes with adjustable bulbs around the border and is Bluetooth-compatible.

What you’ll love: The frame consists of alloy steel and is highly durable. The mirror is 18.11 inches long by 22.83 inches wide, making it the right size for anything from applying cosmetics to styling hair. It also has a USB port to charge a phone or pair the mirror with Bluetooth.

What you should consider: The 15 bulbs are noticeable, which detracts from any space with a more minimalistic design.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top vanity mirror for the money

Beautyworks Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror

What you need to know: This mirror is perfect for anyone who wants something personal, portable and easy to use.

What you’ll love: It comes in two styles and eight colors, including arctic white and midnight black. It opens up into three smaller mirrors at different angles. It also comes with one to three times magnification. Plus, it’s backlit with adjustable brightness.

What you should consider: The height cannot be adjusted.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Kaimee Frameless Lighted Vanity Mirror

What you need to know: This large mirror has a modern aesthetic and fits over a double sink.

What you’ll love: It has bright LED bulbs all around the frame for even lighting. It’s 30 by 48 inches in size and is easy to install. It also comes with an anti-fog film and a touch button that lets you adjust the brightness.

What you should consider: It’s too large for smaller bathrooms.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

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