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Best deep-pocket king sheets

Which deep-pocket king sheets are best?

If you’ve gone through the trouble and expense of upgrading to a king-size bed, you’re going to want to go all the way to the best sleep experience you can get by topping it with some great sheets. And if you’ve sprung for a thicker than average mattress, you’re going to want those sheets to be deep-pocketed so they’ll stay securely in place all night long. A top choice to meet your needs would be the Abripedic 100% cotton percale weave deep-pocket king sheets.

What to know before you buy a deep-pocket king sheet

The “pocket” of a fitted bed sheet refers to the height of the sides of the sheet that wrap around the mattress. A typical fitted sheet for an average mattress has a pocket of 14 inches. However, mattresses are often thicker these days, or they have an added pillow top, making a 14-inch pocket inadequate. And so deep-pocket fitted sheets are now addressing the problem with heights of 16 or 18 inches or more.

Not just for thick mattresses

Deep-pocket sheets can be used on 14-inch mattresses as well. The elastic around the edges will pull the sheet under the mattress and hold it securely in place no matter the mattress’s thickness. If you have a regular fitted sheet that tends to crawl up the corners of your mattress in the middle of the night, becoming loose and uncomfortable, a deep-pocket sheet could solve your problem.

What to look for in a quality deep-pocket king sheet

Aside from the height of the pocket, key factors to consider when searching for a new sheet set are material, weave and sometimes thread count.


You can’t go wrong with cotton sheets, although long-staple cottons such as Egyptian, Pima or Supima are better than average. Polyester can be soft but not as luxurious in feel as cotton. Silk is luxurious but a bit slippery for many people’s taste, and can also be a bit hot at times. Linen is great for warm nights and is a long-lasting, durable fabric, but you’ll need to learn to love very wrinkled sheets. Bamboo is rising in popularity and can be compared to cotton in many ways, especially for its softness.


Weave can have even more of an effect on a fabric’s softness than the selected fiber. Cotton in a sateen weave is soft and smooth and a bit warmer than cotton in a percale weave, which is nice and crisp, good for cooler nights, and a bit more durable than sateen.

Thread count

Thread count is really only a useful measure when comparing 100% cotton single-ply weaves. The best single-ply cotton sheets will have thread counts between 300 and 500, with sateen being a bit higher than percale. Any sheets promoting higher thread counts are likely pushing the numbers by incorporating thin polyester fibers or using multi-ply threads. High thread count sheets won’t have the breathability of single-ply 100% cotton sheets in that 300 to 500 range.

How much you can expect to spend on deep-pocket king sheets

Deep-pocket king sheets in polyester, low thread count or short-staple cotton can be found for as low as under $10, but to get durable, quality sheets consider bumping your price range to $60 or more. 

Deep-pocket king sheet FAQ

What is the difference between a king bed and a California king?

A. A standard king mattress (sometimes called an Eastern king) is 4 inches shorter and 4 inches wider than a California king. The dimensions are:

  • King — 76 inches wide by 80 inches tall
  • California king — 72 inches wide by 84 inches tall

The thickness of each size mattress can vary depending on the manufacturer and design features specific to the mattress.

Will my deep-pocket cotton sheets pill?

A. Most sheets will pill eventually. A pill is a small ball of fabric that forms when the fibers used to create the sheet come loose from the weave. With less-expensive short-staple fibers, this tends to happen quickly — sometimes as soon as the first wash. With higher-quality long-staple fibers, such as Egyptian or Pima, pilling will not occur as quickly or to such a great extent.

How often should I wash my deep-pocket king sheets?

A. Wash your sheets at least once a week. If it’s too much of a chore to take your sheets off the bed, wash them, and replace them all in a single day, then you should own more than one set of sheets. The key is to put clean sheets on your bed every week. Make a habit of it.

What’s the best deep-pocket king sheet to buy?

Top deep-pocket king sheet

Abripedic 100% cotton percale weave deep-pocket king sheets

What you need to know: Crispy 300-thread-count percale weave is great for warmer nights.

What you’ll love: The 18-inch pocket on the fitted sheet should have no problem hanging onto a tall king mattress. Long-staple cotton provides durability and softness.

What you should consider: Percale has more of a tendency to wrinkle than sateen.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top deep-pocket king sheet for the money

Feather & Stitch 100% cotton sateen weave deep-pocket king sheets

What you need to know: Soft 500-thread-count sateen weave sheets will be warm and cozy.

What you’ll love: The 18-inch pocket will stay in place on your mattress. These are the sheets you want for cooler nights.

What you should consider: Most reviewers love these sheets, but a number of reviewers complain of receiving inferior or damaged items that don’t seem to match the product description.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

CozyLux 100% Bamboo Deep-Pocket King Sheets

What you need to know: For an alternative to cotton, try these deep-pocket king sheets made from bamboo.

What you’ll love: The 100% bamboo fiber is soft and breathable, helping you stay cool at night. The sheets are durable, easy to clean and certified as safe and environmentally friendly.

What you should consider: The 16-inch pocket isn’t quite as deep as other options, but it’s still 2 inches deeper than standard fitted sheets.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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