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Best decorative bed pillow

Which decorative bed pillows are best?

When you’re looking for an instant bedroom refresh that won’t break the bank, a few decorative bed pillows are a great way to go. Decorative pillows are versatile and match easily with your bed to fit your moods, special occasions, holidays or just add a pop of color. If you’re looking to revitalize your bedroom with a good set of decorative pillows, Madison Park Quebec Square Quilted Decorative Pillow 2-Pack in Ivory is a top choice.

What to know before you buy decorative bed pillows

Your lifestyle

Are you the kind of person who wants to be able to make your bed quickly? If so, you’ll want to opt for bed pillows with removable covers that are washing-machine friendly. If you like to have a bed that looks fancy and inviting, select several pillows and stack them for maximum glam in your sleeping space.

Your bedroom color and accents

If you have a monochrome bedroom, you may want to shop for pillows that fit the theme. For example, if your bedroom is a pale pink or cream, pillows with soft pinks and whites would look great. Or if you want to add some visual interest, you can also venture into light blues and mint colors. On the other hand, if your bedroom has bold colors, consider colors on the opposite end of the color wheel for an eye-catching pop. For example, a bright orange pillow would look great in a room with a dark blue wall. 

Your appetite for pattern

Some designers recommend mainly using solid colors for your bedroom. Others swear that mixing and matching pillows in seemingly unpredictable patterns, like chevron and stripes, offer a bold, fashion-forward look. Know what catches your eye before making a purchase, so you’re sure to find the right pillows for you.

What to look for in quality decorative bed pillows

Soft on the skin

Although most people remove their decorative pillows before getting into bed, it’s still a good idea to find decorative bed pillows that are soft and cozy. After all, even if you only touch them when you’re taking them off your bed and putting them back on, you’re in contact with them every day. While affordable prices of lower-quality material may be tempting, it’s best to skip the scratchy pillows in the bedroom.

Easy to wash

Even though you don’t need to wash decorative pillows as frequently as your main pillows, you still want to make sure it’s easy to clean them. Try to find pillows with removable covers or washing-machine-friendly materials, so you don’t have to run to the dry cleaners. If your pillows can go in the washing machine, make sure you always follow cleaning instructions carefully.

Mix and match

Once you start finding decorative bed pillows you like, it’s hard to stop. That’s why you’ll want to find pillows that blend harmoniously with the rest of your bedroom in case you want to add more. For example, a neutral set of bed pillows will blend in easily with a seasonal pillow or a holiday one during a special time of year. 

How much you can expect to spend on a decorative bed pillow

Expect to pay between $30-$60 for decorative bed pillows. You may need to spend a bit more on those made of expensive materials, like Merino wool. You can save some money if you keep the pillow inserts and just buy pillow covers when you want to update your bedroom’s look.

Decorative bed pillows FAQ

What size pillows do I need?

A. Traditional hotel-style beds require two European-style pillows, four sleeping pillows in either queen or king size, two square decorative pillows and a round or rectangular decorative pillow. But the sky’s the limit when it comes to outfitting your bed. Make sure you stack your pillows from tallest to smallest, working forward from the headboard.

What’s the most popular decorative bed pillow size?

A. Square pillows of 16 inches by 16 inches are most popular, followed closely by squares of 18 inches and 20 inches. Find pillows that are the right scale for your bed. For example, twin beds use smaller pillows than king-sized beds. 

What are the best decorative bed pillows to buy?

Top decorative bed pillow

Madison Park Quebec Square Quilted Decorative Pillow 2-Pack in White 

What you need to know: These sturdy, dependable, machine-washable pillows add elegance and texture to any bedroom.

What you’ll love: Available in a full range of soft colors, this two-pack of square 20-inch pillows are a quick solution to upgrading your bedroom’s look.

What you should consider: These pillows are on the firmer side. If you’re using them purely for decoration, this shouldn’t be an issue. But, if you want pillows you can lean on, you will need to break these in.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top decorative pillow for money

Lush Decor Holan Velvet Decorative Pillow

What you need to know: This 18-inch round pillow is soft, plush and available in taupe or dark blue.

What you’ll love: Velvet always adds elegance to a bedroom, and this ruched, round pillow instantly dresses up your room.

What you should consider: Velvet can be tough to wash, so be sure to read the full washing instructions. Opt for spot cleaning when possible.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Worth checking out

Unite Down Real Mongolian Lamb Wool Pillows 

What you need to know: Nothing adds instant glamor to a bedroom like Mongolian lamb’s wool. 

What you’ll love: This fluffy, fun and eye-catching pillow will soon become your favorite.

What you should consider: You can’t wash these pillows in a washing machine. If they become very dirty or stained, they will need to be dry cleaned. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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