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Best black pillow case

Which black pillowcase is best?

Everyone deserves a restful and relaxing night’s sleep. Several factors can influence such rest, but none may be as apparent as the pillows and the pillowcases you use. A good pillowcase can improve your sleep, hair and even acne. With these and other factors in mind, the Bedsure Bamboo King Size Pillow Cases 2 Pack is a great option for its ultra-comfortable and durable design. 

What to know before you buy a black pillowcase

Types of pillowcases

Perhaps the most important thing to do when determining which pillowcases will be best for you is to understand the pros and cons of the large variety of different types of pillowcases out there. Here are some of the many kinds of pillowcases.

Microfiber pillowcases

Microfiber pillowcases are easy to wash and are very versatile regarding color. Additionally, they tend to be cheaper than many other pillowcases because they are easy to produce. 

Bamboo pillowcases

Bamboo pillowcases have become extremely popular in the last ten years or so. This is because of how soft and durable the fabric is and is often compared to the feeling of cashmere or silk. The bamboo construction also makes pillowcases cool and breathable, consistently ensuring a more comfortable night’s sleep. 

Silk/satin pillowcases

Silk/satin pillowcases offer a luxurious option for those looking for a little bit of sophistication in their sleeping arrangements. These materials are smooth and soft, giving them a nice texture against your skin, which some believe helps you have a better night’s sleep. 

Knit pillowcases

Knit pillowcases are a soft and stretchy option that has a similar consistency to a reliable t-shirt. The most common type of knit pillowcase is the jersey knit, a breathable and wrinkle-resistant material that has become popular more recently. 

Cotton pillowcases 

Cotton is a prevalent material for pillowcases, thanks to its soft and comfy design. It can keep pillows cool at night, is absorbent and easy to wash. It also comes in luxury options, such as Egyptian cotton, which is softer and more durable than traditional cotton blends. 

What to look for in a quality black pillowcase

Antibacterial pillowcases

These pillowcases offer an excellent option and alternative to those who suffer from allergies. With an antibacterial pillowcase, less dirt and dust will get trapped within the fabric fibers, allowing you to breathe easier and more fully every night. Additionally, antibacterial pillowcases are said to help with acne as well. 

Waterproof pillowcases

At first glance, it might seem odd to want to invest in a waterproof pillowcase. After all, it is not like you intend to take your pillow with you to the beach or neighborhood pool. However, waterproof pillowcases are great for several options beyond possibly spilling a glass of water while in bed. Waterproof pillowcases also help to keep moisture out of the fabric of your pillow, keeping it cooler even on hot nights. 

Envelope closure pillowcases

Traditional pillowcases are also referred to as “bag” pillowcases, where there is an opening on one side of the pillow for you to slide it in. These pillowcases are standard in places like hotels and other areas of hospitality. However, if you want to keep your pillow more firmly secure in its pillowcase, investing in an envelope closure pillowcase might be a good option. Envelope closure pillowcases make it much harder for a pillow to slip out, ensuring that the pillowcase stays on the pillow with even the rowdiest of sleepers. 

How much you can expect to spend on a black pillowcase

Pillowcases are relatively inexpensive. On average, you can expect to pay $8-$20 on them. This price varies depending on considerations such as the material of the pillowcase, the type of pillowcase and the number of pillowcases in a set. 

Black pillowcase FAQ

How often should you wash a pillowcase?

A. It is recommended that you wash your pillowcases every two weeks, along with your sheets, to remove any sweat, dirt or dust that may have accumulated on the bed. 

What are some other uses for pillowcases?

A. Pillowcases are great for many other things beyond just being used for bedding. They are excellent for cleaning and can be used as dusters to clean ceiling fans, tables and other furniture. They also make great bags or can be used to wash shoes or stuffed animals. 

What are the best black pillowcases to buy?

Top black pillowcase

Bedsure Bamboo King Size Pillow Cases 2 Pack

What you need to know: These bamboo pillowcases from Bedsure are made from 100% bamboo-derived rayon, making them just as durable as they are soft. 

What you’ll love: They are great temperature regulators and can keep you cool at night, super smooth to the touch, and can retain moisture to help regulate frizzy hair. 

What you should consider: Some users mentioned that they could wrinkle easily. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top black pillowcase for money

Amazon Basics Lightweight Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber Pillowcases

What you need to know: Amazon Basics’ pillowcases are an excellent, affordable option for those looking for standard microfiber pillowcases. 

What you’ll love: It comes in a large variety of colors and patterns to match any style and any room. 

What you should consider: Users have reported that the feeling of the fabric is somewhat thin. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Bedsure Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin Queen - Black Silk Pillowcase 2 Pack

What you need to know: Bedsure’s satin pillowcases offer a fresh and luxurious option for those looking to elevate or accentuate a satin/silk bed set. 

What you’ll love: The envelope closure pillowcases ensure that they will not slip off at night. Its 100% polyester satin construction will retain a cool and smooth feeling. 

What you should consider: A few users have mentioned that the stitching may have issues if not taken care of properly. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Utopia Bedding Queen Pillowcases - 12 Pack

What you need to know: Utopia offers a 12-pack of pillowcases for those looking to have uniformity in their home decor with extras to spare. 

What you’ll love: It is constructed with brushed microfiber and has a soft feeling. It is designed to be iron, fade and stain-resistant. 

What you should consider: A few users reported they are somewhat thin but great for using for large groups of people. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

NTBAY Standard Pillowcases Set of 2, 100% Brushed Microfiber

What you need to know: These microfiber pillowcases from NTBAY are an incredibly affordable option with nice quality construction and a breathable design. 

What you’ll love: They are a simple option for soft and reliable pillowcases. The pillowcases are breathable and wrinkle-resistant. 

What you should consider: A few users have mentioned that the pillowcases are short and may not fit on longer pillows. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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