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Which air mattress is best for guests?

Choosing the best air mattress for guests

When guests come to stay, finding a good spot for them to sleep can be a challenge. A quality air mattress offers more comfort and support than they'd get sleeping on a couch, plus there's more flexibility over where you set it up. 

You want your guests to have a comfortable stay, which is why it's all the more important to choose a decent air bed. Ample support is vital for stays of more than a night or two, and picking one that doesn't leak air significantly will keep your guests from waking up on the floor.

Do you need an air mattress for guests?

It's a great option for anyone who wants to host guests but doesn't have a spare room. Even if you do have a spare room, there may be times when you have more guests than beds, for instance, if your whole family descends on you at Thanksgiving. While adults can certainly sleep on air beds, they're also ideal for kids' sleepovers.

If you don't feel comfortable asking guests to sleep on an inflatable mattress, you can always be the one to sleep on it, relinquishing your bed to your guest. That said, quality mattresses of this kind are comfortable. 

Air mattress features

  • Single-height vs. double-height: Single-height mattresses measure around 9 inches tall, while double-height ones measure roughly 16 to 24 inches tall. Single-height versions are affordable and quick to inflate. Double-height versions are more comfortable, especially for anyone who finds it hard to get down to and up from the floor, and you aren't left touching the floor if they deflate a little during the night. 
  • Built-in pump: Many air beds meant for home use have built-in pumps. These pumps have power cords that you simply plug into an outlet for quick and easy inflation. Some even monitor air levels and top the mattress up during the night if necessary when you leave them plugged in. 
  • Size: You can choose sizes from twin to king. Twin and full sizes are great for people sleeping alone, while queen and king sizes are best for two adults sleeping in the same bed. Full mattresses can just about accommodate two adults if they don't mind getting cozy, but it's a better choice for a single adult or a couple of kids. 
  • Air coils: Air coils or air beams are reinforced areas inside the mattress that help provide even support. They're especially important in double-height versions, as they're prone to sagging in the center without air coils. 

Best air mattresses for guests

Top single-height air mattresses

Intex Dura Beam Pillow Rest Classic Air Mattress

A great choice for tight spots or people without much storage space, this compact twin air bed packs down small and is quick to inflate with its built-in pump. The flocked top and raised pillow rest end create a comfortable sleeping surface.

Sold by Amazon

Active Era Luxury Air Mattress

While this one doesn't have a built-in pump, an electric pump is included for quick and easy inflation. It's available in either twin or queen sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Aria Queen Inflatable Air Mattress 

Thanks to the built-in battery pump, this inflatable mattress is just as well-suited to camping as it is to providing a bed for guests. It also has inflatable pillows. The flocked top is not only comfortable if your guest sleeps directly on it, but it also keeps sheets from slipping if you choose to use them. 

Sold by Amazon

Coleman EasyStay 4-N-1 Air Bed

This air bed straddles the line between single-height and double-height. You can use it in single-height mode as two twin mattresses or one king mattress. You can also configure it as a single twin double-height mattress. 

Sold by Amazon

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Single-High Air Bed Series

With its internal contoured support system, this mattress will keep guests comfortable for short to medium-length stays. It comes in twin, full and queen sizes. You can buy it without a pump, with a battery pump or with a built-in foot pump.

Sold by Amazon

EnerPlex Never-Leak Inflatable Mattress

Using the included air pump, this mattress takes roughly two minutes to inflate, so tired guests won't need to wait long to hit the hay. It comes in twin and queen sizes with internal air coils for added support.

Sold by Amazon

Top double-height air mattresses

Intex Dura-Beam Series Pillow Rest Raised Air Bed

From a big name in inflatable mattresses, you can trust that this one is durable and supportive. You can choose between twin and queen sizes in both standard and deluxe versions.

Sold by Amazon

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Measuring 19 inches tall, this mattress is comfortable and easy to get on and off of. It comes in five sizes, and all of them have internal air coils for additional support, helping your guests get a good night's sleep.

Sold by Amazon

SleepLux Durable Inflatable Air Mattress

This durable queen mattress has internal air coils for support and a pillow rest at one end. At a generous 22 inches tall, you'll be pleased to know it comes with a built-in electric pump that inflates it in around five minutes, so you won't have to spend hours with a foot pump blowing it up.

Sold by Amazon

King Koil Luxury California King Air Mattress

Thanks to its advanced air coil technology, this mattress is highly supportive. You can choose from three sizes: twin, queen and California king. There are also three height options: 13, 16 and 20 inches.

Sold by Amazon

Intex Dura Beam Elevated Fiber Tech Air Mattress

The inflatable headboard makes this mattress stand out from similar models. It is easy to inflate and deflate with the built-in pump and has Fiber Tech technology for added durability.

Sold by Amazon

Englander Luxury Double High Inflatable Bed

Made with a microfiber material, it's thermoregulated so guests won't get too hot at night. It inflates in less than three minutes and comes in twin, queen and California king sizes.

Sold by Amazon


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