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Best Macy's comforter set

Which Macy’s comforter sets are best?

For decades Macy’s has been a well-known, respected and beloved retailer of quality home goods. They’ve traditionally featured an impressive bedding department and have earned a distinguished reputation in that category, among others.

A highlight of their vast, elegant bedding department is an extensive collection of stunning comforter sets. And though every set is different, the Madison Park Mercia Seven-Piece Comforter Set is unmatched. It generously consists of seven luxurious, stylish pieces, including the warm, plush comforter.

What to consider before you buy Macy’s comforter sets


When you’re looking for a set, it’s crucial for the size to match your bed. Comforter sizing is the same as bed size, which goes as follows in ascending order: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, California king and king. Mismatched bedding and comforter sizes would not only lead to nightly discomfort, it would also look strange and out of place. 


There is no standard definition of a comforter set, and beyond a comforter, each will provide you with different accessories. So it’s important to read the descriptions and labels to determine exactly what you’re getting. Often, these sets are tightly sealed and vacuum-packed, and just glancing through the clear packaging may not be enough. 


Most comforters are designed to provide significant protection against the cold while making your body less hot than a standard blanket would. Therefore, you should consider the overall weather conditions, both indoors and outdoors, before committing to a comforter. If your surroundings are too cold, a comforter alone may not do the trick. And if they are extremely warm, it may be too thick for comfortable rest.

What to look for in quality comforter sets


You’re most likely looking for a set as opposed to just a comforter because you appreciate good value. The quality and quantity of the items included in each set differs greatly, but at the very least, it should contain a comforter and two shams or a sham and throw pillow combination.


As its name indicates, a comforter should be comfortable. Thankfully, they are made with a variety of materials and fillings and each has its own feel. Look at all the materials and components on each set’s label or product description, since — whether from an allergy or just plain discomfort — some people need to avoid certain materials.  


Last but certainly not least, ensure that the style and design of your comforter set complements your decor and furniture. It is more inviting to jump under a comforter that looks as beautiful in your bedroom as it feels. Many of the sets Macy’s features are fashionably versatile and will complement just about any bedroom. 

How much you can expect to spend on comforter sets at Macy’s

For the most part, they are in the $80-$250 price range. However, some higher-end ones go for over $1,000. 

Comforter sets FAQ

What kind of filling is used in most comforter sets?

A. Most of the time, it’s a polyester filling. However, some of the more plush, luxurious comforters are filled with down feathers, which are infamously softer.

What is included in a comforter set?

A. While sets vary and some offer more than others, the most basic set usually consists of three pieces. In those cases, the comforter is generally complemented by a pair of shams. Larger sets may include a bedskirt, throw pillows, and occasionally sheets or pillowcases.  

What are the best comforter sets to buy at Macy’s?

Top Macy’s comforter set

Madison Park Mercia Reversible Comforter Set 

What you need to know: This alluring set is incomparable in comfort, style and quality, and it includes seven pieces that go together exquisitely.

What you’ll love: The fashionable comforter is reversible and both stylish sides pair flawlessly with the matching shams, bedskirt and pillows. Its opulent cotton satteen and cotton percale craftsmanship provide the soft touch you’ve been looking for. 

What you should consider: As comforters go, this polyester-filled one is on the lighter side and will provide slightly less warmth than some others. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy's

Top Macy’s comforter set for money

Intelligent Design Odette Four-Piece Comforter Set

What you need to know: This attractive set has the softness, quality craftsmanship and styling you want in a comforter set, but a price tag that doesn’t match its high value.  

What you’ll love: This set reaches the same level of elegance as many others that are double the price. Its medallion print and floral accents provide a perfect contemporary touch to complete your bedroom’s stylish decorative scheme.

What you should consider: In very rare cases, purchasers said the comforter ripped too easily and the colors leaked in the wash.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy's

Worth checking out

Woolrich Alton Three-Piece Comforter Set

What you need to know: These elegant sets are prized for their generous, embracing softness and unique styling.

What you’ll love: The comforter is reversible and available in gray and ivory or red and black. In addition to a sham, it features a hypoallergenic down-alternative filling. There’s a distinctive silhouetted bear logo on the decorative throw pillow that you’ll absolutely adore.

What you should consider: In a few rare instances, customers complained that the comforter was not as long as it should have been. In even rarer cases, they were dissatisfied with the comforter’s filling, saying it felt too rough.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy's


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