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15 best knitted blankets for staying cozy in cold weather

There's nothing quite like curling up on the couch under a cozy knitted blanket on a cold day. Or, you might want a blanket for an extra layer of warmth on your bed. However you choose to use them, these blankets are both practical and stylish.

Before you buy, you might want to consider the types of knitted blankets available, as well as features such as material and size. With all this in mind, finding your perfect blanket is simple.

In this article: Utopia Bedding Cotton Blanket, Snugtown Soft Cozy Cable Knitted Blanket and Abound Chunky Knit Blanket.

Types of knitted blanket

There is a range of knitted blanket types available. These are some of the most common.

  • Fine knit: With a fine, tight knit, these blankets tend to be warm, even if they're not very thick.
  • Chunky knit: Chunky knit blankets look thicker because of the heavy gauge yarn, but they have larger holes, which means they don't keep in heat as effectively.  
  • Weighted blankets: Knitted weighted blankets are made from hefty yarn, so they're weighted without beads or other materials added. Weighted blankets can help relieve stress and aid relaxation.

Knitted blanket materials

You can find blankets knitted from a variety of yarns. Once you know more about each, choosing the right blanket is easier.

  • Cotton: Cotton yarn is lightweight yet relatively warm. It's a great choice for people who want a blanket made from a natural material that isn't too heavy, but it's not as cozy as some materials.
  • Wool: Wool is another natural material used to make warm, heavy blankets. While it's great for cold days, wool blankets can be pricey and trickier to care for than cotton or acrylic ones.
  • Acrylic: A more affordable alternative to wool with a similar look and feel, acrylic yarn is a common choice. However, some buyers don't like that it's a synthetic material.
  • Other materials: There are other less common yarns, such as bamboo yarn and super soft chenille yarn.  

What to look for in a knitted blanket

You might want to consider some other factors before buying a blanket.

  • Color: You can find knitted blankets in many different solid colors and a handful of patterns. It's a good idea to match blankets to other accent pieces in your room, such as pillows or drapes.
  • Size: Blankets can come in bed sizes, such as twin, queen and king, or in throw sizes, typically 50 by 60 or 60 by 80 inches.
  • Tassels: Many blankets have tassels or fringing at either end. However, if you're not a fan of tassels, you can also find plenty of blankets without them.

Best knitted blankets

Utopia Bedding Cotton Blanket

The tight weave of this blanket makes it cozy while remaining lightweight, with a dobby weave technique that gives it a square waffle knit finish. You can choose from five sizes and 20 colors, including burgundy, mustard and coral.

Sold by Amazon

Snugtown Soft Cozy Cable Knitted Blanket

With a geometric cable knit, this blanket is warm and soft. It's made from an easy-to-care-for acrylic yarn. It measures 50 by 60 inches and comes in seven colors, including olive green, mustard and navy.

Sold by Amazon

Horimote Home Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

Thanks to its cozy acrylic yarn, chunky textured knit and tassels on each end, this blanket looks as good as it feels. You can choose from either 50-by-60-inch or 60-by-80-inch sizes in nine colors, including orange, gray and beige.

Sold by Amazon

Domoku Knitted Boho Throw Blanket

Available in a range of boho chic knit patterns, this blanket is perfect for anyone sick of all the solid-colored options. It's thin and lightweight yet warm thanks to its tight knit.

Sold by Amazon

Longhui Bedding Cable Knit Throw Blanket

Its medium-weight knit and ribbed edges make this blanket look modern and on-trend but still cozy. It comes in two sizes and 14 colors, including dark gray, mustard, navy blue and olive green.

Sold by Amazon

Angelhood Textured Knitted Throw Blanket

The raised grid pattern on this blanket adds texture and gives it a stylish twist, as does the fringing on each end. It's lightweight but warm and comes in various colors, including cream, white, teal and orange.

Sold by Amazon

Bedsure Knitted Throw Blanket

Knitted from a chenille yarn, this blanket is thick, warm and super soft with a chunky look and a zigzag pattern. You can choose from twin-size and throw-size options in eight colors, including navy, beige and gray.

Sold by Amazon

Abound Chunky Knit Blanket

If you like the look of an extra-chunky knit, this blanket is a great choice; plus, it's made from extremely soft and snuggly chenille yarn. It's available in eight hues, including slate gray, yellow and navy.

Sold by Amazon

Pandahome Textured Knitted Throw Blanket

With tassels and stripes of alternating textures, this blanket draws the eye in. It measures 50 by 60 inches and is available in a variety of eight shades, including black, terracotta and taupe.

Sold by Amazon

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