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Best king-size bed-in-a-bag

Which king-size bed-in-a-bag is best?

When your bedroom needs a makeover, that’s the time to buy a bed-in-a-bag. Also known as bed-in-a-bag, these pillow shams, bed covers, bed skirts and pillow sets are all coordinated around a central theme. 

When you find the king-size bed-in-a-bag that works best with your bedroom design and color scheme, your shopping is done. If you are looking for a bed-in-a-bag that features a comforter made of plush textured fabric with an embroidered floral design, take a look at the J. Queen New York Garden View 4 Piece King Comforter Set.

What to know before you buy a king-size bed-in-a-bag

Bed-in-a-bag sets are not to be confused with bed-in-a-box sets. bed-in-a-bag sets include soft fabrics and things that go on the bed. Bed-in-box sets are usually platform beds with a mattress and headboard. bed-in-a-bag sets come with anywhere from three pieces to more than 20 and are also called bedding sets. To even further confuse the matter, they are also called comforter sets.

Three-piece sets

  • One cover: All king-size bed-in-a-bag sets are designed around the comforter. 
  • Two pillow shams: All king-size bed-in-a-bag sets will have two pillow shams.

24-piece sets

You can find a king-size bed-in-a-bag sets with as many as 24 pieces. Bedding sets this large include the basic three pieces and fitted sheets and pillowcases, duvets and quilts. As king-size bed-in-a-bag sets get bigger, they add lots of coordinated accessories and accent items, such as shams and Euro shams, bed skirts and decorative pillows. For the full bedroom makeover, luxury bed-in-a-bag sets include coordinated window treatments like valances, window panels and tie-backs.


The climate where you live determines in part how heavy you want your bedding to be. Those with extreme winter and summer climates are likely to want two seasons of bedding.

Natural fabrics

Cotton is breathable. Cotton is natural fibers woven together and its feel may be smooth, rough or somewhere in between. Ultimately, the finer the cotton threads, the smoother the sheet. Linens, silks, bamboo and flannels are also available for those who favor the attributes of those natural fibers. 


  • Polyester: The majority of bed-in-a-bag sets use synthetic fibers. Polyester dominates the market because it is inexpensive and easy to care for. Because polyester can be stiff and scratchy, many bed-in-a-bag sets use fabrics with a polyester and cotton blend.
  • Microfiber: When polyester is very finely woven, it is called microfiber. Microfiber is soft and durable but doesn't breathe well and so is a poor choice for warm surroundings.
  • Nylons and acrylics: These synthetic fabrics are wrinkle-resistant but not very durable and require extra care.

Thread count

Thread count is a measure of how fine or coarse a woven fabric is. Look for product packaging that includes thread counts. Single-ply cotton sheets between 200 to 400 are the best for bedding. Thread counts above 400 tend to feel thicker, and counts below 200 feel rougher.

What to look for in a quality king-size bed-in-a-bag


The two things that determine the quality of a product are its materials and its craftsmanship. Better king-size bed-in-a-bags are more secure and have strong seams that add a finished look.

Fabric care

Some materials and fabrics require hand washing or professional cleaning. If you want to keep your cleaning and laundering to a minimum, choose machine-washable fabrics. If you send your bedding out, you can use the bag it came in.


Traditional, exotic, postmodern, vintage, majestic, tropical, rustic or shabby chic, this is the part where you choose the look you want to match your home and bedroom decor.

How much you can expect to spend on a king-size bed-in-a-bag

The two factors determining the cost of a king-size bed-in-a-bag are the number of pieces and the quality of the fabrics used. You will find most king-size bed-in-a-bag sets cost $100-$200. Sets with better fabrics and more pieces quickly run up to $500 and more. 

King-size bed-in-a-bag FAQ

Are king-size bed-in-a-bag sets machine-washable?

A. Most are, but not all. Be cautious with lower-end products that claim to be washable but will sometimes bunch and get lumpy after washing. To be on the safe side, hand wash and air dry.

Are there all-season king-size bed-in-a-bag sets?

A. A bedding set that tries to be all things has to make some compromises. A separate set for cold and hot seasons not only gives you greater comfort but also allows you to change the look of your bedroom twice a year.

What’s the best king-size bed-in-a-bag to buy?

Top king-size bed-in-a-bag 

J. Queen New York Garden View 4 Piece King Comforter Set

What you need to know: This king bedding set from the Garden View collection features a comforter made of plush textured fabric with floral embroidery on top.

What you’ll love: The king pillow shams coordinate with the comforter, and the matching bed skirt adds a finishing touch to the look. The pillow shams have zippered closures, and the bed skirt has a 15-inch drop. This bedding set is 100% polyester fabric and fill. 

What you should consider: Coordinated J. Queen Garden View accessories are sold separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Bed Bath and Beyond

Top king-size bed-in-a-bag for the money

Ugg Avery 3 Piece Reversible King Comforter Set

What you need to know: The plush front of this king-size bed-in-a-bag’s comforter converts to a Sherpa fabric.

What you’ll love: The king-size pillow shams follow the pattern and color of the comforter. Like all small-sized bedding sets with only a comforter and two pillow shams, online checkout will allow you to add accessory items like throw blankets, pillows and even window treatments. 

What you should consider: This king-size bed-in-a-bag comes in dozens of colors and is made of machine-washable fabrics.

Where to buy: Sold by Bed Bath and Beyond

Worth checking out

Waterford Valetta 4 Piece Reversible King Bedding Set 

What you need to know: This jacquard design king-size bed-in-a-bag is timeless and elegant luxury for your bedroom. 

What you’ll love: The wrinkle-resistant chenille comforter flips over from a twisted cord to a textured lines pattern. The pillow shams have envelope-style openings, and the bed skirt has a 16-inch drop. The 100% poly material has a 399 thread count. 

What you should consider: This bed set is made to be professionally dry cleaned only.

Where to buy: Sold by Bed Bath and Beyond

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